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Two years! · 6:11pm Jul 6th, 2015


Time keeps passing for some reason. I really can't understand why! Isn't there a pause button for life somewhere?

I can swear I saw it, but it seems to have vanished again.

Right, anyway. I need to actually sit down and write up part two of Snowbound. That is a priority, believe it or not. I just tend to become distracted. A lot.

Anyway! Thanks for showing patience these past two years! Let's see if I can't get it out before many more months pass :).

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I feel like it’s tradition that I write something every couple of years so... here I am alive and waiting still. Now on year 7? I know this will never be finished but, this chat is my home now

:fluttershbad: my patience ahhhh it can't take it anymore!


Not quite! ;) I haven't tried writing anything in ages mind you.

The author might be dead...

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