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2428168 I'm glad you liked it! I'm aware that it's horribly unfinished looking, it was just a quick little thing I knocked out. I may go back and tidy it up/expand on it before uploading a "proper" version here, and I'll post it in that group!

2427840 That was a really good read! Shame that you didn't get to truly finish it, but if you ever do upload it here might I recommend sharing it to this group Here!
(If you do decide to go back and finish the story read the following. If not then just ignore these next comments)
Also two things that would help your story are
1. It needs an intro on how anon and the twins meet (maybe like at a speed dating event? or a nice coffee shop?)
and 2. (Admittedly this one's really obvious...) An ending. The way it just cuts off and ends at the sisters kiss pretty much had me going "Nnnnoooooooo What happens next!?" :pinkiegasp:
Well at any rate thank you for sharing and I hope you write more about Anon and the twins. :twilightsmile:

2427811 It was just a short bit of clop I wrote, you can find it here! https://pastebin.com/RFGA8Frw

2421642 may I ask where is the two-headed pony thread? I must admit I am a bit curious.

I meant collecting other writers' related stories.

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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