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On a crisp, clear, autumn day, a solitary figure trudges into town. No stranger to travel and new places, Ponyville strikes her as a warm, welcoming community. It may even be a suitable place for her to lay down roots. Finally settle down, have a home of her own. After all, how could a small town so quaint in appearance be anything other than a calm, quiet, pleasant place to live?

Artwork courtesy of Kerijiano on Twitter.

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I like where this is going.

Love the artwork of your OC as she looks super adorable!! :heart:

I love this so far! You don't see donkeys used all that often in stories, and her dialogue is fun as well! I look forward to seeing where this goes!


Good chapter so far!

Curious what went wrong with the locomotive that forced them to brake the train to a halt so close to their destination instead of just coasting into Ponyville. I know it can take a couple miles for larger modern freight trains to brake to a stop even just normally, so I imagine they could have made most if not all of the distance to Ponyville on sheer momentum even with a lighter, old style passenger train.

Interesting. Looking forward to read more of this!

Or is it a red herring, with little to no significance to the plot? Guess we'll have to find out :scootangel:

If it was a red herring, you shouldn’t have used a meme declaring it the right question.

Love the oc, by the way. “She’s got spunk and sass, and just a little bit crass: she’s a jenny-ass!”



Amazing how MC finds some petty nonsense to complain about in nearly every single paragraph of this sizeable chapter. Lets hope that Ponyville's variety of colourful characters manage to improve her disposition and/or sense of humour. Pinkie Pie just might be her only chance for sanity.

Well humour is subjective right? However I’m surprised to see the opinion that it is something she is lacking in.

On the contrary, I’d like to think that she has been written as a character interprets the world around her through a lens of sarcasm, dry wit, observational humour and anecdotes. It’s less that she complains about everything, and more that she always has something to say, no matter how mundane the situation.

As for how she’ll fare in Ponyville… well, it might be too late for her sanity :rainbowlaugh:


Well, I don't strictly disagree with any of that with the exception for the wit. 'Poop falling from the sky on inbred hicks' and the like doesn't quite give me that impression.

The inbred hicks part, fair enough. However, bluntly pointing out the absurdities of the world around her strikes me as suitably deadpan.

Hopefully as chapters go on, the lighter side of her personality can take a bit more centre-stage :scootangel:

Reminds me of Hold it Together (RIP) and I'm loving it so far

I'm liking this so far :) Keep up the good work.


Great chapter! I've really found myself investing in how everything turns out for our little Donkey.

Love it nice:pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::heart::heart:😀😃

The next morning, our journeying jenny discovers that, despite sleeping in very late, the train is waiting for her at the station.

And will be for the next three days.

An ursa wandering by took out a section of track through a spur of the Everfree Forest and it will take time to repair the line. Woops!


“Oops, did I say three? It actually smashed a trestle bridge across a ravine, so it will actually be about thirteen days! :rainbowlaugh:

Ponyville is a trap, always, he-he. I like her skepticism:3

11755619 I agree she does come off as something of a jerk to start with.


Such a heartwarming chapter!

Wow. Two months in Ponyville knocked the cynicism right out of her.

Very nice!

Really surprised that Pinkie never got wind of this and tried to turn it into a new kind of holiday party.

Wonder if Tara will encounter the rest of the Mane 6m

That was such a beautiful chapter, I love it!

I'm surprised we're getting a chapter like this so soon. It feels like a big climax after a bunch of character development. Which in this case all happened off-screen.

This is a fair comment. All I can say at this point without giving too much away, is that there is a larger plan to unfold, and hopefully in the grand scheme of things this chapter will make a little more sense when viewed as part of the whole.

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