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Welcome to the crazy house of Soarin'! While I don't necessarily have interest in the ponies anymore, I do still dream of writing decent fics.

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The year is 2126 Celestia’s Reign, and ponykind has reached for the stars. Having been able to relish 27 years of constant peace since the end of the Great Griffin War, the quality of life have vastly improved for all. Many new worlds have been colonized, and the population has soared into the billions. However, things never go peacefully for long. When one of Equestria’s colony worlds loses contact with the Homeworld, dark rumors start to spread of an impending invasion, and Captain Echo Sparkle, as well as the crew of the E.S.C. Twilight Sparkle are caught in the middle of them.

Edited by: ThunderChaserCreate

Hello, and welcome to Into The Void! This is my first attempt at writing Science Fiction, and also my first solo project! I do hope you enjoy this story, and like always, constructive critisim is always welcome in the comments. I'll see you all later!

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The Equestrian Intelligence Agency, or EIA for short. One of the most well known governmental organizations thorough Equestria, the EIA was formed by Princess Celestia after the defeat of Nightmare Moon, and specializes in espionage and dealing with high stakes situations.
When several of the Bearers of Harmony mysteriously disappear from their houses, Princes Celestia fears that something sinister is brewing, and orders the EIA to find out what happened to the Bearers, and put an end to any evil plans that might threaten Equestria. Will the Agency be able to find our missing heroes? Or will the entire world of Equestria be thrown into darkness? You'll just have to read the story to find out.

Cover Image is by the DeviantArt user pyrestriker
I will only take it down if Pyre wants it down.

This story is cowritten by: spitfire101
All chapters labeled with a J are written by him. Every other chapter is written by me.

Editor: Mitsubishi Colt

This is my first ever fanfic on this site! Yay! :twilightsmile: I am going to ask that you please drop a review in the comments as you read the story so that I can improve the story as I go along! Anyway, I do hope that you enjoy the story, and I'll see you soon!


Hello mares and gentlestallions, and welcome to The Equestrian Intelligence Agency. You have probably been drawn here by the fact that I am rewriting this story, making it better using the skills that I have aquired over the past couple of months. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor, and I will see YOU. In the near future. Bye!
General Soarin' (9/22/13)

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