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I woke up wearing a vertically split red and purple suit.
My accent has changed into a thick Scottish one.
Things happen when I say stuff.
There's ponies outside my windows.
And to top it all off, I have the strangest desire for cheeses I've never heard of.

If you can't work out who I've basically become from this and the cover-art... I can't help you.
Well... I might be able to help you. But I won't.
Come back later and I might have changed my mind.

Rated Teen for humour and references relating to sex and gore.

This fic is proof read by my friend and fellow author Kaneki_Ken-Ryu
Please go check out his own work.

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After accidentally interrupting one of Twilight's spells, Derpy is temporarily displaced into a different plane of existance. What nopony expected, however, was that she'd bring something back with her.
As fate would have it, it was me.

...Not that I actually care though.

Set in a universe based on what I would probably be like if I hadn't been introduced to MLP: FIM

Rated Teen for occasional and occasionally excessive language.

This is a first person, self-insert HiE fic. If you don't like any/all of those categories, don't read it.

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