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For all of the Yakuza fans out there. If you're a fan of the fighting system, the wackiness, the story. Or you're just a fan of the characters, be it The Dragon of Dojima Kazuma Kiryu, Mad Dog Goro Majima, the successful entrepreneur Shun Akiyama, the Tiger of the Tojo Taiga Saejima, Masayoshi Tanimura, the struggling writer Tatsuo Shinada, the discount Phinoex Wright Takayuki Yagami, or the new guy Ichiban Kasuga.

So yes this group is for crossovers of MLP and Yakuza. They may not be "True Yakuza" but they're still good at what they do and they get the job done. And Faust help you if you're stupid enough to try and pick a fight with any of them.

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Just started playing yakuza 0 is awesome

Oh yeah....

It's cool. All are welcome.

Neat but I've only Played 0 and seen some footage of 7 and the ending of 6

Hell yeah

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