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That trans kirin who is getting back into writing. :3


This story is a sequel to The Armada Trilogy II: Beautiful Eyes

The Armada Trilogy: Vol. III

Unicorn's Horn

In the third and final instalment in The Armada Trilogy, Tempest Shadow is now back safe in her home town along with her parents and friends. But not everything is all that it seems.

There is one last mystery that is still yet uncovered. When past and present collide, Twilight, Tempest, Celestia and the rest of their friends need to prevent the worst possible scenario. As well as finally being reunited with her family, Tempest learns the truth about who she is, which completes and concludes this trilogy.

Artwork belongs to Taneysha

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Here it is! I am sure it will be successful, just as the previous ones!

Thank you, man! I hope it turns out well!

And so the third and final installment has begun...

What troubles our heroes will face, Faust only knows...

Thank you! I hope this story comes out okay in the end as well, as it's the final one in the trilogy.

Good start! I suppose a good ending could be that Tempest comes clean with her family

I'm planning on doing that, as that would be a good conclusion. I'm still kind of worried about the two dislikes, though. Will people still be interested in reading the next chapters?

Don't break your Head about it, the likes outnumber the dislikes.

Yes. Plus, You didn't get this far to Stop Now

Exactly. I'll keep going until the end.

Nice work, seeing her reunited with her mother

Thank you. More family bonding in future chapters.

Eager to see it. But no rush with that, or our idea with Hanzal in this story

I enjoyed the first 2 stories & I'm enjoying this one. This was a great chapter.
Don't forget about the advice I discussed with you.

Thank you. I will incorporate ideas from you and other readers into this story since it is the last one in the series.

You do remember which advice I'm talking about right? The one involving the Hippogriffs?

Yeah, I'm thinking of writing a scene about the capture of Skystar which is mentioned in The Lieutenant. It'll also tie into the Movie's lore a little bit more and I do want to include some more interaction between the other characters as well.

Just wanted to be sure thank you.

Your doing a great job Muffin, keep going at it, just finished the first two stories, loving all the mystery and suspense XD

Aw, thank you, my friend for the support! I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my stories.

Things are slow and I've been considering quitting. I was also away on holiday recently.

Please don't give up. If you need help you could try reading your story again. Just an idea.

That would help and be much appreciated!

Great! By the way did you get the message I sent you?

I'm hoping to release the chapters closely to each release, almost simutamisly.

Sounds like it's been going great!

nice to see this updated!

Its completely understandable Muffin, no need to rush, im loving the entire series and chapters, awesome work and keep it up :pinkiehappy:

Great to see you finally being able to upload the new chapter. I'm not going anywhere, so you don't worry.

Also, is there going to be a villain in this story?

I can't wait for the finale it will be epic

I'm writing the next chapter as we speak.

But doesn’t Unicron have two horns?

i never knew Fizzlepop could be so childish lol, its hard picturing her like that when her personality is always stern and stone-faced hehehe, awesome job Muffin XD

A very welcoming chapter and return of this story. It will be interesting to see Fizzlepop's reunion with her old friends. I do hope that party won't be too long, however. The others are still very much in need of assistance.

I look forward to the next chapter!

Thank you so much!

Typically, unicorns have one horn, but some out there can have two.

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