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Two years! · 6:11pm Jul 6th, 2015


Time keeps passing for some reason. I really can't understand why! Isn't there a pause button for life somewhere?

I can swear I saw it, but it seems to have vanished again.

Right, anyway. I need to actually sit down and write up part two of Snowbound. That is a priority, believe it or not. I just tend to become distracted. A lot.

Anyway! Thanks for showing patience these past two years! Let's see if I can't get it out before many more months pass :).

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:fluttershbad: my patience ahhhh it can't take it anymore!


Not quite! ;) I haven't tried writing anything in ages mind you.

The author might be dead...

In a time, where people waited loyally for new story chapters ... one writer has been procrastinating for nearly 2 years. But now, things are getting tense.

This summer, will they still be waiting? Or will they take the anticipation to the grave?

Snowbound, Chapter 2. Coming soon. 20xx? possibly 21xx ... if we are lucky ... :ajsleepy:

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