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Have some sad :fluttercry:

This idea popped into my head a little while ago, and I just couldn't shake it. I took a much longer time than I should have to write it, just because I couldn't make myself think about all the emotions involved...

Well, maybe you'll have some feels anyway. I don't think I really did this justice.

So, now I'm going to write something silly for a bit.
Then it'll be back to a serious story after that. A proper one, for once.

For any of you who didn't pick up on this, Starfire is Twilight and Rainbow's daughter. She was conceived through magic in the epilogue of ImJustAnotherBrony's story, The Scootaloo Diaries, and there's a picture of her here.
However, note that this is not supposed to follow on from that story, since the timeline wouldn't make sense.

EDIT: Blog with some things you might be thinking of asking

I-I-I... Yeah, sad... Pretty much... Good writing though! Right? right? ...

1187260 I actually want more from the diaries thing you made... I mean if that's okay with you :fluttercry:


i... what... FEELS HAVE BEEN HAD

Really good story, i found i t quite sad, and that last (first?) letter got me the most


:pinkiesad2: that hurt me in the feels. i don't know how to properly word how i felt about this story, just know that it was very good.

because this combo of so many twidash where one of the two die, I'm in depression mode for a week now

Despite of that, great job, nicely done


Thanks! And

that last (first?) letter got me the most

was exactly what I was hoping for

have a freakin' like.

I love letters and diary sort of stories. This was well done.

lotsa likes already...

Off to more fics. SUPERHERO! DUN DUNANA!

So did Twilight pass away or what? Is she lost on their planet and can't find her way back or has she moved to a different city. I'm confused, but I started to tear up throughout the whole thing. Thanks for the amazing story.

1187302 Apologies to your feels, but I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

1187318 :applejackunsure: Sorry about that, thanks for reading though.

Have this cute Dash gif to help a little



Thanks :pinkiesmile: I enjoy the letter format too, if it's done well


Hopefully this sentence will clarify things a little:

The funeral was today.

Regardless, thanks for reading :pinkiesmile:


Just one question, did you base this off of the song Gunnin by Hedley? Because it talks about writing letters to yourself like Rainbow is and how she waits for Twilight to come back. I was listening to the song and I got the strong idea that this is based off it.

What do you mean by "The funeral was today"?

Oh god....
Dem feels.
Faved, thumbs up-ped, and cried.

Wow. I don't know what to say. I'm thinking about it after I read it, and it's just making me more sad. This makes me want to continue writing my fic right now. I've been having a bit of a block, on the chapter I'm currently working on, but this inspired me. Thank you.

Now i get it.:ajsleepy::applecry::fluttercry::raritycry: :pinkiesad2: I :heart::heart::heart::twilightsmile:

I didn't feel sad. Just pity.

I didn't understand it, was I meant to read it from the bottom up? It was slightly sad, but my emotions are always along the lines of "sad - normal" from life. Oh well, the writing seemed pretty legit.

This better get more views

I felt sad, but I didn't understand what happened. :rainbowhuh:

This was a wonderful read. I didn't feel sad but that's only cause I'm a cold person but still a good read. You got my fav.

I better see this featured or all hope in humanity that I have left will be gone.


Nope, never heard of it :applejackunsure:

Well, till now anyway. I listened to it when I saw your comment. Sounds nice, but no this isn't based on it. Sorry.


You're most welcome my friend :pinkiehappy:

Best of luck with your story


That last letter nailed it. Well done!

1187540 1187610

It's a series of letters, in reverse chronological order, mostly from Rainbow Dash to Twilight Sparkle.
It's read in the normal way, but just realise that each new letter was actually written before the one you just read. So the first you read was the last written and vice versa.

If you still don't get it, give it another read and I'll try to explain in a bit more detail. I'd just rather not spell it out, if you know what I mean :twilightsmile:


Thank you, and hopefully! Though I doubt it will, Past Sins is still up there :rainbowwild:


Thank you :pinkiesad2:

That's what I was hoping for

I cried so freaking hard. :fluttercry:

Pretty good. That was a good few minutes well wasted.

I like this, although I would like some context.
Should I've read another story to make sense of this?

It confused me that it was backwards at first, but it makes sense if you are just reading through the letters as if they were stashed somewhere like a drawer (putting the most recent on top or something).
It was good, I can't really say anything that ImJustAnotherBrony hasn't said already, the flow was good and the feels were there (not full force but they were there).

All of my tears.
All of them.

1187805 *Sniffles* It's okay, it proves that you're good writer, since I rarely cry over fanfics. :pinkiesad2:


No, it's not related to any other story. Most of the context is left up to you to pick out from the story, but if you can't get it, give it another read and I'll try to explain it a bit more thoroughly.

I'd just rather the reader figured it out than having to spell it out here in the comments, if you know what I mean. I'm happy to do so if necessary though :twilightsmile:


Thank you, glad you liked it :pinkiesmile:

It's more the fact that my brain is buzzing with theories what happened to twilight (why was she alone? How did she know she wouldn't return?)
that I want to know what happened, The letters tell the amazing story of the aftermath.. but I feel like needing to know the story before this.. if that makes sense:pinkiecrazy:

That is a very interesting way to set-up the order, a good one, well done sir!

It kinda confused me at first, the whole writing backwards thing. I got it figured out, though. And now I has a sad. Brb.


That 'why' is alluded to in one of the letters, although I tried not to make it too plain.

If you'd like, I could PM you what I imagined happening. I'd prefer not to post it here, as some people might form different interpretations, and I'd like that not to be swayed by me.


Thank you my friend. :pinkiesmile:

Gotten over the self-cest yet? :rainbowwild:


See you soon then...

ok I'm back. wow that was seriously an amazing story. very well done!

1187868 Painful laugh is painful (my blog explains), but yes I am. Boredom of that sort does not last nearly so long!

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW :raritydespair:

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