With my Head in the Clouds

by Wand3r3r3

Chapter 2

~Chapter 2~

Later on that day, Woona was the first to wake between herself and NightFlame. The warmth from what little sunlight was there felt rejuvenating.
”Well well well...what do we have here?” As Woona adjusted her retinas upon opening her eyes to a partially lit room, she found that she was laying directly on top of her male friend. ”Honestly though, how is this not arousing?” She didn’t scream, but she was in enough shock to wake him.
“Whoa.” He said, with Woona’s mouth not even a few inches away from his. As soon as he put the pieces together, he blushed uncontrollably. “Uh... Hi!”Woona quickly stood up and walked over to the corner of her room, nearest to the window. NightFlame curved his head backward as far back as he could see her without straining himself. “You sleep good?” He asked.
”Yeah, Sissy. Did you sleep good?” Woona shook her head and ruffled up her mane, and a small compact telecommunications device became apparent. It was a small white tool that was clipped to her ear, and it suddenly blinked a blue light as she finished throwing her hair around. It stopped blinking at exactly two seconds.
“What do you want?” She directed her voice into the device as best she could. It was meant to act as a form of a Bluetooth telephone; like the ones that everyone in Canterlot was able to afford, but her model was defective and didn’t work the way it was supposed to. The only function that would still comply with operation was the blue bulb inside of it, and it would only blink four times no matter what she tried to do with it.
”I don’t know about you, but I myself slept pretty great. And atta girl it looks like you did too!”
“Blacky, you've been gone for a whole week. I was enjoying it until you came along.”
”Well it’s too bad I had to run into THAT.” NightFlame watched Woona argue with whoever he thought she was talking to. He soon got back on all fours and kept his distance, giving her privacy.

Woona was really arguing with her living conscience. It wasn't like a normal voice in her head that helped her distinguish right from wrong; it was one that was always present and actually, on occasion, control her entirely. Woona reffered to ‘it’ as ‘Blacky’, but the living entity inside of her was most commonly remembered as Nightmare Moon.
No one knew it still existed, all except herself and her mother Luna. It turns out Nightmare Moon survived her final defeat long ago; a piece of the ancient battle armor she wore while ‘under the influence’ remained rested in her tail and fed off of her once again, only the second time, she couldn't have the strength to launch another assault. Nightmare Moon abandoned Luna’s mind upon its own regard to feed off of her daughter and prolong its existence.
”Yes, I know. I've been having a great time figuring out that history test you have, hm...Friday. Well, today really.”
“Yeah, that’s nice.” said Woona, irritably
”You might need some help with that, you know.”
“I’ll do fine on my own now anyway?”
”You sure about that?”
“Oh yeah.” Her voice rose. “I’m...I’m an egghead!” It wasn’t like Luna or Veritus was home anyway.
”Well fine then, but you know I’m only kidding right?”
NightFlame, alerted by Woona’s change in octave, met her eyes and projected the question of “You okay?” with his lips and the raising of an eyebrow. He quickly stepped forward toward her, but not before she opened the window and jumped out of it even faster, just as she did the previous night.
“Ouchie.” He heard her minor shriek relating to the minor injury she took to her left rear her while Woona heard her conscience laughing with her.
”Whahaha...HAAA! Ooh man, you okay ya big sissy?”
“Of course, hehe. I’m fine.”
“Hey Woona, you okay?” NightFlame called her name and peered out the window, eventually looking straight down and seeing a trail of dirt dug up from the ground. Woona laid on her stomach and propelled herself forward with her wings, plowing the dirt up and out. The trail curved across a corner of her house and to the front door on the next side, which NightMare Moon unlocked for her. Woona’s father Veritus was inside when he heard a quiet ‘click’ on the door from his living room seat. Suddenly the door opened in such haste, dirt flew inside the house it was even though it opened outward (blame the blueprints). He stood tall above her, not too pleased with her presence or timing.
Well shit, I remember this dude.

Veritus DeadBlood was an orange coated stallion with numerous sharp black stripes across his back, similar to what a tiger would look like if they weren't extinct, and the theme continued all the way up to his filthy mane. It was a sort of wild fashion, and it was long, reaching below his arms. He stood up on his hind legs at all times; Woona mainly saw this as a superiority complex, and most conversations Woona would ever have with him would end up with her fearing for her life if it wasn't for his petty threats that he wouldn't dare keep. He reeked of drugs and cinnamon, and when he looked down at her, she tried not to flinch at the combination.
“What’re you doin’ back‘ere so late, little slut?” The sights in his stormy grey eyes were clouded by alcoholic influence. He awaited a response from his frightened daughter, and he spat down at her when his patience ran out. “I’m askin’ you a question!” Woona fought back an extremely inconvenient urge to cry, but she refused to break this time for the sake of impressing NighFlame. Nightmare Moon had to get her out of this.
“What do you mean...so late?”
“I mean I heard you come in last night. Yeah, I was here. I was watchin’ T.V. in the room.” By ‘the room’ he meant the bathroom, where he would occasionally, and frequently, relieve himself. Luna wouldn't sleep with him again if her life depended on it.
“Well you know I had detention right?
“Woona, we don’t have a phone. We’re too damn fuckin’ poor.”
“Well you seem to be in a good mood for a change.”
“Course, I’m just fuckin’ with you, and not literally this time.”
How long have I been gone, really? This guy’s totally sick... Woona suddenly stood up tall, royal posture perfectly imitated from her mother. Like, totally.
“Oh right, this is your place too...” Again, Veritus didn't sound too thrilled, even though he told her that he was not sincere with his words. He sighed as he opened the door a bit more, releasing thick white smoke outside, inviting Woona with a disgusting odor. Regardless, she entered, and Veritus spat a cigarette butt onto her tail, shutting and locking the door after.


For the following hour or so, Nightmare Moon and Veritus argued nonstop. Woona wasn’t able to get back to NightFlame, who was now working his way out of her room and listening to the two. Nightmare Moon stood valiantly; she didn't mess around when someone was messing with Woona.
"So, what kind of shithole do you have going on here?”
“Hey relax. I was only kidding remember?”
”I mean, what the hell are you watching? On that tiny-ass T.V.?”
“It’s called Crime Scene Investigation and you wouldn’t know anything about it.” The lights were dimmed and the television projected beams through the room, displaying the name of the program Veritus was busy watching, then cut to a commercial break.
“Do I need to get the fuckin’ belt?”
”Who likes The Big Buck Theory? Does it make you feel smart or something?”
“Ey! Big Maxturbater’s got his career set in this business!”
“Does it make you feel like a gangster? Making big bucks and bucking women big? Cuz that’s what gangsters do, huh? That’s why you live here isn't it?”
“Look, my wife got me into this mess-“
”Also, he’s only got two lines, that big red dude.”
“And then the show either ends or starts, along with the intro. It’s SO homosexual. HE”S so homosexual!”
“One more fuckin’ word outta that pretty mouth and I’ll light this fuckin’ cigar and shove it up your little ass with my big ass dick!” It was rumored that he was mentally ill.
”Oh really? Which end would I be getting then, cuz frankly I’m in need of some action from anyone or anything but the likes of you.” NightFlame might or might not have been a little surprised that ‘Woona’ was apparently saying these things. "Are you going to make another mistake and burn your little chrysalids up?” The television’s reception was cut off, but then returned and displayed a scene with a red country stallion looking out at a huge whirlpool from the end of a narrow pier with a lighthouse seen along the beach bluffs. Try Viagra, the pill of champions. The Seaponies are waiting for you.
“Coming from a slut, at least I've got balls.”
“At least. But they don’t do you any good when you cream on the toilet every day now do they? You might as well take my suggestion. They’re dead weight even IF they don’t weight anything.”
“I gotta get action somehow. Here’s an idea, why don’t you get out of my face and have your little friend fuck you?”
"And it’s not a question of why you can’t get a natural hard-on, you've been hyped up on the stuff for years!”
“What? What stuff?”
“....What are you talking about?” His blind anger blurred his sense of hearing when Nightmare Moon spoke for Woona, but then it hit him:
“Eeyup.” the television speakers murmured.
”You should really get the temper checked out. Not good for the neighbors.”
So you’re into little girls AND little boys?”
“I am going to rape you, bitch.” he snapped
”Shame shame...”
“I’ll wreck your shit big bucking time!”
“Go ahead. Let the little tattletale over there rad you out; then you won’t be able to stand on two legs anymore.” NightFlame showed himself to Veritus from the hallway, making him freeze. Nightmare Moon turned the television off. “YOU’LL still be looking for the soap while your prostate gets blown to pieces.”
Veritus stopped everything as he quickly turned around and knelt down, taking a few sheets of paper up with him on his way back up. He literally threw himself on his single-seat sofa, reached down for a pencil and started to draw. “You’d better go to your room before I finish this picture of me stabbing you with my dick knife.”
“...Oookaaaay.” Woona ran to her room, telling NightFlame to come with. ”C’mon.” For the first time in six years, Veritus didn’t have the last word.

NightMare moon relinquished control of Woona’s body as its owner laid-face first on a pillow in the furthest corner of her room, crying a little less than she normally would. NightFlame was behind in her tracks, and entered shortly after. He couldn't see it, but the conscience levitated in the air near Woona, mostly transparent.
"Hey, fuck that guy, Woona. You’re not the one who has nothing better to do than watch lame-ass comedies all day.”
“I’m so scared he’s gonna find me...if I run away.”
”I know this isn’t the first time you've been dead set on leaving. But man, that flailing arm tube clown hasn't improved at all; I don’t blame you anymore.”
“Did I mention he has no taste in T.V.?”
“Heh, yeah...”
Normally, Nightmare Moon didn't have any malicious intent toward Woona, nor was she an influence to commit wrongdoing. She was more like another voice to guide her; a mother in place of one that was always there, even after school.


Everyone in Equestria knew the tale, or even the time of the endless era of darkness as if it only happened in recent enough times. Thought to be defeated by the Elements of Harmony, Nightmare Moon, the epitome Princess Luna’s hatred anger and envy, lived on to see the future. But her future was bright with Woona, the entity wasn't a malcontentious one at all. It liked Woona, and Woona liked it. She wasn't ignorant about its existence, but instead well aware and took all opportunities to hide it.
She wasn't a host. She was a friend.
"Hey NightFlame.” The call of his name grabbed Woona’s attention and led him to come closer to the two. "You know what I’m talking about, right? Wanna role-play and pretend we’re at the bar with that drunky pants?”
“Hehe, I’m not old enough to be in that situation.” He laughed and Woona turned at him, smiling sweetly. “I don’t think I’d wanna be either.”
”That’s why it’s just pretend, you silly goose!” Nightmare Moon also laughed, only with more meaning than NightFlame.
“Can I be myself in this?” interjected Woona.
”That’s what I’m hoping for.”
“I’m in it if she is.” said NightFlame.
“Nope!” the cloud lazily shouted, making the fact that it was talking to Woona. "Your little friend here is a man, and that’s why he’s gonna stay here and make cookies with MEEEE!”
“Uh...what the heck?” Woona giggled while NightFlame cocked up an eyebrow and squinted.
“You’re so random Blacky!”
“I don’t think I’d wanna be stuck here making cookies."
”Stuck? I’ll tell you who’s stuck.” A pillow from Woona’s top bunk fell on her head; NightFlame was starting to chuckle as Nightmare Moon went on. ”Her! Your girlfriend here is stuck on Moon Street where that one nightmare happened.”
“HEY, THAT WAS A GOOD MOVIE!” yelled Veritus from the other side of the door. His voice was still pretty loud, even with it being shut as tightly as possible. “SHADDAP!” The funny thing was that they really did live on a street called ‘Moon Street’.
“He eavesdrops a lot.” whispered Woona. Nightmare Moon suddenly raised its voice as well.
“Welp, I guess we can take these headphones off now!”
“I so totally couldn't hear anything else!” squealed Woona. “That was awesome!”
”NightFlame, you can take yours off now.” NightFlame was really into character as he was standing on his hind legs and imitating the movements of an electric guitar.
“DUUNN DUN DUUUUUUN DUNDUNDUUN POO DOO TSSSSSSSSSS!” After his performance, he dropped the imaginary items and saw Woona facehoofing, but laughing at the same time. He darted his sight on and off of her to try to avoid further embarrassment. “Hehe, my bad.” She pretended to look out the window as her face turned into an all-consuming smile.
“Hey Blacky. You know I have that thing at the place this afternoon, right?”
”Oh yeah, just tell me when you've gotta get going.” Nightmare Moon answered her. It’s voice then went back to NightFlame, who suddenly had a bucket on his head. ”Okay, now all you need are rocket-propelled skates and a cape... Uh, Sissie? He’s gonna borrow your blanket, kay?”
“As long as it smells like him, and I actually have to get going now.” The sun’s rays were quickly fading away from the ocean in the distance. Nightmare Moon came close to her and silently murmured.
“Did you just try to tell him that you like him in that ‘other way’?”
”You’re going to have to tell him eventually, you know.”
“It’s all part of my plan.”
After a series of troubleshooting, NightFlame finally managed to tie Woona’s blanket around his neck by himself. It was a stadium appropriate one with multiple crescent shapes quilted into the material.
“Trust me.” Woona finished as she made her way outside through the window. Nightflame heard her call his name; he shook the bucket off of his head.
“Never fear, my fair lady! I’ll protect you from the horrible zombies!” He galloped and jumped out, running to Woona’s lead with his new cape flying behind him.
”This oughta be good.”Nightmare Moon flew out the window in a flash, dropping the glass behind her. ”This oughta be real good.”


The trio were only three blocks away from her house (in which Nightmare Moon joked about how Veritus would burn it down in attempt to heat up week-old tomato soup in the microwave) when they were stopped by a neighboring colt. Nightmare Moon looked him over and NightFlame greeted him.as they passed.
“Hi!” he gleefully called.
The kid walked across their unmapped pathslowly with his head down until he noticed the group.
“Hey.” he slurred. He seemed unhappy.He was an orange coated Unicorn with a short mane and tail, both themed with a sense of mystique and neon. Bright colors fused from normal and bland colors resulted in a consuming green consistency with not much to it; but it seemed to glitter in the shadows of the town. He had no Cutie Mark; they saw this before he turned to talk. “You’re not free for the summer are you?” He looked at Woona, directing his question to her.
“I wish, but I've got stupid summer school.”
“Aww again?”
”Don’t tell me little tiger here is smarter than you.” said Nightmare Moon in Woona’s mind.
“Yeah, but it is the last day of school, at least.” She stopped talking and looked at the sky from the only angle she could. Night had come and left only starlight; the moon was blocked by the Earth above them, but was reflected in the ocean. “But I’ve really gotta get going. I need to make up a detention”. She lied. “Get it out of the way, you know?”
“Clever, now let’s hurry up so you don’t miss your thingy.”
“I’ve never heard of...detention on the last day of school.”
“At the place, right?” NightFlame was really talking to Nightmare Moon, and her lack of a body didn’t make him seem crazy. There was no point in keeping the location a secret; it was futile anyway.
“At school, yeah silly.”
“Oopsie. Heh.”
“Well...that’s fine. I just moved down here with my dad, and I was hoping that we could hang out now that I live here...in this place...”
“If I get back early enough and you’re still here, we’ll have to meet up—you’re from my school right?"
“Yeah, I just never see you cuz I go in the morning."
“That’s what I thought.” Concluded Woona “I guess I’ll see you when I get back then." Woona was surprised to see that she was going in the right direction, even when she was still talking to her new neighbor.
”You almost tripped over his nuts there”
“I what now?” Behind them there were acorns on the ground. There were no trees in the town, but occasionally woodpeckers would visit only to dig holes in on the bottom of the continent-sized hunk of earth above and stuff the hole with an acorn. Normal business for them, but it was often a nice sight to see for the ones who lived in the slums.
“I don’t think I get it either.” said NightFlame.
“No, I think I get it.”


“You know, I know what that means Blacky.”
“Do you really?”
“Yeah. Test me.”
”Oh, I’ll test you all right. I’ll ‘test’ you good. “What, out of all possible round or slightly oblong...probably oblong things in the world do you think those walnuts or whatever could have represented?” NightFlame didn't say much during the group’s hike up the mountain. That last discussion broke him out of that streak.
“Say what?” The topic at hand, he assumed, applied to him, at least according to where he thought it would go, knowing Nightmare Moon.
“Yeah, what’s that, huh? What’s that glorious that THIS GUY-“
“Hey watch out.” Nightmare Moon emphasized her reference to NightFlame quite loud.
-Could probably drag across the ground an’ rocks an’ stuff?
“Sorry about this, Flame.” said Woona
”N’ drill a hole... Nothing personal or anything, just trying to brighten up the day, cuz Woona here’s gonna trip over something bigger than random nuts on the ground.”
“Whoa!” Nightmare Moon was right. Woona flew forward and landed on three feet. “Hehe, it’s not working.”
"Well, my nickname IS Blacky...”
“She’s got a point.” said NightFlame.
“Wait.” Woona noted. Weren't you talking about acorns and how I almost tripped over them?”
”There were random nuts on the ground; there’re no trees or anything around, so I conclude that everyone there pretty much had their hackeysacks turned into real hackeysacks so everyone can step on them, especially that fucktard you call a dad.”
“Everyone but NightFlame.”
”Well of course. It looks like he’s got the deluxe package there.”
“Gee, thanks...” Flame responded, embarrassed.
Woona laughed as hard as her already tired lungs would let her as they passed under the tip of a flat stable boulder above them. It separated the moonlit ground and the morbid town.
“Hey NightFlame.” she started. “What’s the deal? You've always got time visiting me and no girlfriend of yours? What’s up?” With the moon shining light down on them, it was easy for her to look around and see her friend looking ahead, lips about to speak.
“I haven’t told you?” She turned back up front after a split short second and pursed her lips in disappointment. “I swear I did, but you never get to see her cuz she’s always busy with her projects.” It was not the information Woona was hoping to hear—she knew he had told her before, but her heart kept denying his answer each time. “She’s got a business out of it too!” Woona sighed under her breath.
”Huh. Crafts?”
“Yeah, everything she does gets here somewhere good. She’s not my girlfriend though.” Woona suddenly perked up; NightFlame didn't notice. “Just really good friends, kinda like you and me, Woona. An unstoppable zombie fighting team!”
”What’s her name?” Nightmare Moon asked.
“She’s SweetieBelle.” He answered proudly. Woona managed to keep her habit of rolling her eyes to the left of her slit; it’s what she would do when she thinks hard. “Do you know about her?” Nightmare Moon had never heard of that name, and why it would care was a question that was of its own intrigue.
”Nah, I was just wondering. It’s perfectly natural for a little girl to be making burritos for guys like Sissie’s dad to be using as chapstick for their ass. But I suppose times HAVE changed...”
“The hell?”
”Sorry. Taco Barn was the first thing I thought of.”
Woona didn't sound too gleeful at the moment when she suggested a new topic. “Let’s talk about him, and by that I mean, badly.”
”Nah, he’s old news and you’re past him. Wasn't even worth our breath in the first place...er, your breath.”
“Hey Woona?” called NightFlame. “Where are we going anyway? Are we going to my place, cuz that’s all the way in Hoofington...and a bad idea.”
”We SHOULD go to his place, if you know what I mean.”
A few minutes in time, they would reach a crossroads, the one that Woona was ever-so familiar with. She passed by it every day of school, every trip to NightFlame’s place. He lived alone, so she didn't have to worry about any parents calling up her own.
”Tempting, isn't it?”
“We’re going to Canterlot, straight ahead.” answered Woona.
“But aren't you not allowed there anymore?”
“I’m just not allowed to be here unless I have to go to school, and I’m already kinda late.”
“She’s kinda late, yo.”

The rough, intrepidly designed path suddenly turned into clean concrete steps. They still traveled the sides of the mountain and upwards, they were officially on Canterlot grounds now.
“Well, will your mom be there? Wait...”
“The last thing I heard from her was that her and Celestia made up and aren't changing the days in the country anymore.”
”But that was like, two years ago right? I’m glad she’s truckin’ along, but god damn I can’t take care of you forever!” It wasn't a lie—Luna had left the slums going on two years ago, after she received orders from her sister, Celestia, to meet her in her chambers in the Canterlot castle. ”I jest, obviously”
“I just hope her judgment isn't-“ It was a mighty climb up for the two members of the group that had legs. NightFlame continued “...That it’s not clouded without you, Blacky.”
”Hey, she did something bad on her own once, she could do it again, that whore.”
“You’re not wrong, but my dad’s the real whore, okay?” Woona added.
“You’re not wrong either.”
“Without a doubt”
“I’m glad we’re all in agreement.” Woona concluded

Almost a quarter of an hour passed and no vocal presence was but heavy breathing was shared. Nightmare Moon just decided to stay quiet.
”So hey Lavaboy. Is she hot?” It took NightFlame a while to answer, mostly due to his surprise. He didn't know a lot about Nightmare Moon except for the fact that she was Woona’s friend. A very intricate friend at that.
“Bloodyhell or whatever the name was, her. Is she hot?”
“But aren't you a female?”
"Excuse me sir, but I’m sorry to inform you that I’m an ‘it’. Look at me, look at me! Do you see a vagina?”
“Uuuuuum...I don’t see anything.”
“My point exactly, but that doesn't mean I can’t look at some nice booty and or plot, now does it?”
“Uh, no ma’am-uh, it...”
”Having a bit of trouble there? I can make a real tongue twister, you know.”
NightFlame was beginning to stutter. “No. No it doesn’t mean anything! IIIIIII like them too!” It was like he was shouting like a soldier taking orders.
”Well doy, all guys like to get their dicks spit-polished every once in a while.”
“Even I saw that one coming.” giggled Woona. “You’re a cache for a lot of girls.”
”Like her.”
“Wait, really?” NightFlame wasn't at all surprised as he sounded just then. He assumed that this news would come to pass eventually; Woona adored him, and she exerted her feelings plenty.
“Damn...” Woona slurred under her breath “Yeaaaaah... Yeah I like you. I really like you.”
”Damn I wish I had some pop and some corn.”
“Wow, uh...how long has this been going –“
“Since-I-met-you-in-elementary-school-in-Hoofington.” Woona exploded and had to catch her breath afterward.
“That’s a long time...enough for me to say that I uh...like you too.”
Suddenly, popcorn sputtered from out of nowhere, like fireworks. “Oh great, the best of both worlds! NOW KISS.” Thare was a few seconds of silence as they continued to advance skyward.
“Whoa, it feels really good to have someone special in your life.” Woona happily started prancing
”I would never know, but I’m glad for you, now which one of you is going to cut the cake for me. As you can see, I kinda can’t.”
“I don’t really know you-“ started NightFlame. “But I already like you. Not in the same way as her, but I’d like to be your friend too, if that’s okay.”
“You already know I like you, Blacky. You know, I didn't mean what I said before.”
”Hey, let’s stop talking about me, right?” You guys an’ girls are making me wanna puke something that may or may not smell like bananas. Then everyone’s party will be ruined, if only.”
Met with positive feedback, the two friends finished their climb and reached the valley high up in the mountain, Canterlot.
"It’s as beautiful as I remember.”

"Okay, still pretty..."
Woona normally didn't have time to look around the city on her trips to and from school, because of how dark it always was, but it was very surprising to her when she did.
“What in the hell?” exasperated NightFlame as he looked around frantically, honestly unaware of the state of the city himself. When they first set hoof in Canterlot, a feeling of dread consumed Woona—It was one that made you feel like something would jump out and scare you when you were watching a scary movie. Fog clouded the party’s vision and cut it down to only mere meters, but what they were able to see was in shambles. A cathedral to the left of the cobblestone path they walked along looked like it just had a new stained-glass window installed in its front. Almost everything else though, was torn down and looked like it was in the process of having major maintenance done on it, as seen by all the clean timbers near it. On both sides of the road were flowerbeds with a decent variety of plants and bushes in them, but they were all flattened down or trampled upon.
"The hell happened here?" Even Nightmare Moon was out of the loop of events, or just didn't have the answer.
“You know the drill, Blacky.”
In the past, and even recently, Woona would let Nightmare Moon take control of her body whenever she would face a difficult obstacle, like bullies. Nightmare Moon didn't care and said it was cozy inside, and with her helpWoona became the schools most feared student in both her elementary and her current middle school. Outside of fights, Woona was a more...tolerable student.
“Just in case. I don’t feel right being here, even though we’re supposed to be.”
”So after this long week of being away you still can’t resist this body, is that what you’re saying?”
“I think it’s the other way around here.”
“Alright alright, ya got me. I’ll buck you. I’ll buck you good.”
“Wow. Hot.” half-muttered NightFlame.
“Why do you have to put it like that? Can’t you just say, ‘geronimo’?”
”I guess geronimo would work with how I get it. Why, would you rather have Lavaboy do it?”
“I don’t blame you. Okay, geronimo!” At that moment, Woona’s body started to quiver, legs first, until she let out a quiet and perhaps sensual moan. Then, her personality seemed to have been flipped upside-down. She turned her head around to see NightFlame.
“Well, hey there stud!” She unnecessarily beckoned.
“Heeeeeeeyyy...there...” An eyebrow grew progressively taller as she talked to him.
“You know, she says she doesn't like it. How I get in.”
“I understand.” he said a little blankly. “Well...actually I don’t.” They walked further along the rough stone walkway, in the same single-file line, until Woona stopped their progress walking deciding to walk backward instead. She shoved her hind quarters in his face and began to imitate her voice even more precisely than normal.
“Oh Lavaboy, I knew you would always stay a virgin just for me. Now KISS ME YOU FOOL!” He squinted his eyes and turned his head away from her posterior when her tail started to tickle his nose. He finally backed away.
“No thanks.” he mistakenly spat out, then glanced to the side and inhaled. “Hey, I think someone’s over there.” He took off ahead of Woona. “I’m checking it out.”
“...Soooo what, you like guys?” Woona followed him, and not even twenty-two steps into her the composed walk, NightFlame’s desperate voice was heard.
“Hey! Get up! Get up please! Woona C’mere!” he called out for assistance. "Hey, hey what’s the matter?”
Since Nightmare Moon had only just taken Woona’s body, its senses were significantly off. Woona ended up heading in the complete opposite direction of his call.
The fog was retreating more and more, but still acted as a pure white wall around NightFlame. He gave up trying to wake whoever or whatever it was that was lying in a desolate flowerbed. It was nothing more than, unbeknownst to him, a lifeless body covered underneath a heavy white sheet. It wasn't slashed or hacked or bleeding at all, because there were no red stains on it, and it didn't stink because the moisture in the air diluted the faint smell that was really there. An incentive for giving it up was the sound of bushes, trampled down or not, rustling in the near distance. He literally felt the vibration from the ground because it was so close, whatever it was.

“HELLO?” NightFlame was terrified when he heard it come even closer, but he still saw nothing in any direction he turned. “Uhm, Woona’s friend, help!”
“What about Woona’s friend?” A heavy, prolonging voice made its way to the air. It was a feminine voice that was processes through the thinning fog as an end result. “I’m only asking you a question. Just please tell me where she is and I won’t have to hurt you...” Finally, a quadropedal figure came into his view, but as the female did, her voice sounded more and more weak and pleading. She stumbled out of the concealing cloud and into another, more transparent one, but still cutting through it.
She was bloodied and bruised, and looked to have been bound by a tightened material around her neck in the past but now removed, which was the most difficult part to notice. She was a navy-blue coated mare with gorgeous aurora-like mane that flowed faintly due to her physical condition, but it still sparkled brightly. With beautiful blue eyes, a horn that glowed a weak sky-blue and concealed wings, the tall mare partially collapsed against NightFlame’s side. He didn't know what else to do except ask of her identity through her congested panting.
“Hey, you’re gonna be alright... Who are you?” He rested his own lungs (after that frightening experience), and slid his eyes back into a front view. Out in the corner of it he laid eyes on her Cutie Mark. Princess Luna, the queen of the starry night, ached and yearned to see her daughter again and cried on NightFlame’s neck.
After explaining very few details and leaving her story unknown to him, she rose on her own hooves as fast as she could and slouched forward a little, exerting the fatigue in her body.
“She’s here, I can’t let her catch me!” she told him in much haste. “My sister’s trying to kill me, someone’s holding her off but she needs help!”
“NightFlame?” Woona was calling his name somewhat frequently, and it was then that he was able to hear it. A partially natural instinct by Woona’s body made Nightmare Moon charge forth toward him. When Woona reached the two, Luna instantly took simple note of her presence—her enemy would have been quaking the ground with her galloping, but this was the daughter of hers that she was looking for, longing for. She smiled discreetly and walked over to her.
“Oh my god...baby...” She wrapped her right leg over Woona’s back and wanted to cry more, but she knew she had to keep what little of a guard she had left up.
Well shit, Moon baby, AWAAAY!

Now hug your mother.
“Mom...” Woona lost it completely. Tears streamed from her eyes somewhat controllably as she sniffled a few times to catch her breath. Her mother rubbed to side of her head, feeling her daughter’s silky mane brush against her face. “You’re alive!”
“I didn't think you’d make it either...but you’re my daughter, and you’re strong.”
NightFlame’s moment of heartbreak was joined by Nightmare Moon’s ignorance of emotion. ”I mean, I get WHY they’re sad an’ sappy and all that, whatever, but come on! Now I really wanna puke out something colorful.”
“I still wish my mom was here.” he said to the spirit. “Hey, weren’t you and Luna friends once too?”
”Were we...friends?”
“Yeah, there’s a whole story about-“
”Yeah yeah, I know I’m the best jokester around. I also fondly remember my days of being on the cover for Equestria Girls four years straight, back when I was boinkin’ THAT.”
“Why is it that I remember two of those?” NightFlame took his time to turn to Nightmare Moon and gesture in what was thought to be approval. “Damn. That was...her...you? Whaaat?”
"Heheh, admire me all you want, but flattery will get you nowhere. Well, scratch that, it’ll get you a hot date in a dark alley with that Big Maxturbater and a whole lotta anal action.”
“...You’re hot.”
”Couldn’t have done it without her help.”
“She’s hot.” He paused, realizing what he was really saying. “Wait...ew, no! No she’s not hot, she’s just...very pretty for a mom.”
”So who’s the bootylicious one here?”
“Um, you are?”
“Of course I am, but not as much as that little blank flank over there. Look at her. You know what I’m talking about.”
“First of all, no way.” he argued. “We’re too young for that.”
”Oh don’t gimme that bullcrap. I saw you checking her out back there.”
“That’s cuz you kinda surprised me with her butt…in my face.”
”And you’re saying you didn't like that at all?”
“Well, I guess it was...interesting.”
“I did feel kinda funny after that though.”
“Good, cuz I was gonna tell you you’re a freak. And to think I promoted you with jokes.”
“But she is really pretty.”
“Oh, so it’s the ones with the physical bodies that you think are cute?”
“Well, yeah.” Nightflame said as bluntly as he could.
“Oh dear, how could you do this to me! Now spank me.” Upon request, NightFlame blew a huff of air at her cloudy form.
”It tickled, so I guess.”
“But why would you make Luna look like a whore anyway?”
”Ahem, I didn't make her look like a whore. I made her look like a slut. There’s a big difference.”
”Yeah, a whore sells out her body for money and lets herself be a kabob for money. Sluts are just horny all the time.”
“Besides, she’s got a body that anyone could ever dream of. Too bad she wasted it on her watered down excuse for a husband. She deserved it for that.”
“Well in case I didn't say it before, you've got some, uh, nice moves...”
”Baby, you know it.”
“I see.” Luna finally came into their discussion, throwing it off its track a little crudely. “You haven’t changed a bit. She glared at the faintly translucent shadow in the air. “What have you done to my baby?”
”What? Why would you assume I’m into little kids? You’re the one snuggling and...wuggling MY Woona!”
“They’re called emotions. I don’t think you’d know about them.”
"Except for the fact that I know how to push everyone’s buttons. But hey, in all seriousness, I haven’t done anything to her except be there for her when HER MOTHER WASN’T!”
“Flame!” Woona called. NightFlame felt the same tension that his friend did and started blowing air at Nightmare Moon repeatedly. Luna wasn’t at all in the condition to be stressed out any more than she already was.
“Just...shut up. Shut up, okay?”
“Aha! Hahaha, stop it, stop it, STOP IIT! No no no NOOO!” Nightmare Moon was busy having a blast, but Luna fell silent, exhausted as she was and in need of rest. NightFlame stopped teasing Nightmare Moon.
Look.” she continued her speech quickly ”I’m sorry to say this, but she’s not like you were. I can see how she could grow up on her own; you know, without you. But, now that you’re here...”
“What’s the matter, Blacky?” Woona hadn't seen Nightmare Moon be so sensitive too many times.
“So she can tame you well enough to give you a nickname?” Luna got to thinking again.
”-I’m not saying that I want you back, I’m just saying that you should think about staying with her, though you probably already had that in mind anyway."
“I understand.” Luna sighed in relief. Nightmare Moon really was different that she was before, and she it was ready to help her out with the adventure that Woona had now shared with every member of her group of friends and family.
Woona tried to hop on her mother’s back. “Thank YOU for understanding.” she said. Her daughter didn’t need help on her third attempt, as she sit atop her and hugged her body. Luna smiled . “I was under the assumption that you were still as dementing as you were before.
“You said that already. I wouldn’t push it if I were you.”
“Well, whatever the case may be and where we all stand, we need to get going.
When NightFlame spoke, it was almost awkward because he hadn't in a while. “Some of those wounds look fresh.” he said. “I wouldn’t argue with her.”
“My sister’s back there and I swear she’s mad with the power she thinks she has. Today is the first day of the new year, after all.”
”Sounds like a legit reason to throw a crazy party.”
Suddenly, the fog around them burned away and was replaced by moisture that fell to the ground.
“And I’ve only got one invitation left!!”

Princess Celestia, Luna’s sister and the ruler or the sun ran at her sister with incredible speed from out of nowhere. No one but Luna and Nightmare Moon were cautious enough to know they should be wary of the danger that Luna had described, and thus reacted accordingly. The entity dashed out of the way (she couldn't physically help at the moment’s notice anyway), and Luna defended her startled daughter and butted heads with Celestia, both of them sharing deadly glances at with each other. Woona flew far back near the cobblestone walkway, to its left. NightFlame shortly hustled over to her side.
Princess Celestia was powerful to say the least. With her white coat only slightly covered in dirty scratches and her aurora-colored hair refuge to tree branches that were spared of a crushing fate, she glowed with a visible aura surrounding her. The image of the bright shining sun on her thigh also radiated.
“Just...stop running, ooouoh, and it’ll all be over. Nngh, no more suffering!” Luna was putting up a pretty good fight, regardless of her current state.
“Woona’s alive.” Luna preached. “Gyah, AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS!”
”Damn Sunny, I didn't order and boneless chicken wings!” teased Nightmare Moon, in a hurry as she also flew over to Woona. With her ‘danger meter’ on ‘full lockdown’, Woona and NightFlame were told to run. Her injuries were only minor, but despite straining herself to stand up, she wanted to prove something to the voice in her head.
“No!” she shouted. “I’m not a sissy anymore.”
”You’re right, it’s just a name. Now GO!”
“NO!!” She ran as fast as she could at Calestia, and NigtFlame wasn't fast enough to stop her, but he was fast enough to join her in her pursuit. She noticed him chasing after her and stopped close by the occupied Princess and raised her rear. NightFlame jumped on her and used the forward momentum to leap again, at Celestia’s head. He then flipped around in a blitz, put as much power into his legs as he believed he could, and stuck her cheekbone.
”Holy shit they broke her horn!”

Celestia’s horn fell tip-first into the still damp Earth, and finally, her attention was diverted. NightFlame actually stuck her face with one of his legs and accidentally drifted upward with the other. But it all worked out for the better; Luna collapsed, yes, but her kin was the new target of interest, and Woona would do anything to see her mother’s smiling face again; keeping her alive was the her main goal. NightFlame, however, was blown back from the magical force expelling from Celestia’s horn upon a physical impact. He laid far behind Woona on a wider brick road parallel to its rough counterpart, and his fun idea of a cape was torn from his neck and caught in a nearby family of trees. Celestia fixed an angry yet interested gaze on Woona.
“Woona, no!” Luna’s child tried to turn and run as scared as she was, but Celestia grabbed hold of her tail with her teeth and tightened the patent grip that she had, sending pain searing to her mind. She ignored another one of Luna’s attempt to interfere when she spun around swinging Woona around and building much force behind her, until she finally struck her in the back of her head., knocking the both of them out of action for a few moments. Celestia continued to pursue Woona.
“Stop!!” cried Luna, still dazed from the surprise impact. “Leave her alone, TAKE ME!”
“Now that I know little Missy here is alive, you can be left to the work of...natural causes. You’re only running off of adrenaline anyway.” Celestia placed a hoof on Luna’s head and highly suggested that she stay still. After she buried her sister’s head in the ground, she violently took the unconscious filly into her left leg and hugged her against her body. She then flew over the cliffside far to the northwest of the courtyard; where Woona was promised that all her problems would go away. Woona kicked and screamed but to no avail, especially with no help from the terrorizing height she was seeing the rocky coast side from.
“Your mother sacrificed herself for you in vain.”
Luna and NightFlame were forced to watch the scene separately and helplessly. A type of paralysis kept him from being able to do much of anything, but he valiantly fought every single odd against him regardless. He got up and started almost dragging himself in their direction, leaving a minor trickle of blood behind him as he climbed the bordering gates over the cliffside to face Celestia one last time.
“I should have killed you when I had the chance. You live for NOTHING!” Woona saw NightFlame up atop the gate and screamed his name, watching his every move. He adjusted his footing and leaped off the heavy gate fearlessly toward them.

NightFlame was under Nightmare Moon’s influence. It had to do something physically or else Celestia would drop Woona, who would fall to her doom. He leaped far enough to reach the former goddess, and, to her surprise, grabbed onto her abdomen and tried to wriggle Woona out of her grasp.
“Damn you, you persistent fool! What do you have to gain from keeping her alive?!” Celestia struggled in her attempts to buck him off of her. She had no idea that Nighmare Moon still lived among her time. “You’re the one that’s going to die here!” NightFlame climbed up her leg and reached his mouth to her flesh-covered ribs and bit right in. Celestia yelped in pain as he had targeted a sensitive nerve that was connected to her ability to fly. As she winced and whined, NightFlame took a huge risk and let go of Celestia’s leg and caught Woona, who fell out of the other. Suddenly, Woona opened her eyes and screamed at the velocity that made her sweat as they fell, but when her best friend embraced her and told her that it would all be okay, she stopped panicking and joined him.
“SHE’S NOT GETTING AWAY!” Celestia spat out a deathwish as she folded her body and wings toward the two and plummeted toward them. “If I’m dying here, ONE of you is coming with me!”
Luna watched the entire scene unfold from her grounded position until the combatants disappeared into the hillside, according to her view. She raced to her hooves when it happened, shaking a whole lot of dirt off in the process, but even then, she couldn't see them. She acted upon her instincts and fled Canterlot, heading to the slum district, but in hopes of being able to contribute to the fight.

Velocity and gravity were taking its toll on the young couple, but there was still quite a ways down until they would hit the water. There was enough force above them, and the impact would surely kill them.
“Flame... If this is the end for us.”
“Shut up.” Nightmare Moon spoke for him in his voice. “We’re gonna be okay!” He acted fast and unwrapped one of his forelegs from the embrace, touching her horn.
“Hehe, what are you doing?” He started rubbing her horn top to bottom between the cleft of his hoof and the skeletal member.
Woona sighed breathlessly. “I didn't think my first time would be anything like this. Heh, wowee.”
After several heart-clenching seconds and many threats by the crazed mare above them, Woona started exasperating strongly over more terrifying fractions of what little time they had left before they would die.
“Come on come on! “rushed Nightmare Moon. But finally, after doubting that its plan would really work, Woona’s horn began radiating a strong aura and a blast of magical energy suddenly shot out from it, followed by a strangely attractive shriek or either pain or pleasure. The heavy release blew Celestia clear out of their view and to the far right, as Nightmare Moon knew that they could finally rest—she had it all planned out.
The moon was possibly at its highest point in the sky; Woona noticed the starry sky surrounding it after it emitted a faint glow, but only for the time until she took to NightFlame again and buried her face in his chest. He remained calm and shut his eyes. Again, Nightmare Moon had it planned out.
The ocean was only a few hundred feet below them, and that number was dropping at an incredible rate. There were huge waves starting to assemble, rapidly growing in size.
“Hold onto me...” Woona begged of NightFlame.
”Sorry, but this one’s yours, buddy!”
Nightmare Moon escaped NightFlame’s body and left him with enough knowledge (in addition to his initial panicking thoughts) to react to the trouble they were in. He needed to protect his best friend, and he hugged her tight, and he wasn't going to let go. Soon after, an enormous tidal wave tall enough to devour them like bite-sized candies engulfed them. The body of water crashed into Canterlot’s slum district and destroyed everything in its path, including Woona’s house and her 'dumbass' dad. The water, along with everything it had voraciously abducted was sent to the aqueducts located within the mountainside in the very back of the town.
No one knew where the aqueducts really carried its water.