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Here lies the wistful delusions of the sleep addled mind. Actually wait, no, just me.


This story is a sequel to The Sun and her little Sparkle

It's been ten years since Twilight was adopted by Princess Celestia and the elements of harmony were put to use all too soon. Luna never awoke, though, and she remained a secret to most outside of the elements and those few servants who were tasked with keeping the sleeping princess alive and well.
Nightmare Moon returned, however, and was subsequently banished by the Elements of Harmony once again.
This is the story of what happens after. How the Night truly became what it was always meant to be.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 40 )

why the human tab
also first so there the first has been called you all can shut up about first

8098502 The human tag is there because they're humanized.

8098670 ok why tho the last story they were not

8098673 It is actually explained in the author note, but I changed it to human because it's easier to write for me.

8098687 oh ok still reading the sun and her little sparkle

Easier to write them as human eh? Going to be a bit weird with all the pun names though? :trixieshiftright:

I liked the first story, so I will stick with this one.

8099214 It's still Equestria, it just gets weirder and weirder to write ponies. Especially romance.

So my memory did not fail me with the previous story having ponies and not humans. Good to know I'm not getting senile yet :rainbowlaugh:

Either way, that's a decent start so far. Let's see where it leads us :twilightsmile:

I noticed a few times when you started a word with a capital letter when you didn't need to (boredom, politics, education, drake...).

Good save there with Twi making Luna not feel like a last resort. That could go sour fast.
So Twi will officially study under Luna now. Yayness! They'll spend some more time together! I wonder if she'll ever take Luna to meet her other friends properly. After all, Luna can't keep having only Twilight and Celestia as those close to her.
Well, she can, but it's not a good idea.

Also, fast aging acceleration for Spike due to the magical exposure? Interesting. I wonder how it'll affect his life span - while he is developing faster than any dragon, that probably also impacts how long he'll live. Ah well, not something to worry about now at least.

8106053 yeah that's a problem I know I have,but glad you enjoyed

patented cushion fort from the furniture in the room and curled up inside of it to read.

Are best forts

Heres some corrections to the typos for you.

“Oh Twilight, I’ve never had an Apprentice before! If course I’d be more than happy to accept you as one!”

That should be of course.

“Meet me i my quarters..."

IN my quarters.
Good work :twilightsmile:.

“I’ve learned from dusty old books in the corners of the library before, you have to be a better teacher than that.

I would hope so.:raritywink:

This is a solid chapter I definetly could see Luna as twilights mentor.

I wonder what she could teach Twilight... heheh :trixieshiftright: I can already smell the shenanigans, nobles of Canterlot beware, Twilight Spatkle is coming.

I like this concept of everyone having their own personal Nightmare entity. And Twi's so far looks more like a nuisance than a real threat. Well, unless she refuses her so much that the Nightmare actually grows in power from Twilight ignoring her so much.
We'll see, but this is certainly an interesting turn of events.

so twilight nightmare is the genderbend discord.....oh this is going to be good,
make me wonder what celeitia nightmare is........ oh wait I bet it is discord

When is the next chapter going to come out? :rainbowhuh:

8206275 when wal mart gives me an ounce of my soul back. Or we get new hires so they can stop working my ass into the ground.

8207017 Work has been really kicking my ass these past few months. What little free time I have left go into my tabletop gaming at night and I don't have the energy to write on my days off. I already had to cancel the games that I run. I don't know when this hiatus will end, but it will once we have a full crew and I don't have to do 3 people's jobs anymore.

Ok I understand just take it easy. I at least think that a story this good is worth the wait. :twilightsmile:

obligatory 'it lives' comment

Yessss it's alive it's alive.

Where knowledge comes to die?
Hoo boy, that's going to be a lot of material for Twi to nerd out over.

FoE and DJ Valkyri-3 got me back into writing, This one is pretty high up there on my to do list XD

I just got a nice notebook so I should be able to put more into writing soon so hopefully

I JUST noticed this when did it switch to anthro? Hands and fists are not made from or part of hooves

it's not anthro, it's full human. It has the human tag and it is explained in the A/N of the prologue

More please.

Just how much was retconned? This does not really seem like a sequel...

lol sorry, working a lot lately and been focusing on clockwork dreams. This'll get updated when it gets updated- I have no idea when I'll get the wind I need to do so.

when can we expect the next chapter?

oh i cant wait for the next chapter! <3

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