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I woke up wearing a vertically split red and purple suit.
My accent has changed into a thick Scottish one.
Things happen when I say stuff.
There's ponies outside my windows.
And to top it all off, I have the strangest desire for cheeses I've never heard of.

If you can't work out who I've basically become from this and the cover-art... I can't help you.
Well... I might be able to help you. But I won't.
Come back later and I might have changed my mind.

Rated Teen for humour and references relating to sex and gore.

This fic is proof read by my friend and fellow author Kaneki_Ken-Ryu
Please go check out his own work.

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Promising beginning, though it is a little to similar to that 'eldritch horror' fic, but seems to be aware of it already.

Just a tip though, 2nd person tag applies to stories where 'you' is used instead of 'I' when describing what the main character is doing. You are using first person, so the tag does not apply.

:trixieshiftleft:hmmmm...:trixieshiftright:Alright...you got my attention

I did make this to be in much the same vein as My Life as an Eldritch Horror.

And I've fixed the tag.
I was quite horrendously sick and could barely think straight a few nights ago when I got started on this, so I'm surprised I didn't make more mistakes than that.

I love this and it reminds me of it sooo much. You are doing good so far, a few grammar things but I enjoy the story so far.

Welcome and I love comedies like this

Don't forget that Sheogorath is also the Daedric Prince of Creativity.

I'm just leaving it at Madness.
If I went into ALL of his titles, it'd be several times the length it already is.

A bit similar, but I'll track in the hopes it doesn't become as... odd, as Eldritch has.

Not a big fan of its weird, rambling story.

Not yet.

I'm pushing my physical limitations as it is, given I was blowing wads of blood out of my nose when I started this fic.

I'm going to leave starting the second chapter until I'm fully recovered.

I make no promises.
This one's just started, and I have no idea where I'll be taking it.

Just... don't expect consistency in terms of chapter release.
As it is, I'm rather horribly ill and won't even be STARTING chapter 2 until I've recovered.

That’s how I originally wrote MLaaEH.
Also I hope you get well soon.

I feel a bit overwhelmed that I inspired this. On reading, I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean this. :rainbowlaugh:

It's a good beard. Perfect length to stroke slowly and make people feel uncomfortable around you.

Also When Eldritch and Sheogorath meet.
E: “Weird, we’ve got the same introduction.”
S: “I know! It’s brilliant! It’s like the cosmic powers who write us were aware of something We’re not.”
*Both look over at pinkie.*
P: “What?”
E: Well that’s disappointing.”
S: “Right, totally killed the mood.”

I am... curious, about where you are going with this so... welcome to the tracking folder.

well this will be a fun ride to be on

gods i love a good dose of mad god. can you do it right? i shall see

This is bloody amazing. More please.

We should probs keep Sheo AWAY from Discord.

You should totally to take some inspiration from the story called Discord vs Sheogorath. That story was amazing, and it'll be great to see some scenes like that story in the future.

This sounded like a Displaced story, except without the merchant and the displaced universes.

Dang, this is one of those fake crossovers, isn't it? Like, it's not actually the interesting character Sheogorath being crossed over with MLP, but yet another SI with a cheap mask pretending to be that character.

Seriously, these stories should not be allowed to have the crossover tag. It just should be SI and nothing else, because at the end of the day, this is not Sheogorath from the Elder Scrolls, but an SI.

Derpy: “Eld... Why are there so many foals running around?”
Eldritch: “Hmmmm? Oh Sheo brought over his set for a play date kinda thing.”
Sheogorath: “It’s simply delightful! Look at them all!”
Derpy: “Well it is kinda cute. How do you keep track of them all?”
Eldritch: “Like this. Children! Xbox LAN Party! Halo CE! Prisoner Rockets!
*All three get covered in foals.*

yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES yes yes yes yes YES. Keeep going this is good stuff, it's like pizza with pie's stuffed into the crust.

:rainbowlaugh: you killed me. this was great. please hurry and make anther chapter LMFAO LOL!

Thank you for recommending it, I'll check it out when I have time.

I did?
Would you look at that?
I would question the sanity of all the people who seem to like my work, but that would be contradictory to what this fic's about, wouldn't it?

Indeed. I asked the same thing when mine started blowing up. :rainbowlaugh:

Kinda disappinted that it wasn't the real Sheogorath that this happened to. The title implies this is about the real Sheogorath, given it only makes sense if it was really him commenting on the fact he isn't in the Shivering Isles anymore, so it almost feels like clickbait.

This is great man! And did I spot some Anzac cookies?

We don't call them ' Anzac cookies' in Australia.
It's just plain... weird... to call them 'Anzac cookies'.
They're biscuits.
I've got to get myself a Jumbo Cookie next time I go past Muffin Break.

I am not what one might call... a traditional Aussie, but I was born and raised here

But I do hope you have a good time watching it

I probably should've mentioned that I said cookies on accident, just been a while since I've had one is all

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