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This is my contribution to all the witty and unique descriptions that everyone aside from me seemingly has on this damned site. You're welcome.


Sometimes, we all need company. Big Mac found his in the form of a doll — a filly's mere toy. She provided companionship as an inanimate object, but now, it's not enough. Big Mac attempts to find a way to transform her into something more capable of understanding, but when he does, will he be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to see it through?

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I'm seriously very impressed, I just how every creature goes to Discord for wishes and the likes, but I guess being a God, he can do such as he wishes. Poor Big Mac, he must be so alone, it's ashamed he did not try to be with Fluttershy but I guess time will solve that sooner or later:twilightsmile: This really has my attention, it's something new I would have never thought of to be made, would not be surprised if this got featured, can't wait for more:twilightsmile:

2667133 Thanks for the kind words! I've got another chapter already in the works, and it should be out soon. It was inspired by the picture, so the idea came from suikuzu. :twilightsheepish: Hope you enjoy the rest!

hmm how will twilight react when she meets smarty?^^

2667166 All will be told in the next chapter! :scootangel:

Keep going, I smell comedy in the air:pinkiehappy:

I like this already... It doesn't seem to be going in the Pygmalion/My Fair Lady direction either, which could be a good thing. It seems... odd... that Mac would bring Smarty to life with such a transaction, but maybe he doesn't really realize what he's giving up in the process.

I vectored a Smarty Pants / Twilight Sparkle role reversal image on my DA page back in March... now that I think about it, it could have easily been Big McIntosh in Smarty's mouth.

2667651 There will be! Many shits and giggles will be had!

2667665 It's because he's in looooove. :heart: Love transcends all other thoughts, even if they are logical.

Plus, there's a pretty slim chance of this going in the Pygmalion/My Fair Lady direction, as I haven't read either. :scootangel:

Oh my. I'll be paying attention to this one.

2667930 Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

Oh, lordy, it's been featured. Thanks very much, guys!

Now, allow me to batten down the hatches.

More, please make more.

I sense epicness incoming....

This was really good. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next chapter. I can totally see this as the reformed Discord, still causing mischief, but only on ponies who actually ask for it.

Well, this is totally not going to end in disaster.

Nothing can possi-bly go wrong

Brilliant concept. I will have to see it through to the end.

Ooooo... This has problems.

First off, let me say that the concept of Smarty Pants coming to life is fine. Interesting, even. However, the way it's done here isn't very good. Mainly in how Discord functions, and why it's supposed to be tragic.

Discord is written badly. When I say that , I mean he isn't at all like he is in the show, in terms of magic. He never made ryhemes before, so doing that feels weird and like its trying to force dramatic effect into the story. Secondly, the whole 'you must give to take' thing is blatantly wrong. In the show, he just snapped his fingers and something happened, with no mentioned equivalent exchange going on. Heck, in story he creates a completely blank world with ease. Did that cost the already existing world to create? Does Equestria still exist, if one must 'give to take'? Unless Discord is lying, which would be funny.

Secondly, Big Mac is a selfish idiot. He doesn't seem to consider that he has a family that not only loves him, but relies on him to make any income. He is literally bringing ruin to the family. It's also hard to believe he would actually go through with sacrificing himself for Smarty. Unless he's clinically depressed, people aren't that willing to throw their life away.

Lastly the attempts at humor in the beginning, mostly Discord's shipping joke, are incredibly awkward and not funny; they feel completely out of place.

Side Note: it would be more tragic if Smarty came to life without Mac becoming a doll, but she hated him.

Is it just me or has the concept of Smarty Pants being alive become rather popular to use in the last month or two?

This is a pretty good story. You do everything pretty well; I can't find an negatives, other than the fear that I will get addicted to it.

2668644 What I am confused about is that you claim this story is "tragic" yet there is NO tragedy tag on it at all. This fanfiction will be sad but unless the author puts it in a note or gives it the tag i believe saying "tragic" is a misunderstanding on your part.

I like the story so far I can't wait to see more of it

I'm not entirely sure what I just read...
But this is the closest a fic has ever come to making me cry. And I never cry.
You, sir, (Or madam) deserve much more than a fave and a watch.

I don't even need to open this to know I'm going to like it. I'll be back later when my eyelids aren't drooping. :ajsleepy:

My gosh that chapter was awesome fun to read. Thanks a ton for writing this! I'll be eagerly waiting for more! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Also: This edit right here has NOTHING IMPORTANT TO DO WITH ANYTHING but when I clicked the thumbs up it went from 99 to 100 and I feel special because I made it hit 100 even though there's a huge chance others reading this at the same time I was could have done the same thing and honestly there's no point to the edit BUT I AM TIRED AND TYPING THIS ANYWAY!

strange. i had always seen Smarty Pants as a stallion.

Pretty good chapter, looking forward to more:pinkiehappy:

... However, to me this whole thing screams of mental illness and Big Macs need to see a psychiatrist:fluttershyouch:


..."Twists and turns, are my master plan. Then find the elements back where you began."
..."When all the truth does is make your heart ache, sometimes a lie is easier to take."
...""A weighty choice is yours to make, a right selection or a big mistake."
..."If a wrong choice you choose to pursue / the foundations of home will crumble without you."
..."To retrieve your missing elements / just make sense of this change of events."

Discord loved to rhyme, firstly. Secondly, he's a prankster spirit. Ever come across the idea that his Edward Elric Equivalent Exchange was... a lie? Discord? Lie? For the purpose of making Twilight and Applejack both freak out? Never!

To the author, good so far, I look forward to seeing more.

Oh wow this is an interesting read. Will follow:ajsmug:

Off of the read later list and onto my faves. I'll be looking forward to this.

2668644 I see what you mean, but if Discord simply made Smarty come to life with a snap of his fingers, there would be no story. There would be nothing to write about. There has to be some kind of tension in the story, otherwise it's just a lovey-dovey, directionless piece. I thought I'd mix up the ol' romance genre, and put a sacrifice in it instead of just a simple love story. Think of it as dark magic if you can't get your head around it, which has never been explored in the TV series. I'll elaborate in the coming chapters.

Well, he does rhyme in the series, as Ravenscroft has proven.

As for your third point, Big Mac is in love. Of course he's a selfish idiot. He puts his loved one before himself and his family, mostly because of his loneliness. He won't have any form of logic. Haven't you ever had that feeling of blind, almost consuming love? As you remember, Twilight did initially put a love spell on Smarty, so if you can't believe the feelings, think of that.

The shipping joke was meant to be ironic. It's obviously going to be awkward for the characters, who don't know the meaning of the joke, but it makes sense for us. Discord has his funny jokes and his bad ones, that's that. Plus, I think that was the only intentional joke. It's not really meant to be a comedy, but it will have the occasional joke, such as the whole of the next chapter.

Thank you for reviewing, though!

Side Note: it would be more tragic if Smarty came to life without Mac becoming a doll, but she hated him.

Then again, I'd have nothing to write about. It's a romantic fic with aspects of sadness. I'm not trying to write tragically.

2668658 Um, I've never seen one before. I probably need to read more fanfiction...

2669417 The mental sickness he is experiencing is loooooove. :heart:

2669746 2668658

Yeah in the last 2 months I've seen more and more fanfics like this one popping up...odd still though I like the concept and the cover art is just plain amazing care to tell me who made it?

2669824 Yep, sure. :twilightsmile: I put it in the source, but this chap, suikuzu.

This is.... nice. :yay:

I loved the setup. Please continue.:pinkiehappy:

Huh. Well, this should be interesting.

Discord had turned him into a dog, which turned out to be a very ruff situation.

You should know that I very nearly stopped reading after this pun. I also very nearly favorited the story on the spot.

In any case, looking forward to more. One question though: what exactly does Smarty's mark mean?

when i saw the pun i noped so much

2670422 That was pretty much the last thing I added, just to rustle me some jimmies!

Thanks! Well, I interpreted her mark in a less literal sense. Smarty Pants means a smart-arse, so she's just generally good at being too clever for her own good. Those were my thoughts, anyway. It's not like she'd have talent in... pants.

2670453 You've got to have the obligatory pun. :twilightsmile:

Ah. I figured it was one of the more symbolic butt tattoos, but I wasn't sure how. Though Rarity would probably welcome someone with pants talent. :raritystarry:

Has no one really posted this

2670659 I'd like to say I wasn't expecting it, but am now pleasantly surprised. :rainbowkiss:

2670685 that's what you get for naming your chapter after I song I know :raritywink:

2670525 'Butt tattoos'. :rainbowlaugh:

2670699 I am quite the avid listener of Pink Floyd, though their more recent stuff wasn't quite the same.

2670708 Yeah, Roger Waters added some charm to the band.
What did you think of the stuff before Dark Side of the Moon?

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