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Hi welcome to the weirdo's group don't worry if you joined this group you're not weird or maybe you are I don't know you in real life so what do I know. Anyways you can post whatever you want as long as there's no Inappropriate stuff its a pg 13 sever so yeah. You can post any story on here such as comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, etc. You know that sort of stuff......Now you might be thinking Wow this is the best thing ever in the excited of human/pony kind and to that, I say your frecking insane if you think that......(Oh wait i’m not support to say that oh wait that wasn't on the scrip whoops uhhh just just keep rolling ill edit it out later.) I mean If you think that way that's awesome!!!!! So invite your friends your family and your weird grandma that always lissons to to that DARN RAIDO SO LOUD IN THE MORING!!! Oh uh sorry about that got a bit mad there uh.....Just just cut it cut it... As you see this is not a normal group its a group filled to the brim with jokes because I’m a funny guy! So what are you waiting for join today! Oh also have an awesome day! :D

Written by Jud aka mariomario4156 Recorded in 1998 that's right I'm a frecking time travel boy!

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Hey yall it's been a while. So how's everyone doing? I'm good just making cool videos and art and other stuff.

Hi guys, I got into a new band called they might be giants. And they're really good! That's about it. Oh, also I hope you all have a great day today!


Hi Derpy388 I know how to post story and I will tell you know.

So the first thing you need to do is go to your profile and a drop down menu appears then you go down until you see story's then you click new story then you name it and put a picture and the rest and then you can add a chapter and start tipeing on the site.

If you need anymore help check out this video

Also great intro thingy.

Hi! I've been reading on here for a while now and I just made an account. Does anypony know how to post a story? Or even get to the place where you write the story?

Hi guys I posted a cool message in the forum if any of you want to check it out please do :)

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