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You Are Fluttershy - TheMysteryMuffin

A human wakes up and discovers that she's transformed into Fluttershy.

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You Are Fluttershy

The morning light beamed from the cream-coloured curtains of Anastasia's bedroom window which slowly moved across the room, covering the floor like water spilling into an empty pool. It had been one of the brightest mornings which she had woken up to since the beginning of the year, with its blinding light illuminating the walls and reflecting on her desk. A mirror was placed accordingly on the desk, both reflecting the light across the room and the amount of clutter that laid upon it, mainly homework and make-up.

As it became lighter, the rest of the room slowly revealed itself: the door was in the left corner of the room opposite the window, which was next to the desk. On the floor was a pink, fluffy mat and on top was a pair of white slippers that sat undisturbed, one next to the other, waiting for Anastasia to slip her feet into them. Underneath the bed and next to the slippers were extra pairs of pyjamas, folded up neatly in a pile. They were made of silk and were dark blue, decorated with stars and moons. And on top of them, lying on its side was a plushie of a yellow pony.

The plushie was a Pegasus with yellow glittering wings and a soft body. It had a long pink tail that loosely hung off its end, a long pink mane covering one side of its adorable face that featured her big green eyes. She also had a pair of cute ears that pointed straight up, as well as the sweetest smile across her mouth. On both sides of her flank were three butterflies, each with pink wings and a light-blue body, all beautifully stitched on. The pony was beautiful; it had such an innocent expression on its face; It looked as if she was shy but kind as if the beauty and charm were within the toy rather than on the outside.

Anastasia never forgot about the Fluttershy plushie that her boyfriend bought for her on her seventeenth birthday. He knew very well that she was a fan of the children's show ‘Friendship is Magic’ and had been into ponies for almost all of her life. She would still sometimes dream about the day she opened it alongside him, and the big smile on her face as she lifted it out of the box, so happy to have been given a plush of her own of her favourite pony from the show. Her boyfriend even took the time to wrap a green bow around the pony's neck as an extra surprise for her. She loved the colour green. He also gave her a Rainbow Dash plushie as well, but her boyfriend knew that her favourite pony would always be Fluttershy.

They had so much in common; shy, sweet, a fan of animals, loves to sing... despite the fact that she herself never had the courage to sing in front of anyone. They both also preferred to keep to themselves whenever something was bothering them. Most of her favourite episodes centred around the pony. The cute face that would appear among the other ponies always made her smile, even when she had a bad day. Nothing could beat watching six multi-coloured singing ponies, including Spike and Starlight Glimmer, on the television on a Saturday morning.

Eventually, the light hovered over Anastasia's eyes and woke her up. After a groan, she sat up in her bed and looked outside to the blinding light, knowing full well how beautiful the scenery was, despite not being able to see it. Almost every morning, she would hear the singing of birds as they would stand on the branch and make chirping sounds from their tiny beaks. Some were quiet and others were loud, but their combined voices always reached a beautiful crescendo, and so she would give herself just a few more minutes in bed.

However, it came to her the moment she woke up — she couldn't help but hear a faint voice talking nearby. At first, it rather seemed a little strange to be hearing someone. It couldn't be her parents, as, by the time she normally woke up, they would already be having breakfast.

"Whatever is that thing? I've never seen anything like that before. What do you think, Unwin?"

She quickly sat up in bed again, slightly shocked by what she was hearing. It couldn't be anyone from the street outside her house, and surely they couldn't see her. Was someone using some kind of camera to record her, a drone, perhaps? It wasn't until Anastasia squinted sight at the two birds again, which were both robins, that she noticed their beaks opening and closing as if they were talking.

"I don't know, Bella. It's so weird... and big... it's nothing like any of the humans we usually see."

She gasped in utter disbelief — the birds were speaking English! Not like repeating the occasional word like a parrot could do... they were having an intelligent conversation! She knew that robins couldn't talk, it was just impossible! She studied them curiously, eyes now wide awake and on their beaks.

"Um, Unwin? I think it's spotted us! Wha... what do we do?"

By then, Anastasia yawned and rubbed her eyes. She pushed the duvet off and slid out of bed. She scooted to the right and went to slide her feet into her slippers. While doing that, she looked back at the window; the robins were still sitting outside, watching her as if they were monitoring her every move. She tried to tell herself that she was imagining things, but every time she looked back at the window, the robins were still sitting on the ledge. It was as if they wanted to be either let in or talked to.

It was then when her hair fell in front of her face... and when she realised that it was now a different colour — it was now light pink. Her hair was dyed not too long ago to red from its usual brunette, but it concerned her quite a bit considering that she had saved up to dye her hair and that it had changed into a colour which she didn't particularly want. Nevertheless, she put her feet onto the floor and tried to put her slippers on. Except, there was now another problem.

She couldn’t help but notice that her feet wouldn’t fit inside her slippers. Every time she put her feet onto their back, for some reason the remainder of her feet couldn't make their way in. It was as if the slippers weren't designed for her feet. Anastasia frowned and wondered if there was something inside the slippers that was stopping her. However, it wasn't until she looked down that she gasped in horror at the real reason why.

Where her feet and toes were meant to be, there were instead a pair of yellow hooves on the ground. The bright yellow fur was illuminated by the sunlight which beamed from the window. It also highlighted the unexpected surprise to find the hard, smooth single toe which appeared on her foot, except that her foot was now certainly a hoof. Making sure that she wasn't imagining anything or dreaming, she tried moving the hoof around. Whenever she moved her foot to the left, the hoof followed. It was the same for the other foot-now-hoof. They were indeed hers.

She was still certain that what she was seeing wasn't real. She tried to move her hair out of her face, only to have a single strand that remained hanging in front of her eyes. Even this close up, she saw that it was indeed pink! How could her hair just turn pink while she was asleep? None of this made sense!

Slowly, Anastasia tried to get out of bed. It was when she placed her hands on the bed... that she discovered that she no longer had hands, but had hooves as well. She tried to move what were her fingers, but instead only moved her front hooves. They each felt like one big finger on each of her hands, moving as if it was second nature to her. It was a sudden realisation that she didn't have fingers anymore, so she knew that using her phone from then on would prove to be quite difficult.

"This isn't real! This is not real!"

As if they were triggered to do so, those hooves immediately plopped into her mouth. What happened to her voice? It was so quiet like she was hardly talking; so delicate and peaceful. Although she could still recognise her Southern English accent, it still wasn't her usual voice. Was she sick? Did she have a sore throat? She didn't feel sick, and her throat felt fine, but it felt comfortable, the new tone of voice permanently fixed to her now. The questions and oddities kept stacking and stacking...

Looking at the table next to her bed, she saw her watch that she took to college and her phone which was currently switched off. Her parents weren't too strict when it came to phones, except that she wasn't allowed to be texting at dinner and that she must never use it when going to bed. After attempting and failing to turn on her phone using her hooves, she then tried to grab hold of her watch. She turned it over and saw the time on it.

9:15 am.

Luckily for her, she didn't have to get changed, go down to breakfast, or prep for college at all, as it was a Saturday. However, this whole mystery of what was going on right then really was bugging her to at least find out sooner rather than later. She put her watch down and tried to turn her phone on again, struggling quite a bit before managing. However, she still couldn't press the icons on her home screen, as her hoof was just too big, with the screen not picking up her touch when trying to select something. Eventually, she gave up and got up onto her two hooves... only to fall down onto her face.

Anastasia groaned at the impact and the fact that she couldn't walk on her back hooves. This had irritated her so much that she just wanted to find out what was happening to her. It was like her back legs couldn't hold all her weight, that she had never walked on only two legs. The only way to get to the mirror was to dig her front hooves into the carpet and drag herself along the floor on her stomach. It was hard, but eventually, she made it... but now came the difficult part.

She placed one hoof onto the chair and used it to support her weight as she tried to get up. The chair creaked as she did so. She groaned; surely she wasn't that heavy? She powered through the motions, using new muscles until her back hooves were standing firmly on the ground. It was then when she realised what had happened overnight.

Staring into the mirror, Anastasia did not see the beautiful seventeen-year-old girl who studied at college. Not the human she knew, who hung out with her best friends and went on Friday dates with her boyfriend. She saw what looked to be a yellow Pegasus pony, with a long wavy pink-rose mane with a few bangs obscuring of one of her turquoise-cyan shaded eyes perfectly. Her face was covered with yellow fur and her nose was replaced simply with a muzzle. Where her ears were originally were replaced by patches of fur, and poking out of her mane were two pony ears, also yellow, with a hint of light, greyish gold.

She was left absolutely speechless to no longer see herself, but Fluttershy staring back at her. She opened her mouth and the reflection copied her. She tilted her head to one side and poked her tongue out, with the pony in the mirror doing exactly the same. She had indeed transformed into Fluttershy overnight.

"I'm... I'm... I'm a po... po... pony..." Anastasia said trembling, struggling to get the words out of her mouth.

There was nothing left of her previous human form apart from the ripped pyjamas which stretched over her body. Each time she moved, she could hear more of it ripping apart. She looked down and saw the loose ends, knowing that there was very little that she could do to save them. It was then when she discovered that she was also much bigger than she previously was and had grown in proportion. She looked back behind her and saw a long pink tail, poking out of her bottoms and waggling almost on its own volition. She tried to grab hold of it, as difficult as it was with hooves. Eventually, though, she managed to grab hold of it and felt its smooth texture.

"I have... a tail?! I actually have a tail?!"

Letting go of it, Anastasia willingly gave it a wag and to her shock saw it move in the direction she intended. She wagged it left and right, amazed at how effortless it moved. Whenever she wanted it to move or tried to move it, the tail moved without hesitation. It was like second nature to her now. After moving her tail about, she tried to get back onto her hooves again but collapsed on the floor. She shook her head and then her front hooves, when suddenly she somehow had the urge to get back up again, but on all four hooves.

She realised that she was on all fours, but weirdly it felt so natural. It felt so much better than being on just two legs. She trotted around for a bit to try and get used to this new experience. She tried trotting from one side of the room to the other but fell flat on her face again. After a few attempts, she managed to make it to her wardrobe on the opposite side of her bedroom. Delighted by her achievement, she smiled.

She then trotted back to her desk and looked into the mirror again. She couldn't help but look at her pony ears poking out of her mane, and to yet another shocking discovery that they could move! Whenever she heard a sound, she noticed that her pony ears couldn't help but point in the direction of where the sound was coming from. It felt so effortless like she didn't have to do anything; they just moved without any forceful command.

She also noticed that on her flank, underneath the ripped pyjama bottoms, she had the three pink butterflies, exactly identical to the pattern on her Fluttershy plushie's flank. They were quite big, but cute and adorable, with the recognisable pair of pink wings on each butterfly. She always wondered what it would be like to have a tattoo and she could now experience it, without having to go through the pain of having one done for her. Although it wasn't the first thing that she would get, it was a nice touch nonetheless.

As she tried to sit down in the chair at her desk, Anastasia looked back into the mirror and slowly pressed her hoof on her face, still making sure that she wasn't dreaming. When she touched her muzzle, it made a booping sound, which provided some distraction from her surprising transformation. She pressed her muzzle again and again, delighted at this other new feature. She giggled, slightly calmer now, continuing to boop her muzzle a few times.

"Well, at least that's one positive. My nose... well, my muzzle makes a noise."

Satisfied for the moment, she decided that she may as well take off her pyjamas. Besides, she couldn't stay in them all day, and she had to change clothes, even though she knew it would be yet another difficult task for her hooves. She thought about her privacy, and then her open curtains, with the sun lighting up her would-be naked body brightly.

"Woah, that's a big pony!" said one of the birds.

Anastasia quickly turned around and saw that it was the same two robins from before. They were still watching her curiously, but their behaviour and body movement was nothing like she had seen before. Anastasia was still bemused on how she could understand what they were saying, but then soon remembered that in Friendship is Magic, Fluttershy was able to talk to the animals.

"She sure is!" replied the second.

By then, Anastasia's kaw had dropped open like a trapdoor. Not only she had transformed into Fluttershy, but she now had her abilities. She could now understand what the birds were saying. Their tweeting had been replaced by fluent words, each one she could understand clearly.

"Woah... I guess I can understand you two now."

The female robin opened her beak wide in shock and then started shaking her male companion rapidly and quickly like he was some kind of object containing something inside.

"She can understand us, Unwin! She can hear us! This is too much for me! I'm hyperventilating! What is going on? Unwin! Unwin! Please tell me! That pony can hear us! Unwin! Unwin!"

Unwin continued to be shaken by his mate until he eventually pushed her away, flapping his wings about as he tried to push her away. His mate, named Bella continued to flap about until Unwin held her in his wings and tried to calm her down.

"Please, Bella. It's alright. It's just a pony. It's not like she's a human who wants to catch us. Besides, she's inside this large cage, so she can't hurt us. Ponies are usually really friendly. Chill your feathers, will you?"

Anastasia watched from inside her bedroom at the two robins, still amazed that she could hear every single word that they were saying. She was starting to think of how easy it was to just stand there and listen to their conversations; it was so easy. Anastasia felt her new ears move around on top of her head as she listened to the robins.

"Hey, I'm sorry that I surprised you two. This is all very new to me. You see..." she was about to finish her sentence, but Bella the robin got there first.

"So, what kind of pony are you? I've never seen a yellow pony with a pink mane before, let alone wings."

Looking at her sides, Anastasia noticed that her two wings were trying to break free from underneath what remained of her pyjamas. She tried to push them out, making them tear and rip. Eventually, they broke through and stretched out to their full length, tearing up what remained of the clothing. She looked back at the mirror and saw how beautiful Fluttershy was — how beautiful she was.

"Woah! You're a winged pony?"

She flapped her wings around, getting used to these extra limbs to her body. Like her adaptation to trotting, she tried to flap her wings a few times. It was then when there was a sudden urge to fly around with her new wings, but she was still unfortunately in her bedroom, and certainly didn't have enough room to practise flying about. Besides, if her parents heard her, they’d rush upstairs and see a yellow pony sitting in their daughter's bedroom, and it’d ultimately be game over.

"I guess so. After all, I did transform into a character from a television show who can fly. I always wanted wings and to fly. This is so weird. You two can talk... Either that, or I can understand you."

Bella and Unwin looked at each other and then back to Anastasia.

"Well, of course, we can talk! It's just that non-bird species and humans can't understand what we say. You, on the other wing, can. I've never met another creature who can understand what I can say." Unwin nodded, speaking next.

"She's right, you know. You seem to be a very unique pony, and may I just say that we also haven't met a pony like you who not only has wings, but can understand our language. And also, no offence, your dazzling coat of fur, that pink mane and those strange markings on your butt are unlike what we usually see on any pony."

Anastasia looked at her wings again, giving them a shuffle. They were surprisingly comfortable, folded into her sides; it was like having a fluffy blanket wrapped around her all the time. She could feel every feather that touched her body, every membrane as she continued ruffling them around. She then opened them right back up with a swift motion that was likely most similar to curling her fingers.

"Are you meant to be half-pony and half-bird?" Bella asked. Anastasia turned back around, folding her wings in and shaking her head.

"I'm not a bird, nor am I a pony who's meant to exist. I'm a Pegasus. They're meant to be a fictional species. I'm not like the ponies I know in real life. I don't even know how this happened."

Bella and Unwin looked at each other again, before looking back at her. They then both turned their heads to one side and looked at her as if they were analysing something.

"Well, you still look like a pony."

Anastasia rolled her eyes. "That's because I am a pony, but... I’m not meant to be. I woke up, went to my mirror and saw that something made me turn into... well, this. I don't really know how or why. It just happened. One thing for sure is that I can't fit in these pyjamas anymore."

The robins looked at her clothes, tattered and torn. They surmised exactly how the transformation had happened, and which actions had done the most damage. Her wings were folded at her sides and her tail swung around at her flank, covering a very obvious hole in the crotch of the pyjamas. She continued to hear further ripping whenever she moved. She watched some of it fall off, but most of it still would still to her new frame.

"I have to find a way to prevent my parents from finding out about this, but I'm not sure how... they'll come up eventually. I can't keep something like this from them, no way.”

Suddenly and without warning, the buzzing sound of Anastasia's phone on her desk made her jump. At first, she thought it would be okay if she just went up to it and dismissed the call. Except, when Anastasia trotted up and saw the name on the screen, she suddenly felt sick.

The name ‘Jake’ appeared on the screen, along with his number. It was her boyfriend.

She completely forgot that she had arranged a date with Jake for Saturday, that they would be spending most of the day out together. It was definitely his number, his picture; it was the time he knew she would be awake. She started panicking.

She struggled to swipe the red icon to the side, to decline the call. She tried using her other hoof, again, but unfortunately with the same result: the screen just wasn’t picking up her movements. She groaned with frustration and put her face close to the screen, touching the red icon with her nose. She reluctantly swiped it to the right and answered the call. The phone ceased vibrating and a familiar voice could be heard from the other end of the line.

"Hey babe, how are you?" it spoke softly.

It was those moments where Anastasia felt very ill. She could feel the blood flowing out of her head, sinking down all the way to her legs, making her feel wobbly and unstable. How was she going to explain to Jake that she couldn't go out on their weekly date together because she was now a funny sounding, colourful cartoon pony? He would think she was completely crazy! But she just couldn't decline the call now that she had answered him. How was she going to explain this to him? Words just started spilling out of her mouth now:

"Hey Jake, I'm... er… I’m good, thank you." There was a brief pause before Jake answered her.

"Yeah, er, babe that's good to hear. But, are you sure that you're well? You sound sick. What's happened to your voice?"

Anastasia gulped. Yep, her voice was now in the innocent tone of Fluttershy's. Everything about her, from her physical appearance to her inner body — she was now Fluttershy. She was quick on her hooves to get to scrounging up for her excuse.

"I... I'm sick, Jake. I don't feel very well. It may be just something to do with the weather, but I don't think that I can make it to our date today. I'm sorry, honey."

There was another pause, as Anastasia begged for her excuse to work. She knew that Jake was usually a nice guy who would do almost anything to make her happy. To add to the cover she was making, Anastasia coughed a few times and sniffed dramatically.

"Aww baby, I'm really sorry to hear that. Well, that's a shame. I was going to take you to the restaurant that you like today. But I understand."

Anastasia sighed in relief. She finally had at least some hope since waking up to her new beautiful, albeit inconvenient body. Now that she cancelled the date, she had time to find a way to change herself back to human... maybe. Highly unlikely, though. She really had no idea how.

"Thank you, Jake. I knew you would understand."

There was another short silence between the two of them, but then Jake decided to speak up.

"So, er, despite the fact that you're unfortunately ill, how are things at home?"

Anastasia felt that it would be wrong of her to just cut off the call and left Jake hanging, so she pursued continuing the conversation with him, even though she did secretly just wanted to stop chatting and find a way to fix all of this. But she just couldn't do that, especially not with him.

"Everything's good here, yeah. Mum and Dad are downstairs. They don't know that I'm up yet, but they'll probably find out in a moment why I haven't gone downstairs for breakfast. Not much, though. How are things with you?"

Jake replied almost immediately. "Nothing amazing or interesting has happened since we last met each other. Work, college and other fun stuff, but nothing else."

"The usual then."

Both of them chuckled a little and made the smallest of talk. she tried to sound as positive as she could; she really didn't want this to be a big thing. In fact, she didn't want anyone to find out about this at all. She was going to find a way to fix this, somehow. But she couldn't do that if she was still talking to Jake on the phone.

"Well again, I'm sorry to hear that you're ill..." Jake said, his voice trailing off slightly. “... I... I really hoped that I could help you take your mind off things like college. I'm just starting to lose interest in studying now. I can't wait for the Easter holidays. Hey, you're always welcome to come over to my place and we can play some games or watch a film. I haven't got anything else planned."

At least this put Anastasia's mind away from the whole surprise that morning. Usually talking with Jake made her forget about most of her problems, including this one which was no different. Besides, she couldn't even leave her bedroom, let alone the house. People would look at her when they saw a yellow Pegasus walking through town. They would probably call the police and she would be captured. It just wasn't worth it.

Anastasia sighed and faked another sniff. "Thanks, Jake. I knew you would understand."

There was another short pause. "I know, baby. Anything for you."

Pleased at her achievement, Anastasia gently bit her phone and carried it over to her bed. She promptly plopped her back on her bed and sighed once more. Her wings were outstretched, her mane and tail hanging off from the side of her bed, and her hooves on her chest covering her mobile phone. Thank goodness, she thought to herself, that could have been a disaster. She had time to find a way to change herself back into Anastasia and prevent anyone from knowing about what had happened to her overnight.

"Hey, why don't I come over and give you something to cheer you up? Don't worry, it's no trouble."

Anastasia gulped somewhat audibly. She didn't see that coming. "What?! No! I... I'm fine, thank you! There's no need! You don't need to come over, J-"

"No, I should come and see you." Jake interrupted, "It wouldn't be fair if I didn't make the effort, now would it? I'll give you a present."

She started sweating, making her fur warm and sticky. Her breathing hastened with every gulp of air she took in, to a point where she was struggling to breathe. Jake couldn't come over and see her. What would he think if he stepped inside her parents' house, went upstairs and saw a large yellow Pegasus with a pink mane looking straight back at him? Their relationship would be ruined forever.

"But... I... I don't want you to get sick! I'm contagious! I... I... I'm really ill, okay? Please, it's best if you didn't."

"Anastasia, please! I really want to cheer you up. I'll get you some flowers, okay? You're my girlfriend. You deserve to have something while you're ill. What kind of guy would I be if I didn't come to visit you?! I know you're ill, but try and chill in bed. It seems only fair as you can't make it to our date today. We'll just have it at your place. It'll be exactly the same, I promise."

"But... Jake-!"

"Pretty please?"

Sighing with frustration, Anastasia threw her hoof into her face and clenched her jaw as she groaned. She was going to regret this, and so was Jake, closing her eyes. She sighed one last time and made a final decision.

"Ugh, fine! But, once you get here, please listen to what I say, okay?"

Twisting her lip and narrowing her eyes in frustration, she waited for Jake's response. She felt guilty for snapping at him, but thankfully the silence wasn’t drawn out.

"Great! Don't worry, babe, I promise it'll be worth it! Catch you later, okay? I love you."

Despite the fact that Jake was starting to become annoying, she did feel a whole lot better after he said he’d stop by later. She blushed, her yellow cheeks were now glowing bright red like roses on a summer day. There was a moment when she didn't know what to say back. But eventually, the words made it onto her tongue.

"I... I love you too, Jake."

The call ended, finally. she sighed as she lowered her hooves and gently placed her phone on the table next to her bed. Now not only she had to find a way of how she was going to come out to her parents as a yellow Pegasus, but she would also have to do it for Jake. It felt that as time passed by, things became more complicated.

Much like having the cutie mark of butterflies on her butt, Anastasia felt as if there were some in her stomach. She didn't feel sick, but there was a sense of dizziness that swept through her head. What had she just done? Inviting Jake over was the worst possible thing that she could think of. She knew that it wouldn't go well, or perhaps end up as something worse.

She sat on the floor, groaning in frustration. She looked at her pyjamas and whimpered a little. There was an urge to suddenly burst into tears, and she held back the worst of them. Only a few dripped down her cheeks, and she flicked them away. As her phone went dark, the reflection of Fluttershy appeared, instead of the one she knew she had. There was a moment of despair for her, but Anastasia sniffed and tried to take off her pyjamas instead. It was about time she’d done so.

It was difficult to get her top over her head and off her body. Anastasia grunted as she struggled, finding it slightly annoying that this was now rather challenging now that she didn't have fingers anymore. Everything seemed to be a complex task now that she was a pony. In a burst of frustration, her wings suddenly stretched out, basically tearing the rest of her clothes off.

"Oh... what have I done?! Why did I invite Jake over?! How on earth am I going to explain this to him?!"

But she had a bigger problem. Outside her bedroom door, she could hear the footsteps of her parents walking around. Anastasia then realised that it was about the time that they’d wake her up if she was oversleeping. The secret would be revealed sooner than later, to her dismay, and she started sweating again. She began to panic and trot around her bedroom, looking for anything that could somehow keep her physical form away from her parents.

"Eeek! I can't let my parents see me like this! I need to hide somewhere! There's gotta be somewhere..!”

Anastasia started rummaging through her things, looking for something she could hide her body with. She eventually caught the sight of a neatly folded bundle of bedsheets while looking under her bed. She clumsily grabbed them out from under her bed and swiped her current bedsheets off: a brilliant plan to pretend she was making her bed. But she realised too late that she could not hide the length of her tail...

A middle-aged woman with short hair and wearing casual clothes came out from around the door, holding piles of clothes. She was busy humming to herself -- completely distracted -- and wasn't really concentrating on what was happening around her. She was in her own little world, but Anastasia knew that she wasn't just any normal middle-aged woman.

It was her mother.

At first, her mother walked three steps or so inside the bedroom before coming to a complete stop. It was then when she looked down over her washing basket and saw a yellow pegasus with a pink mane looking back at her. It seemed impossible, like it was just a dream, but she mother knew very well that what she was seeing was actually happening. She was indeed looking at a bright yellow pony who was sitting on the floor, wearing her daughter's torn pyjamas; there was no doubt about it.

Anastasia blushed bright red and tried to hide her new body by wrapping the duvet around her, but she knew now that her secret had been discovered. At first, both of them were completely speechless, words unable to escape their mouths. There was a long silence before the young girl laughed nervously, tucking her front hooves into her chest, slightly squeaking as she did so.

"Morning, mum. This is... um... rather difficult to explain."

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This was interesting but ended awkwardly.

As if someone just stopped talking mid sen...

I enjoy the fact that the similar section has NO stories where humans are turned ponies....... I think the fact that this is not second person broke fimfiction

Incidentally, where did you find your cover?

*starts reading*

The morning light beamed from the cream-coloured curtains of Anastasia's bedroom window which slowly moved across the room

Reads like the bedroom window is slowly moving across the room.

I think it would be safe to say that there will be at least a second chapter now. Thank you all for reading!

Thank you for your feedback. I'll take it on for future stories.

Thank you!

Wow, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I decided not to do second-person, because I wanted to do something slightly different. Thank you for dropping by and reading.

I found the image one day while scrolling through Google Images. It gave me in the inspiration to write the story, although I can't find the original artist or link. If you or anyone knows their username, I'll be much appreciated! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for letting me know, I'll take that advice for future stories.

Anastasia gulped somewhat audibly. She didn't see that coming. "What?! No! I... I'm fine, thank you! There's no need! You don't need to come over, J-"

"No, I should come and see you."

I like that.

For us boys, there's nothing more suspicious than refusing that vehemently. How he takes it depends on who he is- but he's just about guaranteed to be thinking that something's going on over there, and especially if he's close to her, determined to find out what.

Hey Muffin, it's ironic that you are starting this Fluttershy Transformation story on the same week that I get TG TF'ed into EQG Friendship Power Fluttershy on Friday from Discord The Narrator X3

I know one thing about this it is gonna be good.

I haven't read the story yet and I have no idea where you stand as a writer but I wanted to say this. I've seen a couple stories suffer because the fans wanted more and the writer couldn't/didn't want to say no.

So I'm not saying you shouldn't write more, but make sure that you have a direction to go in. Lot's of fics die due to poor planning, my own included. If you write a one-off with no serious direction and the fans beg for more and you don't have a direction for it to go, then there is a high probability that the direction will be down.

So again, not saying you shouldn't... but tread carefully.

I Fluttersqueed about 50 times during this chapter omfg this is so cute and fun to read aaaa

I'm not sure I understand. :unsuresweetie:

You'll just have to wait and see what come next!

I guess so. I'll give it a read at some point.

I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far.

Thanks! There'll be at least a instalment.

Glad you've enjoyed it. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

There'll be at least another chapter or even a sequel.

I'll plan a second chapter over a period of time. I'll talk to my editor about it and even do a poll or something similar to see how users want the story to progress and eventually conclude. Thanks for the feedback anyway.

You might notice she still had to climb up to see the mirror, much like you might when on your hands and knees. As near as I can tell, she's still about the same size as she used to be... But pony proportions are different from humans. I'm not sure why the chair creaked (maybe she just never noticed it before, now having sensitive pony hearing?), but I'm not surprised that her barrel is larger than her human torso was- especially if she was a skinny girl. I mean, pony wings almost double the width of their barrel, when folded!

While it is true, the wings would be an added weight, rather than a repositioning... it's also worth note that she's a pegasus, though- built light, for flight. So, she probably doesn't weigh nearly as much as she looks like she should, making for a much sturdier frame (and appearance)... meaning, she's probably a normal pony-size (say, 2-3 feet or so tall at the withers when standing normally, etc.)... and despite looking like she's gotta weigh a few hundred pounds (ponies are do look a lot bulkier than humans, I notice), she probably weighs about as much as she did before. Unless, of course, she was excessively skinny- the way it's written, it sounds like her body was replaced with Fluttershy's directly, rather than simply transformed; there is some ambiguity, allowing the author to pick either one at a later date... but the former allows violation of conservation of mass.

In that vein, Fluttershy is always the gentle one- but with how much work she does in her cottage, I always imagine her as being strong for her size, just... unwilling to use that strength where other ponies can see. Just like how a lot of authors I've seen have her as a "weak flier", but when an animal's in danger, she's in the same league as Rainbow.


Two lines say that she is in fact bigger.

She placed one hoof onto the chair and used it to support her weight as she tried to get up. The chair creaked as she did so. She groaned; surely she wasn't that heavy.

It was then when she discovered that she was also much bigger than she previously was and had grown in proportion.

But anyway, I prefer ponies to be the size of humans or smaller so that they can fit comfortably in your lap without crushing your legs, for the purposes of hairbrushing or bellyrubs or whatnot.

A larger pony is easier to ride into battle, but there really aren't that many opportunities to do so in peaceful Equestria.

... Two points which I actually referred to in my comment. And explained.

She could have heard a creak in the chair that she couldn't hear before, thanks to pony hearing;

And as a pegasus, her density is going to have gone down- resulting in more "size" (volume, really) than would seem appropriate for her weight.

Not to mention her wings will have added to her size- and as much as she was "much bigger", she was also not so big that her nightclothes simply popped when she transformed, and therefore not THAT much bigger. Based off of those clues, her head is probably around waist or possibly chest height, when standing normally.

So while it's entirely possible she's as tall as a regular human when standing normally, I don't see that happening. I mean, she still fit on the bed, didn't she? I find it more likely she's mistaking greater hearing sensitivity for greater weight, and mistaking her different proportions for larger overall size.

We're looking at different things, here. When I made those two quotes, I was focusing on the author-avatar's belief that she had become bigger, which was good enough for me to trust in her judgment. She hasn't given any evidence of being an unreliable narrator, and everything besides what she states in her story, such as her density, barrel-width, and actual measurements of weight or height, are theoretical at this point in the story.

And my focus is different. I'm not really interested in the mechanics of how big a pony is. My purpose in my comments is more about stating my personal preference for My Ponies being Little, as well as how that affects worldbuilding and character interactions between humans and ponies.

If the ponies come up to your belly button and weigh 120lb, then I can reasonably be expected to carry them around on my back sometimes and defend myself against them. If they grow to be 300 to 350 lb on average, then literally any pony over the age of 14 could beat my ass in a fight, any everything that has shown itself to be larger than them in the show is absolutely enormous.

Aw, thanks, so cute! I would certainly snuggle! :heart:

Alright, guys. Let's call it a day on this, I don't want a flame war to start here. It's best if we move on.

Oh, well, that happened. :applejackunsure: I wonder where this is going to go.

Well, I'm working on the sequel in its earliest stages at the moment. Thanks for reading my story. :heart:

Oh boyyy, Houston, we’re reaching cuteness levels we didn’t think were possible! I hope you’ll continue ti write more! It was such a fun read!

Thanks for reading my story and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm writing a sequel now, which I hope to work on very soon. Thanks for the watch as well. :heart:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I would be okay with waking up one morning as Flutters.

Are you working on a sequel?
And now?
Do you work after all? Now?)
Heh. I'm really waiting for the second part.

Ah, yes, I am, but it's been delayed like my other projects and updates. This was due to unforeseen events that have been happening recently. I am working on the second chapter, but it'll still be a while before it's released. I want to put good effort into it, so that I can have it end on a part where I will upload a third chapter at a later date. It was originally just going to be one chapter, but because of the demand I have decided on at least one or two more.

Good things take time as they say.

In the meantime, there's my third Armada story that's been uploaded. But I haven't quit on You Are Fluttershy just yet. I hope to release it once the chapter is complete! But thanks for taking interest in this story and I'm glad you've enjoyed it. I hope Chapter Two will be just as good. And lastly, thanks for favouring it and the watch as well. It means a lot. :heart:

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