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This story is a sequel to My Little Universe: Season 4

Welcome Back, Gems!

It had been a bit of a roller coaster for Everybody and Everypony, hasn't it? Months past since they've face White Diamond, and spring had returned once again to both Earth and Equestria, but not without more trouble. With Lapis and Jasper missing, now they have a "cluster" to deal with that could destroy the whole planet, along with more corrupted Gems, and mystical creatures appearing on Earth, and Homeworld alike! And to top it off, some new scaly antagonists had entered the scene for the humans of Beach City.

A Geo-weapon, a runaway fusion, a pair of sly serpents, and more monsters than ever ...

Alright, Everypony, time to get to work!

Chapters (22)
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Comments ( 155 )

Awesome! Glad to see this is up! can't wait to read this. . . when my schedule is not so busy.:raritydespair:

7899386 the ride's just getting started, I'll tell you that much :ajsmug:

Season 5 of my little universe. Yay :rainbowkiss: :3

P.S. I'm doing fine my brain is in working order. :3:pinkiehappy:
too much of epic with WTF in two whole chapter from last season it so damn good, I love it.:raritystarry::raritystarry:

I almost thought that divice had something to do with something:raritywink::twistnerd:

Keep up the good work! Oh yeah... How long will Peridot will stay in that bubble? Please be nice to her, she just forgot about the Geo-Weapon. Isn't it a common thing to forget an important thing once in a while?

When are you going to introduce Bismuth?

7902366 she's already been introduced

That pic is now my background.

I can't wait for more:unsuresweetie::raritywink::yay::derpytongue2:

Will Discord try to hint Steven on what is going on with the Crystal Gem's Cluster Drill?

I don't know why, but everytime I read that "COME AT ME BRO!" line, I keep thinking of that douche from Sausage Party. Otherwise, amazing chapter. Can't wait for more. Plus, I love that leashed Peridot image.

7934780 I saw that scene too X3 I see the resemblence

7935271 You've seen sausage party? On a personal scale of 1 being one hot dog to 10 being 10 hot dogs, what would you rate it?

7935476 well actually no I didn't see it, but I saw the Double Toasted review for it

7935681 Oh...well I won't spoil the ending for you, but can send me a link to that review?

I'm sick with the flu, and this made my day

Garnet and the others will need Peridot's help eventually, and who knows when they will accidentally cause the drill to go out of control briefly!

7952077 Well the flu it has been going around. Hope you feel better

7953411 ty! Worst thing was my family was supposed to go to the last circus and how we b all have the flu! Thank you again

Im not crying u are!!!!!!!!!!!:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

Oh my fucking god, I fucking hate snakes. I like the pokemon Serperior, ironically though. Good chapter, although if I were Sadie I'd pull out a gun and shoot Acid's head off.

7986692 such sly, deceiving creatures, aren't they?

Has anyone seen Discord lately?



Are these "new scaly antagonists" sea serpents, like Steven Magnet?

Oh my bleeding heart:heart::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

What to say about this chapter? You took what is probably the funniest episode of Steven Universe, and somehow managed to make it funnier. What else is there to say? Oh I know! "Meep Meep!"

8006503 all around the same time too

When are Cyanide and Acid are going to be caught and punished for what they did? :twilightangry2:

Call me crazy, but did you use SCP-035 as a base template for the pearl mask? Here is an image of what I'm referring to. I hope it is viewable, as I'm having to use a proxy site to use said image, due to the school blocking the website.onlinecollege1207.info/browse.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fscp-wiki.wdfiles.com%2Flocal--files%2Fscp-035%2Fscp--035--002.gif&b=20

8110728 Not entirely, but a nice comparison ^^

Wait...did you just say "a spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus?" About time we got one. I loved the original, although it never got a sequel.

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