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I am a little brony from a little country of Czech Republic. I enjoy translating, reading, and on occasion writing. AND I FREAKIN' LOVE HOT RASPBERRIES WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM!


This is a story all about bad mornings and body switches. Can a disgruntled human survive one day of someone else's particularly dangerous life? Will he succeed in his epic quest for a cup of morning coffee?
And is this even real...?

Rated "teen" for some not exactly kid-friendly words.

I wrote this quite a while ago. I wanted to share it with you guys, but I had to translate it from Czech first. Being a lazy bastard I am, it took me several months before I finally got to it. Shame on me!

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Comments ( 10 )

Good story like it.:rainbowdetermined2::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Clearly our fearless protagonist is unaware of how expensive Kopi Luwak coffee is.

Also, "What would Daring do?" is a marvelous line.

Great story; I'd love to see it from Daring's side.

Upvote and fave.

Oh my god, I googled Kopi Luwak and my jaw dropped. Well, now I know that such a thing actually exists :rainbowlaugh:
I could write Daring's side of the story eventually, though right now I have no ideas for the storyline...
Thanks a lot for the comment! :pinkiehappy:

I just found it amazing that she wound up in a straitjacket. And I'm kind of curious how she'd react to her sudden change of form and all it entailed.


This was silly. Thanks, Biscuit. Thiscuit.

You know most human stories, if they wake up, should logically end them up in a strait jacket, it just makes sense

Damnit, Daring! What did you do?! Now the protagonist is gonna have to talk his way out of the asylum.

6735766 You think that's expensive, look up Swedish moose milk cheese.

6810914 "No, I am not crazy, I swear! I just became a flying pony for a day and had adventures with an ocelot and fought a blue monkey with a hand instead of a tail!"

I think he's staying there for a while :rainbowlaugh:

Brilliantly hilarious! And know that I don't say it too often, especially on stories pertaining to humans. Those things tend to get cliched all too quickly. However, you succeeded. Nice descriptions, dynamic flow and lots of unexpected twists. There are some little impossible details with Oci and the coffee, as well as a little tense mix up at the beginning, but I won't let those taint my view on this great comedy. Have an upvote!

What the hell does she need a towel for?

Well, she is a good hitchhiker :raritywink:

This is a pretty good story. I also love the premise. Well done.

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