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That trans kirin who is getting back into writing. :3


Anastasia loves almost everything about My Little Pony. She also loves Fluttershy, her favourite pony from the show. One morning, Anastasia wakes up and discovers that she has transformed overnight into Fluttershy. In amidst the shock, Anastasia learns what it's like to be a pony.

Editor: Wand3r3r3

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Is this supposed to be marked Complete? Because it ends in an... interesting place.

Well, color me impressed! I'm sooo eager for a sequel! This was an amazing read!

Now this was something else. I enjoyed it from start to finish, and would certainly not object to seeing more of it.

This surely NEEDS a second chapter! :3 pleaasseeee

Congrats! You get a like.

Thank you for all your lovely comments! I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

There may even be a sequel if I find some time.

Not....... second person!? ..... what witchcraft is this!!!?
Okay NOW i gotta read it... too many stories were lost to this stiff format!

if i was fluttershy id get on my knees and yell up to the sky


Any sequel?

Wrong fic, this is not the Conversion Bureau nor CelestAI


There may even be a sequel if I find some time.

I'll be honest.... this is not a one-shot. This is the first chapter of a longer story. If you want to continue it, you should add a new chapter, not make a sequel.

It's in the way it's capped. Or rather, in the way it's not capped. What's written here is very well written, but the ending provides no 'and then her life got complicated' sense or 'and she decided to resolve things' sense. It just says 'and then...' and that is not an ending.

Please continue this story.

I've never read something like this before. Often times, it's an OC that wakes up in Equestria.
But I'm not complaining; sometimes, you have to deviate from the norm. Good work so far. :yay:

Stories where the ponies are larger and weigh more than adult humans make me uncomfortable.

This was interesting but ended awkwardly.

As if someone just stopped talking mid sen...

Incidentally, where did you find your cover?

*starts reading*

The morning light beamed from the cream-coloured curtains of Anastasia's bedroom window which slowly moved across the room

Reads like the bedroom window is slowly moving across the room.

I think it would be safe to say that there will be at least a second chapter now. Thank you all for reading!

Thank you for your feedback. I'll take it on for future stories.

Thank you!

Wow, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I decided not to do second-person, because I wanted to do something slightly different. Thank you for dropping by and reading.

I found the image one day while scrolling through Google Images. It gave me in the inspiration to write the story, although I can't find the original artist or link. If you or anyone knows their username, I'll be much appreciated! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for letting me know, I'll take that advice for future stories.

Anastasia gulped somewhat audibly. She didn't see that coming. "What?! No! I... I'm fine, thank you! There's no need! You don't need to come over, J-"

"No, I should come and see you."

I like that.

For us boys, there's nothing more suspicious than refusing that vehemently. How he takes it depends on who he is- but he's just about guaranteed to be thinking that something's going on over there, and especially if he's close to her, determined to find out what.

Hey Muffin, it's ironic that you are starting this Fluttershy Transformation story on the same week that I get TG TF'ed into EQG Friendship Power Fluttershy on Friday from Discord The Narrator X3

I know one thing about this it is gonna be good.

I haven't read the story yet and I have no idea where you stand as a writer but I wanted to say this. I've seen a couple stories suffer because the fans wanted more and the writer couldn't/didn't want to say no.

So I'm not saying you shouldn't write more, but make sure that you have a direction to go in. Lot's of fics die due to poor planning, my own included. If you write a one-off with no serious direction and the fans beg for more and you don't have a direction for it to go, then there is a high probability that the direction will be down.

So again, not saying you shouldn't... but tread carefully.

I Fluttersqueed about 50 times during this chapter omfg this is so cute and fun to read aaaa

I'm not sure I understand. :unsuresweetie:

You'll just have to wait and see what come next!

I guess so. I'll give it a read at some point.

I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far.

Thanks! There'll be at least a instalment.

Glad you've enjoyed it. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

There'll be at least another chapter or even a sequel.

I'll plan a second chapter over a period of time. I'll talk to my editor about it and even do a poll or something similar to see how users want the story to progress and eventually conclude. Thanks for the feedback anyway.

You might notice she still had to climb up to see the mirror, much like you might when on your hands and knees. As near as I can tell, she's still about the same size as she used to be... But pony proportions are different from humans. I'm not sure why the chair creaked (maybe she just never noticed it before, now having sensitive pony hearing?), but I'm not surprised that her barrel is larger than her human torso was- especially if she was a skinny girl. I mean, pony wings almost double the width of their barrel, when folded!

While it is true, the wings would be an added weight, rather than a repositioning... it's also worth note that she's a pegasus, though- built light, for flight. So, she probably doesn't weigh nearly as much as she looks like she should, making for a much sturdier frame (and appearance)... meaning, she's probably a normal pony-size (say, 2-3 feet or so tall at the withers when standing normally, etc.)... and despite looking like she's gotta weigh a few hundred pounds (ponies are do look a lot bulkier than humans, I notice), she probably weighs about as much as she did before. Unless, of course, she was excessively skinny- the way it's written, it sounds like her body was replaced with Fluttershy's directly, rather than simply transformed; there is some ambiguity, allowing the author to pick either one at a later date... but the former allows violation of conservation of mass.

In that vein, Fluttershy is always the gentle one- but with how much work she does in her cottage, I always imagine her as being strong for her size, just... unwilling to use that strength where other ponies can see. Just like how a lot of authors I've seen have her as a "weak flier", but when an animal's in danger, she's in the same league as Rainbow.


Two lines say that she is in fact bigger.

She placed one hoof onto the chair and used it to support her weight as she tried to get up. The chair creaked as she did so. She groaned; surely she wasn't that heavy.

It was then when she discovered that she was also much bigger than she previously was and had grown in proportion.

But anyway, I prefer ponies to be the size of humans or smaller so that they can fit comfortably in your lap without crushing your legs, for the purposes of hairbrushing or bellyrubs or whatnot.

A larger pony is easier to ride into battle, but there really aren't that many opportunities to do so in peaceful Equestria.

... Two points which I actually referred to in my comment. And explained.

She could have heard a creak in the chair that she couldn't hear before, thanks to pony hearing;

And as a pegasus, her density is going to have gone down- resulting in more "size" (volume, really) than would seem appropriate for her weight.

Not to mention her wings will have added to her size- and as much as she was "much bigger", she was also not so big that her nightclothes simply popped when she transformed, and therefore not THAT much bigger. Based off of those clues, her head is probably around waist or possibly chest height, when standing normally.

So while it's entirely possible she's as tall as a regular human when standing normally, I don't see that happening. I mean, she still fit on the bed, didn't she? I find it more likely she's mistaking greater hearing sensitivity for greater weight, and mistaking her different proportions for larger overall size.

We're looking at different things, here. When I made those two quotes, I was focusing on the author-avatar's belief that she had become bigger, which was good enough for me to trust in her judgment. She hasn't given any evidence of being an unreliable narrator, and everything besides what she states in her story, such as her density, barrel-width, and actual measurements of weight or height, are theoretical at this point in the story.

And my focus is different. I'm not really interested in the mechanics of how big a pony is. My purpose in my comments is more about stating my personal preference for My Ponies being Little, as well as how that affects worldbuilding and character interactions between humans and ponies.

If the ponies come up to your belly button and weigh 120lb, then I can reasonably be expected to carry them around on my back sometimes and defend myself against them. If they grow to be 300 to 350 lb on average, then literally any pony over the age of 14 could beat my ass in a fight, any everything that has shown itself to be larger than them in the show is absolutely enormous.

Aw, thanks, so cute! I would certainly snuggle! :heart:

Alright, guys. Let's call it a day on this, I don't want a flame war to start here. It's best if we move on.

Oh, well, that happened. :applejackunsure: I wonder where this is going to go.

Well, I'm working on the sequel in its earliest stages at the moment. Thanks for reading my story. :heart:

Oh boyyy, Houston, we’re reaching cuteness levels we didn’t think were possible! I hope you’ll continue ti write more! It was such a fun read!

Thanks for reading my story and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm writing a sequel now, which I hope to work on very soon. Thanks for the watch as well. :heart:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I would be okay with waking up one morning as Flutters.

Are you working on a sequel?
And now?
Do you work after all? Now?)
Heh. I'm really waiting for the second part.

Ah, yes, I am, but it's been delayed like my other projects and updates. This was due to unforeseen events that have been happening recently. I am working on the second chapter, but it'll still be a while before it's released. I want to put good effort into it, so that I can have it end on a part where I will upload a third chapter at a later date. It was originally just going to be one chapter, but because of the demand I have decided on at least one or two more.

Good things take time as they say.

In the meantime, there's my third Armada story that's been uploaded. But I haven't quit on You Are Fluttershy just yet. I hope to release it once the chapter is complete! But thanks for taking interest in this story and I'm glad you've enjoyed it. I hope Chapter Two will be just as good. And lastly, thanks for favouring it and the watch as well. It means a lot. :heart:

I enjoyed this story a lot! There wasn't much I have a issue with aside from how you described them as 'heavy'

Usually, with most animals with wings, the bone structure is thin and lightweight, reducing overall weigh

This by no means they can't be heavy, but it does mean a lot of their weight comes from their muscles and organs. (Additionally, I like to think that pegasus have a high metabolism, making them weigh less.)

If this comes off as rude, I'm sorry, that's not at all what I intended. It's just a extra detail I like to bring to people's attention (though there is a solid argument to be made against this. Horses do weigh a lot, (around 840-1000, if I remember correctly)so that can completely counter balance it)

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