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After a long battle with a great evil, Celestia managed to gather the strength and magic to banish them from Equestria. Nopony had any idea she would be trapped as well until she was gone. Ten years to the day and about to be declared dead, there are only three ponies who still fight to find her.

Princess Luna- whose only desire is to hold her sister in her forelegs once more.
Princess Cadance- who wants her aunt back and is willing to do whatever it takes.
Princess Twilight Sparkle- who is willing to sacrifice anything to bring her former teacher and friend home.

After a decade of searching Twilight, along with the help of her two friends and students Sunset and Starlight have found a small glimmer of hope.

Twilight is going to grab hold and not let go. She has a promise to keep

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Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 66 )

That wasn't Grogar, was it? He was a necromancer, not one for controlling minds.

Interesting! Already interested! Next chapter? :twilightsheepish:

Yes it was Grogar. I edited him slightly since I'm certain Gen 4 would never have him as a necromancer. Instead he turns living ponies into zombies by taking their free will.

Probably tomorrow or the day after. I have 4 more chapters written thus far. Just need to be edited.

Well, first you had my interest, but now you have my attention. Let's see where this goes!

Glad you enjoyed! I hope you enjoy what is coming!

Interesting concept, AND Jon proofread it.

Added to Read Later.

Hmm seems interesting, though I do wish you’d update Changeling Places.

I'm looking forward to more of this story!

A good opening chapter. Grabs your attention.


Grogar wasn't a necromancer. I saw G1 back in the day and own it on DVD. He never raised the dead.

What about Flurry Heart?

Is twelve years old. Shes fine. Will show up later on.

Spike was about the age of 10-12 by the time twilight was in her teens, or twenties in the show and as spike was hatched when she got him in her early years he would be around 20-25 years of age now. Not much of a baby but still a good story. Its just something i noticed.

He's still a juvenile dragon that's why he is being referred to as a child. And thank you!

Great story my friend. Looking forward to more

Good so far, but it seems hard to believe that the princesses wouldn't have thought to use some kind of finding spell in the 10 years since Celestia's disappearance.

Spike, you clever son of a drake.

They only made him a necromancer in the Stories in Stone series because that's what they wanted. In Gen 1 he want a necromancer

Useful Spike is useful. :moustache: :twilightsmile:

A decade seems like a long time to not have thought about using a tracking spell lulz.

They used many tracking spells but none were able to track Celestia through the closed portal. It is only since they've learned all they could about the method used that this type of spell was even possible.

I still think there was a bit of leap in logic that was not properly played out or explained in the scene. So my personal take on it that they all carried the idiot ball for way too long.

I like how Twilight's mane is on the border between normal and etheral. Give her another year or two and it will slowly get more whispy and start to flow in an unseen wind.

Also, Portals! I have no idea how Gem Finding Spell -> Homing Portal. Aw well, it's magic.

Lo, locate object becomes discern location.

I don't buy that after A Rpyal Problem and Horse Play, Celestia wouldn't rather see Starlight. But it's your story, do what you want.

I'm really liking this story so far. I will follow with continued interest.

Fingers and fetlocks crossed for her trip.

I'm really enjoying this story! I like that you included Sunset and Starlight but didn't go into all the detail of how they crafted the spell. The mystery of spell craft does make it more interesting for me, at least. It must have been heartbreaking for Lina not to go after her sister and to decide to send Twilight instead.
This is a very good story, Foals!

Lemme guess... The child is Celestia. xD

I swear I have seen the scenario in a One-Shot and I remember how that one shot ended Celestia refuses to go back to Equestria Twilight is heartbroken I hope that's not how this is going to end :applecry: :fluttercry:

hmm since this has a romance tag im guessing who ever is taking care of tia if that's the case goes back with kid tia either her human mom or daddy but honestly im hoping its a woman taking care of tia theres been a lot of my little dashie type stories where they have dad or in case of a trilogy with scoots a same sex male couple each were good but id like to see one story with a single mom as a parent to either the character theyre taking care of or has children of her own but this is the authors story so.....

Well there is that. Or Celestia is the mother and that child is hers. She have been gone for 10 years. Enough to adjust, adapt, and go native. I estimate that the child would be between 5-7 years old if that was the case. Cause no way would Celestia be comfortable enough to have a child just 2 years after waking up as a human (whether she remembers her pony life or not is irrelevant, I doubt anyone that does not remember their life would want kids right away either). Now wouldn't that be a plot twist?

I believe I saw the same story. Couldn't find it today, it was years ago.

Well, this should be interesting.

I was just thinking the same thing:unsuresweetie:

I remember that story. I cried at the end. I really hope this doesn't end the same way

More please!

Hunter is a cute kid. And I like what you've done with Celestia so far.

Celestia is not Lauren, but it seems she would fulfill the role of Lauren upon this world. After all Faust have red hair not blonde, and is not married to some guy named Ray, nor does she have a son, she have a daughter. Just what I got from some 30s research.

I also have read the same story.... I loved it until the end... This will NOT end like that. You have my word!

Ahhhh, so beautiful!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!! Do more, do more!!!

Awwww Celestia has a husband? I thought the romance was for TwiLestia



Doesn't match our world's description of Faust, or of Nicole Oliver. Or of EQG Principal Celestia. Might be Megan McCarthy. Or someone unrelated.

I'm giving this one more chapter before I decide if maybe I should leave...

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