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An old Brony who sometimes writes fanfiction though I have slowed down a bit in recent months. I mostly do Let's Plays on YouTube now.


This story is a sequel to Cheer On

The evening immediately following Plum’s defeat, Cheerilee returns home only to find that everything is not well. A small group of villains have stepped forward in Plum’s place and they’ve already begun a new dastardly plan to take over Equestria. But what is their actual plan and why has their leader specifically taken an interest in Cheerilee?

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Oh man... there's a sequel... I didn't think there would be a sequel!

I reviewed the first one for my (extremely unpopular) online fanfic review show! Well I should fav/follow this one...

Well, this was just fine. I like the part with the handcuffs.

Nice to see this story up and kicking.

Why hasn't EqD mentioned this in the story update post yet?


Actually I wasn't sure if I was supposed to to send this in normally or send it as a chapter update so to be safe I sent it to the pre-readers and just got a response back last night that I didn't need to do that and they sent it over to Seth. It will probably be up there today at some point.

2648135 Yeah, it's definitely up. Congrats on a sequel.

just reread your other story. Now I'm going to go back and fave it like I intended to.

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