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Short stories, a lot of authors, and more 'wut' than you can shake a stick at. Is your body ready?

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(On "Hey Hey Hey, Stay Out of My Cupcake Factory.")

Oh dear God. :rainbowderp:

Yes. This, truly, is the crossover that should never have happened. And yet... I kinda wanna see how it ends...

Mal Reynolds: I think he's the only one of the heroes-&-Zim mentioned at the end to not have anything to do with aliens. Maybe Courage, but I'm not sure, and it's probable he's had alien encounters. Weird stuff for the weird purple sausage dog...

I distinctly remember Courage having to deal with an evil, alien chicken. So I guess that just leaves Mal as the odd man out.

That's actually kinda weird. I tried to come up with characters that were completely unrelated, but they're all united by aliens and/or space. Huh.

Overdinefiction? so stories who've been eating too much? Guess he writes only doorstoppers... :ajsmug:

Man, the least you could've done is mispell his name, too...

This is both creepy and funny. I feel bad about laughing about Gummy being a stalker, but it is.:trollestia:

The Princess Bride.
I love you, Honey Mead.
Also first.:raritystarry:

Nice, Twilight, very nice.
I applaude this rewrite of the letter, Owlor.

This is strangely true of many anime.
Too many to count.
I like this concept. Be careful what you wish for, indeed.
Lucefudu, you have made me wonder why there isn't more of this.

Poor gummy:applecry:
:raritycry: His handwriting is terrible!:raritydespair:
Eh, like I care:trollestia:

God, your Drunk Shining Armor is now my head cannon.

Jesus Monkey Christ. I was innocent. I had not been tainted by these three stories, which shall not be named. Even with such a tiny glimpse into those worlds, I have become aware. :twilightoops: :rainbowderp: :applejackconfused:

"appendix" -> "appendage"?
Do you have a source link for the image at the end? (Rarity is best anime-non-pony :duck:)

Inb4 someone ponifies entire LoTR word after word :pinkiecrazy:

1307492 It's right here
And yes, appendix was a failure on my part. That's what I get for not revising shit I send.

For the record, I have seen SHED.MOV, but I purposely avoided Rainbow Factory, and my only exposure to Cupcakes has been through Rather Homely's MST of it.

This... this...

...well, some things just shouldn't exist, like math homework and cosplayers. I officially add this one to their ranks.

But... I am in no way innocent, having seen all three of those fanfictions. So, carry on and let's see how this ends!

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