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30 years after Twilight's ascension she has taken a student. On this day she decided to tell her student about the story of Nightmare Moon. Twilight expected Shooting Star to just accept everything she was told. She didn't. Now Twilight is making the ultimate decision. She's going to tell Shooting Star the real story of Nightmare Moon.

Love to my editors Selbi and Don't Look at My Name Bro!!!

Chapters (3)
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Comment posted by NocturneD85 deleted Feb 5th, 2014

This is interesting. And for once, I don't mind an OC. :twilightoops:

3901420 Yay :twilightsmile: Thank you for your kind words for Shooting Star!

Comment posted by Selbi deleted Feb 5th, 2014

The real story...

All right, I'll bite.

Please write the next chapter soon. :fluttershysad:

I'm very excited to see where this goes. :raritywink:

This has my attention! please continue!

I like this! Please continue! :D

Is it just me or is Shooting Star a bit of a bitch? I mean have some respect for your teacher young filly. You're questioning a sory told to you by someone who was bucking there! Someone who you're suppose to trust! You'd never see Twilight addressing Celestia that way. Still this story has promise.

Won't fav until I see more activity. Still, you have my interest.

This is really good! A thumbs up from me! I can't wait until the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

This story is pretty good so far! am apparently back to reading mlp fanfiction

pretty good prologue.

Nice opening! Can't wait to see what's going on:yay:!

I KNEW IT! Luna was split by the Elements. Do you know what this means? DO YOU?!

Princess Luna is an amoeba!:pinkiegasp:

"The truth is a strange, wonderful and terrible thing... and must thus be treated with caution."

Personally, I've always thought that, after 1,000 years totally alone in the Moon, Nightmare Moon was so insane that nothing she did would necessarily make sense except through the filter of her own demented perceptions.

Okay... So, there are basically three options here that I can see:

1) One of the Lunas is a fake, with it being more likely to be the one currently in Canterlot;

2) Some kind of temporal anomaly is at work here with Luna's time-line doubling back on itself at some point in the near future;

3) Somehow, the Elements separated Luna into two parts, one of which still has the Nightmare's body form.

I predict that the fic will end by revealing that episodes 1 and 2 were completely set up due to some planning nine months after the fact.

Oh crap, the fact that Celestia needs Duct tape really makes those situations serious.:twilightoops:

For some reason I was not alerted to this updating. It was only because it was in the featured box that I noticed.

:derpyderp2:I'm seeing double...

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.... Stuff! :heart:

4378750 I only found it because I seen it in my feed.

Ahhhhhhhhh, that was fantastic! I love how much thought you put into this and how everypony reacts. The only problem is that this is still coming from and older Twilight's perspective, and while it shouldn't be very often, I love the snarky comments from Shooting Star.
I will be watching you… (0-0)

So could Nightmare Moon have separated from Luna and believe herself to be Luna?

...interesting... I have not read a chapter, but that description... RL list, AWAY!

4379738 I thought the same thing. :rainbowlaugh:

So is this Nightmare Moon the one being separated from Luna by the Mane 6, or the one that escaped from the moon and ended up stranded in the future?

This is a guess (and possibly heavily spoilery) but ...

They are the same person.
NMM was never the Eternal Night raving lunatic she looked like. She was just a girl who was jealous of (and angry at) her sister who took things a little too far before she got rainbow nuked to the moon ...
The future NMM/Luna was the Actual time she got released from the moon. This is why she has no idea what the heck Twilight is talking about. It simply has not happened to her yet...
at some point in the future Twilight will have to send Luna back in time so what had happened can happen again. This is why NMM was so easy on the bearers. NMM was not there. It was Luna playing a game of pretend the whole time. It happened the way it happened because Twilight told her that was the way it happened...

in other words (or another fandom) The Doctor made himself a video message because a future version of himself wrote a script for him to make the video...
Don't Blink or it will get all Timey Wimey on you! :pinkiehappy:

IMHO the idea is absolutely BRILLIANT!
This is one of the Read NOW! stories on my favorites list... :scootangel:
also ... i am a Twiluna fan and i am hoping a little shipping may kick in later ... :twilightblush:

Three rolls of duct tape… that would just about do it.

I am very confused right now. Didn't Twilight say that this was the real story of Nightmare Moon? If this is the real story, how did the events of the supposedly false story happen? This makes no sense!:twilightangry2:

Patience ^^ I promise all will be explained.

In time.:twilightsmile:

4533263 Patience is a virtue... that I do not have. Also, how does she get to Ponyville? How does she meet her friends? How does she know who Nightmare Moon is?

All will be explained I promise. Answering those questions would give to much away. However I will say this. Past Twilight experienced the Summer Sun Celebration we saw in the show. Where NMM came from will be revealed. This entire story is fully planned and I do hope you stick around for the ride.

:facehoof: Twilight sighed while pressing her hoof against her face. "I didn't say Luna was angry or crazy. I said she was beside herself. Really, why is everypony finding that so hard to understand? :twilightoops:

...I must admit to you that when I read this I burst out laughing while my husband just stared. Thank you so much for making my morning!!!:twilightsmile:

A well-written story like this one tends to inspire creative silliness!:applejackconfused:

My Theory is Canterlot Luna is NMM in disguise and NMM at Twi's house is luna afther nightmare moon somehow gave luna her body (Look) and took Luna's to trick Tia and she started to enjoy being Luna and stopped being evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
am i right or close?

This is going to be interesting.

4599833 so what your saying is she pulled a switceroo?

4748913 No switcharoos but NMM pretended to be luna while the real luna was dressed up as NMM and the real NMM was acting as luna but loved be a good pony and stopped being evil

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