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Mann Co. is a battleground for the most psychotic minds on the planet. From a shapeshifting assassin to a delusional masked man-child. Perhaps the most crazy of these individuals is the Soldier, an idiot geared for war and a passion to blow everything to shreds with a rocket launcher strapped with Christmas lights. Today, while on a rampage on 2fort the soldier comes across a conundrum featuring teleporters and piss. What happens when this small mistake leads soldier to a peaceful world that finds murder the most abhorrent act of all? It seems Soldier is out of place here, and the locals feel the effects of this war-loving patriot.

(Story takes place right after episode 1)

I will update this whenever I feel like it. Previous system didn’t work so I’ll update it when i am inspired to write

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hmmm, my thoughts are decent when I read this... 5.8/10

I love this already R.I.P rick may 😭

Yeah rip Rick May provided me with some of the funniest quotes I know. Bless him

I see this is soldier

I love this I've read more tf2 story's in the past but the were never finished or they changed in the middle of the book but I don't have any doubts for this story

If soldier sees blue he shoots XD if this story doesn't have Rainbow being shoot at ill be sad

just as great as ever aint he?

10479232 Your story will live on Rick May!

"You've done me proud boys!" "Everyone of you deserves a medal!" RIP Rick May. Keep teleporting bread up in heaven and don't you dare stop.

Who knows, school is unpredictable


Happy Scream Fortress!

Something tells me that very so were going to have a fight I'm I wrong

Just wanna ask this for all you folks listening, what do you think of the story so far? This is my story and I plan to keep it going for a while, but I don’t want to make a story people don’t like.

Very short chapter! But sets things up for later events.

This is only making more suspense

The end has me laughing!

The end is very hilarious 🤣

This does bring a smile to my face. :pinkiehappy:

I've never actually played Team Fortress, but isn't there a difference between "master of disguise" and "shapeshifter"?

No. Because Spy actually shapeshifts if your on BLU. but on red it simply looks like hes a master of disguise

The pink pony listened to him and tilted her head, "Huh, I didn't know I was an evil robot pony! Well, thank you for informing me!" She held out her hoof for him to shake.

And he did return the favor, shaking her hoof and saying, "It is my pleasure!"

That. Felt exactly like what I would expect from him. A+ on that interaction.

Glad I could get that right. I could improve my wording though. I just edited it now and improved the way I used my words. Any tips are appreciated

sorry for the delay. ive been all over the place and today i had to go to my cousin's events. new chapter today!

Soldier realizes the ponies have an effect on him!

Anyway, requesting tips for writing

Ponies used friendship! It's super-effective!

The Soldier sprinted as hard as he could, putting the maximum amount of strength into each step. He was panting by now, having run harder than he ever had in his life. Combined with his weapons, and the Soldier’s training did him good as he kept running despite his fatigue. However, he sprint was to be halted, as one of Soldier’s legs ran straight into a root. The result was the Soldier flying through the air and landing on his stomach, the air in his lungs knocked out of him. He was going to get up as fast as possible and continue his sprint, but realized that he heard no sounds of any foot-er, hoofsteps behind him. Turning around, the Soldier saw no signs of the green pony that he had encountered in the alleyway. The Soldier’s face morphed from bright-pink and terrified to a wife, stupid grin.


"Hey Bon Bon, you have to- whoops!" Lyra suddenly fell directly on top of Bon Bon, knocking over a jar of ink that Bon Bon was writing with and spilling the contents of the jar all over the jar.

You mean all over the paper, right?

Lyra tried to say it wasn't that big of a deal, "Listen, Bon Bon, I'm sure it didn't take that long to write. I can [write] it if you want."

seems that Equestria is in danger! for now, Soldier will just enjoy himself.


here comes merasmus and discord to muck things up a little

Originally, I had planned to make an extremely long chapter, but I've decided I'm going to split the Battle with Merasmus into several chapters.

Hmm... Interesting, I like it so far.

I got kicked from a 2fort server for doing laugh taunt in front of rick may memorial

Then you deserve it

You deserve to be kicked.

I never got to see any of the Rick May memorial statues when I played TF2... and before anyone asks, I was playing it when I heard about him.

I have no idea why, but that ending made me laugh.

Saxton...Hale....That wizard is dead.

I like it! :twilightsmile: I might add some line breaks to show where one perspective ends and another one begins. Other than that, it looks great!

However, it was not to be, as he rocket jumped, propelling himself above the Ursa Major as it missed its target. He fired two rockets while mid-air, hitting it square on the back and causing it to roar. He landed on top of it, rocket jumping again off its back and onto its head, hitting it with a critical hit with his Market Garden.

This including the previous crocket with no mention of reloading in between puts this at 5 rockets in the tube. This is incorrect, and it shatters my head canon and makes me question my existence, but I can ignore it just this once. Pls fix.

A slight overreaction, but I’ll fix it


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