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A rather silly citrus you can address as Lemon Lass, bringing the fandom some of the most thought-provoking cartoon equine fanfictions since 2012.


Not Often Sentimental, Though Alluring, Let's Gather In Anamnesis · 11:02pm Apr 18th, 2018

TheLivingTombstone, Jackleapp. Sim Gretina, Ken Ashcorp.
Ponies The Anthology, Pony.MOV. Pony Music Videos, Musicians of Ponyville.
Two Best Brothers Bitching About Ponies. Two Best Friends Being Animated as Ponies. Mods are asleep, post ponies.
Mentally Advanced, Friendship is Witchcraft. Rainbow Dash presents: Fighting is Magic.

Y'all ever just take a pity trip and binge all the junk we used to consume back in the golden days of 2011-2013?

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Unceremonious Return · 12:28am Apr 13th, 2018

Uh, hey. I'm back.

I sorta went to the store to get some milk, and it took me longer than expected. Nearly two years longer than I expected.

Sorry about the radio silence and all that. I've not been all that vocal as of late, but that's gonna change, honest. I just gave the forums of this site a little breathing space so I could sort some stuff out, but I've still been here, lurking around, reading the occasional story and keeping tabs on all the hubbub.

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Lá ‘le Pádraig sona dhuit, friendos · 7:34pm Mar 17th, 2016

Literally me.

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Found this gem on the Writer's Group forums today... · 2:45am Feb 7th, 2016

Found the following that I posted in some random Writer's Group thread today. Sure as heck don't remember writing it, but it's catchy as all else:

Muh Braeburn x Lemon Hearts shipping song, innit. I call it Heart Burn.

"They say that Apples don't fall far from the apple tree,
But I'm just sure glad that you, fell next to me."

"If life takes back these lemons then he's

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It Is The Current Year · 2:18am Jan 1st, 2016

Well well, another year did done come and go.

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Another Belated Christmas Wish · 1:38pm Dec 27th, 2015

Hey y'all, yellow citrus fruit here, wanting to take a quick moment out of a still-busy schedule to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a wonderful upcoming new year. Tell me what Santa brought you (naughty users need not apply, I know who you are) in the comments and, heck, since it is but a few days away, tell me what you plan on changing in 2016. Me? I think I might be a grapefruit for a year, see how that works out for me. Santa didn't bring me much, because

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How To Dress Like A Champ · 12:15am Dec 21st, 2015

Pretty much the bulk of my wardrobe.

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I'm Actually Alive (Update) · 9:31am Oct 2nd, 2015

The biggest surprise of your week may just be the news that I am, in actual truth, not dead.

There was a nasty incident involving an industrial strength juice squeezer, a spatula and lemon-stealing whores, but I managed to power through it unharmed, and so... here we are.

I'd firstly like to apologize for my absence on the site as of late, especially regarding any sort of group moderation. Believe me, this was not intentional.

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Might not be all that active, chaps. · 9:19pm Jul 12th, 2015

My computer seems to be all up the left this past week, shutting itself down on a regular basis and whatnot, so until I figure out what in the hell is wrong with it, I won't be all that active here.
Stay frosty, chums. Lemon will be back soon.

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Lemon Is Back, Look Busy · 7:38pm May 19th, 2015

So... yeah. I'm back. At long last.
I've been pretty occupied over the past few weeks, what with end of year exams for university and whatnot, so I haven't had much time to do anything site related.
But fear no more, chappies. I'm here again, leavin' little lemon trails all over the shop, and here to stay.
Expect story updates in the coming weeks and some art-promotion blogs soon.
- Lemon

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