• Published 30th Sep 2018
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I Am Not a Monster - TheMysteryMuffin

Autumn Blaze is tired of ponies and creatures thinking that she and the kirins are monsters. Losing her temper, Autumn needs her friends' help to calm her back down.

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Act I, Scene 3 - In Which the Rumours Sting

Autumn stopped bouncing around and turned her head in different directions, looking and taking note of all the different things around her. She noticed that many ponies were getting ready for winter and were clearing up leaves that had covered the paths around them. Especially in the high street, Autumn watched as some of her family were busy trailing carts of leaves and broken branches towards their barn, where they would store the leaves ready for fuel during the winter. The Pegasi were preparing for a harsh winter and they had warned the unicorns and earth ponies that food and fuel would be scarce, so everypony was stoking up.

"Wow, you have a farm?! It's so big!"

Stopping next to Autumn, Applejack looked at her family barn and smiled.

"Yep! That's the good ol' Sweet Apple Acres Farm family barn. It's not the original, though, as we've had to upgrade it over the years, most recently when we had our family reunion a couple of years back. It's also painted in the traditional red colour; the colour of our ripe red apples."

Autumn Blaze looked up and saw all the different apples that were hanging from the trees around her. She spotted the red apples which Applejack mentioned as well as a few yellow-red and green ones in nearby fields. Autumn remembered showing Applejack the apples which grew on the trees on her mountain, which overlooked the land of the kirins. Unfortunately, Autumn Blaze remembered that the apple she showed to her new friend had a worm inside, which crawled out during the middle of her song.

"You may remember during your trip to my village that my people have been bred to farm and harvest. During our time of silence, we resorted to eating only plant-life, for when we became angry and turned into niriks, we accidentally attacked and ate the wildlife which co-existed with our kind. For hundreds of years, we have been resorted to being herbivorous, sparing the lives of all creatures great and small, but those who could not hold the anger in have been known to eat our neighbours."

Applejack gulped, looking worried. "That does sound extreme, Autumn."

Autumn then perked up again, changing the subject to something more positive, and her expression becoming more colourised. She grabbed Applejack and brought her into a hug, pattering her gently on the head like a pet. Applejack frowned, but couldn't come to herself to move out of her friend's grip. Kirins may be kind-hearted, but their nirik strength still laid underneath. Autumn didn't notice Applejack trying to escape from her cuddle, so she held her with her arm around Applejack's neck as she continued babbling on.

"Oh, you needed worry, Applejack! It's been a crazy few years being all alone and having to talk to myself. It's so good to actually be speaking to a creature, at last, especially one of my best friends in the whole of Equestria! I'm surprised how many different species live in this place you call 'Ponyville'. The Peaks of Peril are so inhabited, silent and too predictable. Losing our emotions so that we wouldn't turn on each other has caused more destruction, rather than actually helping my people. The fact that we're able to speak once more has helped grow our village back to its former glory. We may not be a powerful tribe, but we have knowledge which many other creatures do not have."

Applejack, still trapped in Autumn's grip, put a hoof to her chin and thought about what Autumn had said. Sure, the kirins were a smart, kind and honest tribe, but was there more behind their beautiful lioness features? They were a mysterious species; even though she had met them in their own village, Applejack knew that there were still questions yet to be answered. Twilight Sparkle would certainly be interested in understanding more about the kirins. When Applejack returned to Ponyville with Fluttershy, they told Twilight about how the kirins and niriks were no separate species but were in the same body together.

"Twilight would sure love to meet you, Autumn," Applejack said, "As well as my other friends, and the princesses. I think the town mayor will be there as well."

Autumn Blaze let go of Applejack and clapped her hooves, squealing excitedly. "That sounds wonderful! I'm so excited to see your friends! And to meet the princess and the town mayor in one day; I'm spoilt rotten! My shadow and I are both very excited."

Applejack frowned in confusion. At first, she didn't really understand what Autumn was on about, but then she remembered having the conversation about her shadow being one of her few inanimate friends, including the many pots with faces drawn all over to look like living creatures. She remembered when she mentioned about Fluttershy, Applejack was told by Autumn about how her "other friend" was her own shadow. Autumn waved at her shadow back in the Peaks of Peril, as if saying hello to it. Though it did weird Applejack out a little, she did think it was cute somehow.

"I'm glad that you and your, er, shadow are excited..." Applejack replied, "...What was her name again?" Autumn moved to the side so that the light of the sun landed against her body and showed her shadow on the floor. The kirin moved her body like a puppet, trying to make the shadow look as if it was moving on its own. It waved at Applejack, in which she waved back awkwardly.

"Silhouette Gloom of the Sundown Lands. Friends for life."

Autumn Blaze waved at her shadow, which unsurprisingly, waved back. Applejack smiled at her friend, trying not to look as if she thought that what Autumn did was particularly crazy. Then again, Applejack would talk to Winona most of the time when she was alone. It was sweet, in some way or another, but she just couldn't get round to saying it out loud to her friend.

After a quick tour of the remainder of the farm and a brief introduction with Granny Smith, Big Mac, and Apple Bloom, Applejack led Autumn Blaze towards Ponyville, in the direction of Twilight's castle and school. She pointed out many other popular places, including the town hall, Sugar Cube Corner and the large hole which once stood the Golden Oak Library, which was destroyed in the battle between Twilight and Tirek. Of course, the remainder of the tree was hanging in the main room in Twilight's castle, but some of the destruction remained in the hole.

"So, this was where your friend lived?"

Applejack nodded, looking at the hole. A wave of memories flooded her brain; many of which were the best moments of her life. She remembered attending Twilight's first slumber party with Rarity and the moment when a nearby tree crashed into the bedroom.

"When she first moved to Ponyville, yes. I know, it's still a mess. The tree's roots now hang from the ceiling in the main room. I'm surprised that they've left the hole here still; I thought they would've used the spot to build a cottage or some flats. Come on; everypony's waiting for you. We don't want to be late."

Applejack led Autumn towards Twilight's castle, unaware of the number of ponies who were wandering the streets. After all, autumn was a busy time for ponyfolk, as harvest was at its peak. Snaking through the large groups of ponies, Applejack and Autumn trotted as fast as they could in order to make it to Twilight's castle in time. After they passed the busier parts of Ponyville, Applejack quickly took Autumn down the path which passed the School of Friendship, where students were hanging around or heading off to their next class.

Just as they were passing the entrance into the school, Applejack and Autumn Blaze were spotted by some of the students, including the Young Six; Silverstream, Ocellus, Gallas, Yona, Smolder, and Sandbar. Every creature surrounded Autumn Blaze like a celebrity, curious of her unique design. They especially took fancy to her lion-like mane, furry ears, green scales between her yellow-golden eyes and along her back, unique red horn, green hooves, beautiful eyelashes, her long tail ending with red-brown fur and her gorgeous smile.

Ocellus walked around Autumn, taking in every single angle and detail of her body, curious of her particular species. She particularly took fancy to her strange horn and its unique colours and pattern. Ocellus was, out of the Young Six, usually the most curious (alongside the bubbly and lively Silverstream), and felt the need to intervene.

"Don't mind me asking, miss, but what exactly are you?"

Autumn looked back hazily towards Ocellus, who was walking alongside her.

"I'm a kirin! The name's Autumn Blaze, by the way. Nice to meet you!"

Ocellus smiled back. "You too! I'm Ocellus. Now you mention it, your species' name seems to sound familiar to me. I believe my friends and I had come across a book on legendary creatures and monsters. Inside there was limited information about your kind... apart from the famous tapestry, written in ancient Poneish. It said that the kirins and niriks were one; living together, fighting for one body."

Autumn frowned. She was confused about what Ocellus was trying to tell her. "What are you talking about?"

Ocellus found this as an excuse to pull out a book on creatures, including kirins, and presented a page showing a kirin and a nirik to Autumn. Autumn Blaze was unhappy how the artist had drawn the nirik in order to make it look terrifying and dangerous, whilst the picture of the kirin was seen to be peaceful and beautiful, with a red mane, golden body and blue shining eyes.

"Whilst one form is kind, gentle, peaceful, honourable, wise and quiet, the other belongs to a wild beast, full of rage, anger and darkness. The kirins know much knowledge, holding information thousands of years old, beyond the reach of anypony."

Upset by seeing the image, Autumn looked away and pretended to look as if she wasn't offended. She tried to hold back tears which welled up in her eyes. Is this what ponies really thought about her kind? No, none of this was true. It was just some rumours and legends made up to scare ponies. Autumn raised her hoof and lowered Ocellus' book, and smiled as if she didn't think twice about what Ocellus had said to her.

"I see that you've done your research, Ocellus. Although, much of this information is old and there are many new things which you should hear of about our kind. My home has changed massively, twice in this new millennia; after it was destroyed, we rebuilt it back to what it was. But after your teachers, Applejack and Fluttershy, came to see us, we have now adapted it to feel like home again, especially now that we have the ability to talk to one another again."

Ocellus scribbled some notes down in her school book, which also included a sketch of a kirin. Around the sketch, there were some labels, each mentioning something about the kirin. One of the notes referred to how kirins are gentle creatures, but can easily be angered and have them transformed into their nirik counterpart. Ocellus even included some works of an artist's vision of the kirins and niriks, stuck around the edge of the book.

"So, when you get angry, do you attack other creatures?"

Autumn's lip twisted, as she backed away slightly from Ocellus, feeling awkward. "We haven't attacked any creature for years... we have only destroyed our village in our firey rage."

"But... would you attack us? When you got mad, you would destroy Ponyville, right?"

At that moment, Applejack had heard enough from far off to end the conversation. She moved in, grabbing Autumn by the tail with her mouth and dragging her away.

"Thank you, Ocellus, but we really need to get a shift on. Come on, Autumn, I need to show you something else."

Applejack took Autumn away and left Ocellus alone. When they were away from the other students, Autumn's face was bright red.

"What was her problem?" Autumn asked, a trail of flames igniting from her horn.

Trying to find a distraction, Applejack looked around and spotted Twilight's castle, where she knew that she could take Autumn to.

"Come on... I want to show you something."

Leading Autumn by the hoof, Applejack took her friend towards the castle, leaving the school and a group of confused students behind.

Author's Note:

This chapter has taken forever to write because I'm suffering from Writer's Block and I wish that I had more time to work on this. I don't want to cancel the story, but it may go on hiatus at some point. I'm trying to make this a good story, but it's hard! Special thanks to my editor as well for helping me. Also, I've had my kitchen done, so that hasn't helped, and I've been very sick.

Please allow the story to develop over time. I want to include more action later on, although probably no more updates this December as I'm busy... and tired of life.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.