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About Me

Hey hey hey, first blog post. I feel like John Watson

Anyway, here's a bit about myself, if anyone's interested.

Favorite shows:
-Sym-Bionic Titan (cancelled T_T)
-MLP:FiM (of course~)
-Doctor Who
-Warehouse 13
-Too many anime... too many (FMA and FMAB are my favorites, though~)

Musical Interests:
-Relient K
-Five for Fighting
-Fall Out Boy
-Jack Johnson
-John Mayer (I like his music, not him as a person.)
-Others (I like classical as well)

My Ships ooooh boy
-Illanca (Lance X Ilana) (SBT)
-TwiShy (Twilight X Fluttershy) (MLP)
-SunLight (Sunset X Twilight) (MLP)
-DisLestia (Discord X Celestia) (MLP)
-JohnLock (John X Sherlock) (Sherlock)
-TenRose (Ten X Rose) (DW)
-NineDonna (Nine X Donna [THINK OF THE SASS!!!]) (DW)
-EdWin (Edward X Winry) (FMA)

(Don't hate on ships. If you don't agree with a ship, respect the other person's opinion and move on. And, yes, I ship some people or ponies in more than one ship. I like to see different dynamics!)

My life:

I'm in high school (surprise, surprise). I have a teeny Mississippi Map Turtle whom I call Briggy, I love grammar and will defend its rightful use until my death, I'm in my school marching band and wind ensemble (clarinet), I'm in IB, and I have honorary siblings (I'm an only child technically, but I'm really close with my cousins).

As a part of the 'medication generation', yes, I take chemicals to balance my mood. I don't really see why it matters, but as long as I'm being honest, why not.

If you ever need a friend to talk to, I'm always here unless it's finals time whoops

Services Available

To Whom It May Concern:

Have you written a story for which you can't find suitable cover art? Well, worry no more! In order to improve my skills as a digital artist, I'm offering free cover art for any story requested. Just contact me via mail or comment and I'll get back to you soon!

My deviantart: http://colbyr.deviantart.com/

On a completely related note, I also do proofreading/spell checking/grammar/punctuation help. (Yes, for free.)

Current Requests: None

Completed Requests:
Coverart & Anthro for Yoytoy


Summer! · 6:53am Jun 27th, 2015

Cancun, Mexico: July 4th- July 10th
Wildwood Summer Music Camp (no internet connection): July 11th-July 19th
Peters Creek, Alaska (about an hour outside of Anchorage, poor internet connection): July 21st-August 1st
Marching Band Camp: August 12th-15th, 17th-20th
School Resumes: August 25th sobs grossly in corner

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Thank you for saying so.:twilightsmile:


Of course! It would be a surprise if I finished reading one of your stories and DIDN'T add it to my favorites! Keep up the fantastic work!:raritywink:

Hey Colbyr! Thanks for adding my story As a Mother to your Favorites bookshelf. I'm glad that you enjoyed my look at how Tia views her little ponies. Thanks for reading another of my works.:twilightsmile:

1884035 I'm sure! You're an amazing author!

1883908 Absolutely! I'm sure you will, you never disappoint :)

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