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This story is a sequel to The Armada Trilogy II: Beautiful Eyes

The Armada Trilogy: Vol. III

Unicorn's Horn

In the third and final instalment in The Armada Trilogy, Tempest Shadow is now back safe in her home town along with her parents and friends. But not everything is all that it seems.

There is one last mystery that is still yet uncovered. When past and present collide, Twilight, Tempest, Celestia and the rest of their friends need to prevent the worst possible scenario. As well as finally being reunited with her family, Tempest learns the truth about who she is, which completes and concludes this trilogy.

Artwork belongs to Taneysha

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Anastasia loves almost everything about My Little Pony. She also loves Fluttershy, her favourite pony from the show. One morning, Anastasia wakes up and discovers that she has transformed overnight into Fluttershy. In amidst the shock, Anastasia learns what it's like to be a pony.

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This story is a sequel to Canterlot Bridge

Equestria's Dark Universe

Autumn Blaze is welcomed to Ponyville by her new friends, including none other than Princess Celestia. However, when something makes Autumn angry and loses her cool, it's up to her friends to remind her that she isn't a monster, but one of their best friends.

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Contains sustained threat

Thanks for getting this story over 1,000 views! I'm so sorry for the lack of updates, as I have been busy with college and other IRL situations.

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This story is a sequel to The Armada Trilogy I: The Lieutenant

The Armada Trilogy: Vol. II

Beautiful Eyes

In the sequel to the successful mystery and second chapter in The Armada Trilogy, Tempest Shadow soon discovers that her past is buried under dust and can only be rediscovered if she returns to her hometown outside of Equestria. Knowing the size of this mad mission of hers, Tempest joins alongside Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia and her trusty assistant Grubber and travels across Equestria and the lands beyond back to her old home.

However, behind everypony's back, Celestia starts to have thoughts that perhaps Tempest is a pony not to be forgiven and thinks of ways on how she can completely end her evil deeds... both harmless and not.

The sequel and final volume: Volume III: Unicorn's Horn

Image belongs to Yakovlev-vad.

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Volume I of III

At ten years old, she lost her horn.

At eighteen, she was promoted by the Storm King.

At twenty-four, she helped with the invasion of Canterlot.

For the whole of her life, Tempest Shadow has been lied to, even by her closest friends. It's only when Tempest learns the true meaning of friendship when the unicorn with no horn realises that not everything is all that it seems...

The Armada Trilogy

Volume I - you are here
Volume II - Beautiful Eyes
Volume III - Unicorn's Horn

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