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This story is a sequel to My Little Universe: Season 3

Summer's around once again, and it'd been about a full year since the Mane Six first met the Crystal Gems. So much has happened since them, from Earth, to Homeworld, to Equestria. So much fun, adventure, and danger had come and go. The Gems and Ponies are here with their next big thing. They've gone all over the galaxy so far, and now they got their next surprise right back at home. Now they got the first ever Human-Gem fusion in history! With one half a full human, and the other a hybrid to begin with, this fusion's got a lot to learn about the world.

Oh, and Homeworld can visit Earth anytime they want to now, thanks to their own little Warp Pad, curtesy of our favorite Draconequus. Yep, there's that ...

We're in for a heck of a ride, aren't we? :pinkiecrazy:

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And so its season 3 comes to a close and season 4 has come to continue the saga of my little universe series and with the intro of the fusion stevonnie I FU*KING LOVE IT!! :flutterrage: I'll keep reading :rainbowkiss:

P.S. HAPPY F**KING 4th of July!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage:
America F*CK YEAH!!!!:rainbowdetermined2::flutterrage:

Alright! Great to see this uploaded. Unfortunately it is my bedtime now, so I will be sure to read it in the morning. Until, then toodles.

7362065 happy 4th of July ^^ glad you're liking it

I love it. :rainbowkiss::raritystarry:And yes I'll deal with it.:pinkiecrazy:

Why do I suddenly find myself shipping Stevonnie and Lapis? What would I even call that ship? Lapivonnie?
Anyways this was a good start to what is likely going to be another great work from you! Looking forward to reading the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

7365151 lapivonnie sounds good to me :3 glad you're enjoying the start of this season

"No? Then who was that human messing around with you then?

Oh, you mean Kevin? The same guy that Lapis could bury under a tidal wave? The same guy that Stevonnie could probably uppercut all the way to the moon? That Kevin?

Neat chapter, although I kind of feel that you were relying a bit too much basing it off the hearts and hooves episodes, even copying the song and just replacing characters. The part where Lapis and Ronaldo realize right away what's going on was a nice change of pace, as was the meeting between Lapis and Jamie, but you see what I mean right?
It was only a minor issue in the previous installments, but the way things are going now makes it feel like the pony aspect was just kind of tacked on last second. Now, in no way am I saying this is a bad fic. I wouldn't be reading it otherwise. I'm just giving constructive criticism where I believe it is due.
I know at least two ponies who might have something to say regarding future romance.
That's right. You know who I'm talking about.

7372702 I humbly thank you for your detailed analysis - helps me improve as a writer and story teller. And I see what you mean - admittedly, my ideas somehow mostly go back to the Gems, and sometimes I try to add in the pony aspect to keep it as a crossover and not just a SU fanfic. As for this example, I only change what is needed to be changed (sometimes it's harder than it sounds, and mainly is to fix flaws). Don't worry though, there's going to be more pony-focused episodes down the line :pinkiehappy:

So what exactly was the electric duck thing based off of? Did you just kind of make it up or use some mythical creature as inspiration? Also couldn't either Fluttershy or Rainbow have used a small storm cloud to feed him? They are both pegasi after all. That just seems like a much more cost effective method than having to constantly purchase AA's all the time.

7425841 Zappy was mostly made up really :3

Was... That Gem Fusion monster.... based on the Nuckelavee? The Celtic beast of myth that was known to be a skinless horse with a human rider sprouting from it's back, and in some cases known to have spears for arms?

... If so, then you are the greatest. Full marks.

7463297 Yep, it was indeed based off the Nuckelavee :twilightsmile: found the monster fitting for where the Rubies were.

7463352 .... You are honestly the greatest for actually knowing about the Nuckelavee. Obscure mythical monsters, HO!!!!

You bring me an obscure monster, then I bring you a bard song!

I still can't believe that you guessed some of the rubys' nicknames right

7466352 it took some looking around, I had to admit. It's better then calling them all just Ruby.

This is how the real episode should play out if connie's parents find out about the fusion

All these changes make me wonder how some events in canon will turn out now, like Bismuth for example. Is Steven gonna accidentally let her out too? Oh, and how will Smoky Quarts first appear this time?

7476708 you'll find out in due time

Awesome chapter and nice use of Smoky Quartz

How many seasons will this story have?

Okay... Inexplicable Quetzelquatl appearance... I'm okay with this.

Q did you or didn't you Travel parallel universes help Steven or just trolling like you did in Star Trek the next gen/ Voyager series.:derpytongue2: "sigh" Q you silly silly powerful being.:twilightblush::derpytongue2: great first solo mission for Steven Universe on MLU.:raritystarry::raritywink::twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy:

7529285 question will the topic of Pink Diamond ever come up and what about White Diamond and how much of the canon from MLP and Steven Universe will there be?

7543916 I'll try to handle it in due time. I'm not going to leave something like that out

I absolutely love this series and can't wait for the next chapter of it:derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2:

7555174 Thank you ^^ Glad you're liking it so far

it's cool it's your story you just go with flow. and I Like it. :3:rainbowkiss: respect:rainbowdetermined2:

Hey there Kirin. Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I like to take breaks from stories I like so I don't get burnt out on them too soon. That said, I'll be sure to take a peek at your latest chapters soon.
Happy writing!:twilightsmile:

"Alright, tough shot. I could use the entertainment. Meet me at the arena by sundown, and we'll see who's the one talking tough when we're done,"

Didn't Kyra take on Yellow Diamond and almost win, while crippled no less? Porath should be a cakewalk compared to her, or any gem for that matter.
Also, Smoky Quartz ex machina.

7618534 nice to see you again buddy ^^

7618803 not my best attempt in introduction but that's how it technically was in the show so ... Yeah ^^;

And why isn't Connie trying to murderlize the ever loving daylights out of Amethyst for stealing her hubby?

"What about it? Twilight, we've pummeled plenty of beasts already, and this is no different. We'll be back before you know it,"

Said the gem that got her butt handed to her in the previous chapter.

as Jasper leaned over to Steven, Steven now easily able to see that there was some paint-like liquid coming out of Jasper's gem

And then this happened.

7621320 like it when you share your thoughts Dilos :twilightsmile:

I wonder how long it will be until the Mane Six realize that they forgot their submarine. I'm sure that their insurance is gonna love them for that.

7622345 :rainbowlaugh: wonder how many bits they have to pay, eh?


I want that amount of my existence back. nothing but a mixed up movie.

Translation: she disliked how they portrayed her as the lovestruck secondary character that no pony really cared about.

Considering that Rose shattered Pink Diamond, Jasper's Diamond, I am very interested in how that topic will be handled. Also, dammit Jasper, this was the perfect opportunity for you to inform Pearl of the giant forced fusion hidden beneath the Earth's surface. The longer either you or Peridot put it off the worse it's going to be for the both of you, and the harder it will be to earn back the trust the others gave to you, and the harder it will be to smooch Pearl. You may have been able to excuse yourselves when you were still somewhat hostile, but not anymore.

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