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warning: this is a displaced story and a anthro pony story.

"There's guy who's name is Jared, a big horror fan and video game nerd.His ultimate favorite horror movie franchise is the Friday the 13th series,so that's why he's waiting for he package he ordered from eBay. The Friday the 13th part 3 Halloween costume. He heard someone knock at the door, beyond it he saw a very creepy guy, but he thought nothing of it since it was close to Halloween. he took the package from the man's hands and closed the door.He finally got his package,he opened it and tried it on.He really looked like the real part 3 Jason Voorhees. Machete,button down shirt,and all.He'll leave a good review on it later.Before he went to take it off,everything into black and he woke up in a pined forest, feeling like he'd seen it before...."
So will jared be able to return home or be stuck as 'The monster of White Oak Woods'

Edit 1: ch.2

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The doom Star approaches Equestria…Can Princess luna save the world? The Star’s red light fills all with malice and leaves Luna a choice…the world or her sister.

i thank NyxKnight to help me on this and aslo this is a one-shot story

Chapters (1)