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Changelings are not what they seem to be, as Twilight and Celestia find out so soon after the invasion. In fact, Twilight becomes intimately aware of said fact. The problem is, though, she doesn't know it.
Funny what an expedition into the woods, amnesia and a queen that only wants to help can do to change a girl's life.

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Interesting. I'll favorite this and see where it goes.

3091425 if you mean on a romance level I honestly have no idea. If it turns out to be true then it'll be as much to a surprise to me as to you

3091627 well that's probably because in canon they despise each other, and so many romance stories are just crap that those few with ChrysLight are either part of that utter crap or looked over. It's hard enough making them friends in any normal fic,
it's like when you see a celestiaxanybody but Twilight fic. it just doesn't make sense, and most people are horrible at making it do so in their universe

Interesting but i must ask: Why humanized?

3092884 it's easier for me to write by miles.
and besides, everyone's done normal changelings. Tell me, when's the last time you saw humanoid changelings?

Pony fandom? Never, except for porn but that's to be expected.

In other forms of media and subject matter? Too many times to remember. Heck, I'm damn certain the Bible has some shape shifters in it.

hmm i ll fave it anyway but i usually dont like humanized story maybe just look for an editor who can just apply the pony therms/positions?^^

3093587 I'd prefer to see anthro if you must make them bipedal... but do what you want.

Please no. Non-porny humanized changelings are original. Don't kill the originality of the story just because you dislike hands.

>amazing premise
>good writing

3093632 ... why would I be talking about those changelings and not the mlp changelings? The comment wasn't even directed towards you.
3093778 if it was just a matter of hands and hooves it wouldn't be a problem. There are certain things that a pony has to do that a human doesn't, and also a whole slew of restrictions that humans aren't bound to. Saw twilight is holding a sword and talking at the same time. A human is just fine and dandy, but a pony either has to hold it in their magic or hold it in their mouth, and that's just one of the many advantages. And besides, there's a lot of minor and major little things that humanized characters have that ponies don't when it comes to things like romance or violence or anything.
3094052 I don't see the point of anthro. either you write ponies or you write humans. anything else is trying to hard. It works for some stories but I honestly just prefer humanized so you're either ging to have to deal with it or kindly leave.
3094086 it wouldn't even be possible, so don't worry about it. That would require a complete rewrite


Umm... sorry... apparently I've offended you because you're comment is kinda snappish.

I personally don't like humanized because it defeats the point of them being ponies... but I will read a good story if it catches my intrest regardless.

I mean, if it's not anthro....
It's so saaaaaad!:raritycry:

3094540 well anthro is half whatever half human. You obviously aren't familiar with any of my other humanized work. They aren't all normal humans, unicorns are mages that have amazing magic affinity while the pegasi have wings, i normally call them valkyries

Wait... *rereads the end of the author's note* Guten abend...
WUNDERBAR! Ein Deutscher Mann! Woher kommst du, Dark0592? Bist du ein Deutscher, oder kommst du aus ein anderen Land? 3095599 So do Earth Pony Humans have a particular name for you, Druids or Terrans, perhaps?

3095965 i only speak little bits of german, pretty much anything in girls und panzer and a bunch of random words and a couple phrases. And as for the humans, not really. all three are humans, it's just that mages have a stronger affinity for magic and valkyries obviously have wings. The normal people, like earth ponies, tend to have stronger ties to the land though

Honestly, I'm very much looking forward to more! I'm very glad that both Celestia and Chrysalis seem to be getting along... although whether that's only for Twilight's benefit or not, is yet to be seen. I am thoroughly enjoying this interesting take on Changelings!

Ok I am a bit confused excuse me while I reread this.

Interesting but kind of hard to fallow in the beginning two chapters like connection wise after rereading it it makes sense though.

Hmmm, I may be completely wrong, but I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that something in the forest killed, or almost killed twilight, and chrysalis saved her by making her a changeling

Hm.. sounds like Twilight almost got killed by something and becoming a changeling was the only available choice. This should get interesting.

3096710 so am i lol
3097720 if you mean between the prologue and the first chapter then that was intentional. this is the kind of story that starts with little backstory and things in the past are explained as time moves forwards
3097977>>3098128 perhaps, perhaps not. I have my ideas, but nothing is set in stone until it's written down. Of course I could do something completely different than what I have planned now, or I could do exactly what that is and either way you could be right or wrong
have fun waiting : P

the start is awesome so it shall be favorited

I got to say I am not normaly a huge fan of humanized ponies but i like this one

hey i got to say wherever you take this i am sure to follow

Nicely done. I rather liked the look into the hive's hunters you provided here.

Slightly confuzzled as to what you used the word humans instead of ponies, mostly because I didn't see an anthro tag on this one. Either way my interest in piqued and I shall devour the next two chapters starting now.

3104618... human tag, man... anthro is half human half whatever and I'm personally not the biggest fan of it on most occasions.
and if it was anthro it wouldn't be using human anyways

Very nice! The story flows smoothly, while still providing a variety of scenarios and characters. Wonderfully well written!

this story is awesome

I am liking this. :twilightsmile:

I got to say this is easely in my top 5 favorite fanfics

When I saw the German in your Author's Note it reminded me of my German 1 class I started a little while ago!

3121473 well I was kind of in one of my phases where I obsess a little bit over an anime. it's not completely gone yet but it's not as bad, this time it was girls und panzer. it revitalized my love for german AND world of tanks

3121792 I've only covered hunting and the isolated mages : P up next we have the defenders, then we'll have gathering and agriculture and we'll finish off with soldier work, which since there aren't exactly any battles besides defending the hive from predators and stuff going on I still haven't decided what to do with them

3122016 what need would a hive-based colony have of currency? It's so easy replicated and stolen it's practically worthless. And when each individual is connected to one hive mind, their worth and what they earn and deserve can be adequately assessed instantly and the results spread simultaneously. At least that's what I thought up.
Fun fact that entire concept just came out as I was writing the first meal scene, just came to mind.
And the original idea was "What if Twilight had Chrysalis as her mentor instead of Celestia and all that it endows?" and it was originally going to be an alternate universe where she's found by the hive when she was a little orphan girl, but I decided screw it I'll just start the prologue there and see where it goes from there. Rather interesting and fun way to write if you ask me, not knowing what the hell you've got next except for a basic mental framework

Thanky for the chapter finaly the mane 6 are together again

Oh man this is going south quickly...

3145548 really now? explain yourself, if you would.

Her brain is exploding. How is that not bad?

3147899 wait are you saying that you think the story is going south or twilight is going south?

Due to the fact that they (Pegasi, Changelings, "Alicorns", etc.) have wings, wouldn't it technically be considered anthro?

Sorry, I know that you have been getting a ton of crap about the whole anthro/human thing, but asking never hurt anyone.

Also, are the changelings covered in skin or carapace? Or do they have carapace "armor" that they can generate at any time? You aren't too specific about this.

Out of curiousity, do you have any idea where the story is going, or are you still just winging it?

3157953 I explained it early on, actually. They are mostly covered in carapace, though there are a few fleshy parts showing a bit like on the muscles and stuff. If you've seen district9 then think of the prawns except more identical to the human figure. A changeling that has enough love, though, will develop skin and the carapace would be more of a covering. Of course they've all got their chitin battle plating, but that's not normally on at all times.
I'd give a picture to show what their most degenerated form is, their current form being a few steps up, but it's on my computer and not a link so I can't put it here

3158123 I'm always just winging it, I have no idea where the next chapter is going and I've written half of it lol.
but so is my writing style, the framework behind this story was literally Twilight being a changeling with Chrysalis as her mentor and possibly, as time passes, her romantic partner should things go that way

Twilight is going south. The story couldn't be better!

Okay, sorry, maybe it could, but I honestly can't see how without being a different story entirely.

3162214 alrighty then lol, I misunderstood your meaning.
and I'm afraid that the chapter that follows doesn't really live up to such a huge and potentially intricate cliffhanger : P mostly just a bunch of explanation and progression but hey, been a little light on major story-based explanation and building

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