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Well, if we're being honest here, random can't really cover the hilarity inside...

Premise: In five-hundred and fifty words or less, please respond (in the most amusing way possible) to one of the prompts.

Cover art by: Owlor.

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 26 )

Haha ending of the first fic is hilarious.

I do still have the ilustration I made for this, you do know that? :rainbowhuh:

This should be split into chapters, one per story.

1104162 I concur! I have the patience to do this. If you send me the account's password via a PM, I'll sort all them chapters in all them stories. I'm serious.

And I'm also creating a folder on 'One-Shots' for these stories. An archive, if you will.

PS: 1104123
This. Use it.

I knew whoever did this one would take it to a dark place.

I love this. :yay: I know it was just for a prompt, but I want moar!

What, everyone did a comedy this time? What happened to the four or five super deep insightful ones we usually get. Oh well. I should probably read these later. Its kind of interesting to get individule recognition this time. :ajsmug:

> chapter 2
Damn, this is a dense and elaborate entry for such a simple prompt. I approve.

Excellent combination of all five prompts! I love this.

Damn, we're crazy. The good bad only kind of crazy

Um... Wait till I get drunk again~!

Sorry, Fluttershy, but if you're just now noticing that Angel is a jerk then, well, just go find a new bunny. Try one that doesn't talk.

Ca m'amuse, Dream. Ca m'amuse.
I love it.

1105091 Mine was a horror story...
At least, it wasn't supposed to be particularly humorous.

Why havent we done this before? :twilightoops: Now people can actually comment directly to the story they want by just going to that chapter. :raritystarry:

1121263 I did it on all previous T.W.G.'s stories. :raritywink:
PS: Oh, the Gestalt collab is already starting. Even though the list isn't completely filled, the randomizer site gave me on my first try some people grouped together for the first slots. :twilightsmile:

1105091 :twilightoops: While I'm glad someone found my story humorous, it was intended as a Philip k Dick-style reality riff... :raritydespair:

I don't know if I would neccissartily call it a comedy. I was responding more to the fact that this collection in general is referred to as a comedy and random piece.

I submitted mine too late.
No views. D:

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