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My Little Universe: Season 4 - EquestrianKirin

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Gem Spook

The world in Beach City had made a shift from warm to cold fairly quickly. Thanks to the passing rain before, it had also brought in quite a cold front to the city, as autumn was in full swing. While in the city itself, it wasn't too much of effect just yet, head off more inland, and the farmland surely shows the true shifts to autumn. The grass began to grow dry with the cooling breeze blowing gently through. That same breeze was going through to the sea, and passing by Steven humble Beach House.

Speaking of Steven, the kid was happily busy with getting himself ready, shifting through his number of clothes for something to wear. It wasn't exactly his clothes to get ready for the day, he'd been done with that. No, this outfit was for a special occasion. Course, he had to get it all set first. This was a big choice for him. He had a sign outside the bathroom, saying "busy", and BOY was he busy in there. He had been working on this for a good twenty minutes straight, and he was making wonderful time. The Gems had been a bit curious as to what he was up to; Peridot, Diopside and Star Quartz waiting just outside.

"Steven? Are you done in there yet? You've been a long time," Diopside asked. The trio didn't had a clue what Steven was up to, but Steven was pretty busy.

"Almost finished," Steven replied.

"... What's he doing?"

"Beats me, Star," Peridot replied in a shrug.

Soon though, finally, Steven Universe was done, and went on out. However, when he walked out, the three found that someone completely different was standing there. His skin was a light greyish-blue, lines of black on him like metal plates. He had a space boy helmet on his head; round disks over his ears, red helmet with three white sails and a set of antenna. He wore a red vest with white shoulder pads, with white gloves and blue oven mittens. He had the basic blue pants and sandals of Steven, but the rest of him was not Steven. Peridot was confused, Star was curious, and Diopside was freaked out.

"I am Zoltron; fortune teller from the future," Steven said, in a surprisingly well done robotic voice. Diopside kept her distance, both eyes locked on him.

"W-Who are you?! Where's Steven?!" Diopside asked. Steven didn't consider his costume scary, but liked how good it was.

"I'm Steven."

"No you're not! Steven's a human with -" before Diopside could finish, Steven lifted up his vest to show his normal skin and signature Gemstone underneath. That was enough to convince Diopside this was Steven, but why he was dressed like that was still a mystery.

"Wait ... Steven?"

"Why're you dressed like that?" Peridot questioned. Steven went up to his room first and found his calendar, pulling it out to show the three. He pointed to one particular day on the calendar, though pointing was a little harder with his oven mitt for a hand. The day in question was marked by a Jack-o-Lantern.

"It's Halloween! It's when you dress up, and go out to have some spooky, scary fun, and get lots of candy!" Steven explained, licking his lips at the thought of candy. The three were still a bit confused, despite the summery.

"So ... You're dressed like that because ...?"

"Because it's fun, and apart of the holiday," Steven replied.

"Well you did a good job at scaring me, Steven," Diopside said, now relaxed.

Soon, another person then showed up from the Warp Pad. This time the Gem was Amethyst, but she didn't look normal at first. Her clothes looked torn in a number of places, her fingers had claws, her head had two pointed animal ears, and she even had a shaggy tail. Unlike Steven, this Gem was easier to make out then Steven.

"AROOOOOO! Hey Steven!" Amethyst howled. Clearly, this was for a werewolf, a animal benefiting Amethyst more than most for a number of reasons.

"... You too, Amethyst?" Star asked.

"Of course! I wouldn't miss Halloween for any reason," Amethyst said confidently. Steven went downstairs to meet with Amethyst, as Peridot really started to wonder on what the idea is on Halloween.

"... Are we allowed to do this?" Star asked.

"Yeah, can we join you?" Diopside repeated. Steven and Amethyst were more than happy to include them.

"Of course you can. First, you're gonna need a costume," Steven advised. Seems simple enough. The idea on what costumes to wear though was a little bit confusing for them.

"Is there any limits we should know about?" Questioned Peridot. Steven and Amethyst thought it over for a little bit, and they both decided to help them out with it.

"Oh no."


After a while, they weren't the only ones working along for the season. They took one trip on the Warp Pad to their next destination, at least where Steven had initially planned to come around to visit for Halloween; the barn. What better atmosphere than good old farmland for both scary and friendly fun? Turned out, the place was already being decorated by Lapis Lazuli, with an extra hand from Connie who came by for a visit. The barn was decorated with different things; wheat stalks from the nearby fields, some hay bales, a few pumpkins for good measure. Steven and amethyst were happy to see them, as the two agreed to lend a hand in helping them out with decorating.

Lapis and Connie both were dressed up as well. Connie had her own outfit that looked pretty neat, but rather simple from her wardrobe. The girl was actually dressed in her training attire; purple suit with red waistband, and her hair tied back like she had done during her sword training with Pearl. It was fine, and something Connie had grown used to with her sword practice with Pearl. As for Lapis Lazuli, her outfit was also more casual; dressed up as a baseball player, which included the baseball cap, and baseball cleats. Aside from usual white and red, it was white with blue. Aside from that though, it was mainly the same as a usual baseball player. Her baseball cap actually had a Dolphin on it for some unique flair. Lapis had a hole in the back of the outfit so she could still use her signature water wings.

"Lapis! Connie!" Steven called, heading right over to them with a big smile.

"Steven!" They both said, heading over to him and Amethyst.

"Happy Halloween, Steven," Connie said.

"Thanks you two. How goes the decorating?" Amethyst asked, looking over the decorations they had got up so far.

"We're still working on a bit. Almost done," Lapis replied.

After a bit, it was then that Lapis and Connie noticed the other three show up. Since Star Quartz, Diopside, and Peridot hadn't a clue on what to wear for this Halloween stuff, Amethyst and Steven gave them a hand depending on what they wanted:

Star Quartz had the least amount of effort into her look, mainly because Star already had a ghostly look to her appearance regularly. The enhancements on her for her outfit was mainly some props and makeup on her that gave her a more ghostly look. Instead of her usual starry eyes, Amethyst gave her some contact lenses to instead show pure black eyes, and Amethyst even added some face paint under her eyes for some good measure. not blood, but more of ink, but still effective. Star's nails were also done in a black pointed fashion. Mainly, Star was a supernatural ghost overall, not much of an adjustment, and something Star suggested on. She found it interesting.

Diopside was a bit more complicated than Star, but still showed a common idea. With some clothes, and some props, Diopside made a good pirate. She had a skull captain's hat, an eyepatch over her Gem eye, a red and white striped short with a blue over shirt, sleeves torn, tan short (leggings also torn), red bandana around her neck, and a hook on her right hand. Diopside found the eyepatch a bit annoying, considering it was over her Gem eye rather than her other eye, but Steven insisted it would make it more authentic over a supposed "blind Pirate", so Diopside took it as it was, and was still happy that Steven was happy.

Peridot's outfit was more visibly different, and one that was more just a random choice. The green Gem actually decided to do a animal costume; fur-padded paw gloves with fake claws at the end of them reaching up to her elbows, fur covered boots with a similar design to match, a long tail going on behind her, a furry body suit with a black line along the middle, and a set of fake wolf ears on her head. She was basically given a werewolf outfit to wear, though she looked more like a cute shaggy dog than a scary werewolf. At least it didn't cover her Cutie Mark like she thought it would. Lapis and Connie immediately noticed Peridot first. Peridot had showed off her Cutie Mark to everybody a while ago, but Connie was brand new to it, and was surprised to see this little detail on Peridot's body.

"Peridot? Is that a ... Cutie Mark?!" Connie gasped. Peridot felt less embarrassed, and pointed out her metal flower Cutie Mark with a smile.

"Impressive, right? And that's not all," Peridot said, walking confidently over to the barn. Last time she demonstrated she used the same TV, but this time she came back out with a metal plate, levitating it in her hands above her head. Even with the gloves over her hands she could still pull it off, and still amaze Connie with her new skills.

"When did you get this?" Connie asked.

"Saved Ruby and Amethyst from being crushed by Steven's Earth television, like a real hero," Peridot said, happily twirling around the metal plate above her for a bit. Maybe she might be pushing the idea that she was a hero for the act, but she still got the powers either way.

"Sweet! So, that aside, what'd you dress as?" Lapis asked, changing the subject before she would run her mouth about it again. Peridot looked herself over, looking back at her tail.

"Steven and Amethyst called this appearance modifier a "Werewolf"; some sort of anthropomorphic wolf creature," Peridot explained. Amethyst suddenly popped up and gave Peridot a noogie to the head.

"She's my wolf sister," Amethyst summed up. That's what she gets for being a Werewolf with Amethyst. Star began to look around the place for a bit, seeing the decorations that Lapis and Connie had made.

"... Interesting choice of living renovations ..." Star said, gently touching a stalk of wheat by the barn door. Peridot was also a bit curious over the decorations done on the house.

"So the house gets this costume too?" Peridot wondered.

"No, no, it's decorations. You decorate your home in spooky fall stuff on Halloween," Steven said, trying to sound scary. It doesn't exactly work scary when he was dressed up as Future Boy Zoltron. Diopside moved her eyepatch to get a better look at the decorations on the house, and what costumes Connie and Lapis were wearing.

"What are you supposed to be Lapis?" Diopside questioned, head tilted a little bit. Connie she could get, as she saw her wear the outfit during training before, but Lapis Lazuli was a bit confusing. Lapis took a moment to check out her own outfit before actually shrugging.

"I just found this in the barn," Lapis admitted, a embarrassed smile on her face. She knew what to go with, and that she needed a costume, but she just found this one without knowing what it actually was. Still, it was an alright outfit. Something casual compared to last year's Nightmare Night outfit. However, as Steven was looking around, he realized not many people were around the place aside from them.

"Where's everyone else?" Steven asked. That was then when Lapis felt a little bummed out.

"Sorry guys, but the others want to find out a bit more about what happened during that storm, remember? Garnet promised to join us later, but the others won't be joining us this time," Lapis said.

"Aww," Steven replied, bummed out not too many were going to be with them this time around. Oh well.

"OY! Happy Halloween Gems!"

The voice was pretty much from nowhere, but they quickly found out where the voice was coming from. Soon, the group then looked up and found their answer sitting on top of the barn, suddenly dropping down a lot of multi-colored leaves down on them. Emerald.

"Hi Emerald! Happy Halloween for you too!" Steven called back. The green boy Gem got onto his hexagon, and floated down to them safely with something beside him. Better than just jumping off the rooftop. Like the other Gems, he too had a pretty good outfit going for him that he made up himself. Standing on the hexagon like he was posing for a picture, Emerald had himself a much spookier look. He painted a wide smile on his face of red, his head white, and he now had shaggy hair instead of his Mohawk, which was now black instead of green. Peridot, not wanting someone like him to see her like this, actually hid behind Amethyst so Emerald wouldn't see her. It wasn't very good though; even if emerald didn't see her from the roof, he did still see the large brown tail of her outfit.

"See you all are joining in. Nice!" Emerald said.

"Thank you, Emerald. You're looking pretty authentic yourself," Connie complimented.

"What're you supposed to be anyway? Is it what you humans call, a clown?" Diopside asked. Emerald felt insulted.

"A clown?! I'm J T K mind you - internet legendary killer," Emerald said, feeling more confident in his outfit. It may not be as complicated, but the thought was still there anyway. It was after explaining himself when he noticed Peridot's new tail. Amethyst took a step aside, showing Peridot down in hiding. They all knew it would've worked anyway. When Peridot noticed Emerald's smirk, she just groaned, and got up to her feet.

"Hello, Emerald. Come here to mock me again?" Peridot asked, rolling her eyes, waiting for the insult to hit her. Emerald got it, but he had something else in mind rather than making fun of how cute Peridot looked in her little suit.

"Nah - taking a break for it for a bit. Look what I got," Emerald said. He got the stuff of the hexagon, and soon showed them to the rest of the group. Turned out, he made a hand fan out of a set of DVDs to play, all of which were horror films. He had about three different films in selection. One had a Werewolf on the front of it, dressed as a Vampire, looming above a old van. The second one showed what seemed to be someone inside a fog-filled room, a hand on the glass. The third one looked like a basic Zombie movie, with many hands reaching out from a deep tunnel, towards the surface. They had either a Werewolf movie, a Sci-fi, or a Japanese zombie classic.

"... Rectangles?" Star asked, only to have emerald laugh.

"No, they're movies! We have "The Werepire project", "Vapor", and "Kurasuta no taitō"," Emerald explained. The idea was a bit interesting, but they all were a bit high on viewing preference. Not rated-R, but it's up there.

"WHOA, how'd you get those?! Thought they were sold out days ago," Amethyst said, especially excited for Vapor out of the three. While the other two were decent enough, Vapor out of the three was not only special and out of the ordinary, but also great in reviews for a number of things.

"Got these babies during some last minute shopping. You had NO idea how hard it was to get these, let me tell you. So, which movie do you guys wanna watch tonight?" Emerald asked, showing all three movies. Almost immediately, Amethyst picked her choice by yanking it out of Emerald's hands.

"Vapor, obviously! I've been looking forward to this edition for weeks!" Amethyst beamed. Peridot looked over her shoulder to see it, looking confused.

"I've passed your earth viewing station before. You do know they're showing this there."

"Do you have any idea how much they cut out at the theater? This is uncut, and ALL in it. NO WAY am I missing it. I vote for Vapor," Amethyst decided. Steven and Connie had some second thoughts on this, especially after hearing this is the uncut version of it. Anything that is sold uncut means it has to be pretty gory in someway, especially for a horror movie.

"Eh, you sure? My parents don't want me watching these sort of movies," Connie said.

"Then why'd they let you out here? On Halloween, it's either get scared on tricks, or stuffed on treats - whatever works," Emerald replied.

"I'd do both," Amethyst said. Typical really.

"Just don't go overboard like last year, Amethyst, okay?" Lapis advised, for everyone's sake. Amethyst patted her stomach, and wink to Lapis.

"No promises," Amethyst chuckled. This did get Diopside wondering though.

"What happened last year?" Diopside asked.

"Amethyst stuffed herself with so much candy in Ponyville, she looked like a overblown balloon ready to pop. Garnet had to carry her back when it was over," Lapis explained. Amethyst licked her lips, and smiled on the memory. The exercise was a pain afterwards, but the session of stuffing herself silly was very nice for her, especially since she won that contest with RD for who could get the most candy. Victory seemed to make anything sweeter somehow, food included.

"Sounds like this "candy" is something big for this Halloween thing?"

"You kidding? It's the reward for those going door-to-door in their costumes. There's so many types too; chocolate bars, lollipops, candy corn, Halloween cookies, mmmm! Who knows what you'll get?" Peridot may not have eaten candy before, but this was making Peridot willing to try them out. Consider it a little field study on these sugary sweets.

"... Are we the only creatures celebrating this occasion?" Asked Star.

"You mean the humans? Yeah, they should be setting up this year too, in Beach City," Connie answered.

"Oh, that reminds me! Garnet wanted us to check out Beach City for a while, see if we can help set things up," Lapis realized.

"What about the movie?" Retorted Emerald.

"We'll do that later on tonight. For now, let's see what we can do."


It didn't take them very long at all for them to get from the barn, and over to Beach City. The group was soon heading off down along the boardwalk, which was already looking fancy with hay bales, pumpkins, and even a few scarecrows lined up. A number of Beach City residents were happily going along, either helping to set up the decorations or just enjoying the holiday as it was. The people were dressed up as all sorts of things; clowns, vampires, fairies, police man, all sorts of things. Each person had their own flair to them as much as the Gems did, and it was really a sight to see. Amethyst already bought some candy pop-pops, and was busy with those, Peridot looking with interest.

"Wanna try one, P?" Amethyst offered, holding a piece for her. Peridot nodded, and popped it in her mouth without question. The effect was immediate, Pop-Pops being one of those candies that feel like sparks in your mouth. Peridot stiffened and shuttered on feeling each snap and crackle in her mouth for a full five seconds.

"What was that?" She asked, still shaken up.

"That's the power of the Pop-Pops," Amethyst replied, shoving more in her mouth. First test handled.

As they continued along, Lapis looked ahead and soon spotted someone just ahead of them. Taking a closer look, turned out it was actually Jamie! Like many people in Beach City, Jamie also had on his costume for the holiday; a dazzling look of green attire from hat to shoes, with a bluejay feather sticking out from the hat. A personal choice of his own flair, like how Lapis had a Dolphin on her baseball cap.

"Huh. A interesting amount of green, don't you think?" Diopside noted. Lapis just smiled to Jamie, whom after a while did notice the group of Gems. Jamie went on over, and Lapis went over to him.

"Hi, Jamie. See you're dressed up," Lapis said.

"Hello, Lapis. Indeed I am; I'm the brave sir Robin - giver to those unfortunate, and joy to the common people," Jamie described, his acting showing up. Lapis still find his talent for acting cute and pretty good all things considered. Jamie took a look at Lapis's outfit.

"See you're dressed as a baseball player this year?" Jamie noted.

"Oh, that's what this is? I just threw this on," Lapis admitted, adding a giggle, Jamie joining her in it.

"Well you look nice in it."

"Thanks, you too. I had to improvise with it though, see?" Lapis then turned around to show her Gemstone to him, and the hole she had to make in it to use her wings. She didn't want a costume that restricted her.

"Oh, you said you had wings before, didn't you? See why you had to improvise," Jamie said, as Lapis showed him her wings. The added wings added an angelic look to the player.

"An angel in the baseball field," Jamie concluded. That seemed like the perfect image for Lapis Lazuli, in her outfit anyway.

"Well, I have to continue my route. Maybe we can meet later tonight?"

"Sounds like fun," Lapis replied. Jamie then walked off on his way. As for the others, they had pretty much saw and heard everything, and only then did they show up. Lapis just watched Jamie go, smiling softly.

"AWW, our water Gem's got a new friend now. Isn't he such a cutie Lapis?" Emerald joked. Lapis didn't change expressions, or direction, but she simply whacked Emerald on the side of the head, knocking him hard onto the ground.

Lapis ain't hearing that.


So, throughout the day, as Garnet might've expected, the group had gone around the place, and it turned out Beach City was more than happy to have them help out in the festivities. It had gone up and down with who did what for Beach City, be it putting up other decorations or just getting other tasks ready for the upcoming Trick-or-Treating night. Steven and Connie for example were heading along the sidewalk through Beach City to the Car Wash, see if they could help out there. It had been a while since they had been there anyway. Once the two had showed up, the Car Wash looked a little different thanks to the decorations set up. It wasn't too much to it, notably a pumpkin over by the neon sign, but that's about it. Greg was outside, just about to get started on his next car. His outfit for Halloween was mainly that of King Neptune; crown on his head, trident in one hand, and sea green clothes. Cheap, yes, but he worked with what he got.

"Hey dad!"

"Hey Steven, Connie. Happy Halloween," Greg said.

"Anything we can help with mr. Universe?" Connie offered.

"Well you two actually came at a good time," Greg admitted. Steven then started acting like a robot.

"Zoltron ready to help. Fatherly aid, activated," Steven said in his robot voice. Greg smiled, holding the wash hose.

"Think Zoltron can start spraying the car for Ol Neptune?" Greg asked. Steven gave a solute, and took the hose.

"I'll go get the sponges," Connie said, going to get some sponges to handle the car. Steven got in position with the hose, aiming it like a gun.

"Water powers, activate!" Steven yelled, pulling the trigger ... But nothing happened. Steven kept trying again and again, but it wasn't working. Connie came back with some sponges, only to see Steven having some trouble.

"Zoltron experiencing malfunction."

"You're standing on the hose, Steven."

Steven looked down and saw that he was actually having a foot on the hose, bulge of water on the hose. Steven lifted his foot for the water to go through. However, since Steven still held the trigger, the water blasted out fast, strong enough to knock Steven back into Connie. The two were just sturdy enough to hold the hose steady until it calmed down to regular power.

"Okay, Steven?"

"Yeah, I'm alright," Steven said, working with the hose again. Connie and Greg helped out in washing the car for a little bit. At first, it was doing alright, and the three had some basic conversations during the time.

"So, what're you doing for Halloween?" Connie asked Greg.

"I didn't plan much actually. I was hoping, Steven, you and I can have some Trick or Treat time later on," Greg said. He didn't have much chance to do so ever since Steven and Greg had their little road trip.

"Can Connie come too?" Steven asked.

"Alright with you kiddo?" Greg asked.

"Of course it is!" Connie beamed.

Halloween without trick or treating was just plain wrong.


Peridot and Amethyst were a bit busy in their endeavors as well, but rather than helping out anybody in particular, Amethyst and Peridot were more or less exploring this Halloween concept (Peridot was anyway). So far, the idea narrowed down to decoration and these sweets being given out. Peridot could feel that people were looking her way, and she was feeling a little bit annoyed with the attention. Maybe if it was for her strength, she wouldn't mind, but her outfit didn't seem to help her out much with being threatening.

"What's with these people?" Peridot gripped.

"They just like your little outfit, Peri," Amethyst replied.

"But isn't this Earth tradition about being terrifying?" Peridot questioned. Before they could continue, suddenly.


"EEKK!" Peridot jumped up, landing in Amethyst's arms, as she and Amethyst saw Mayor Dewey's van go by, and that same creepy head still on top of the van. Yeah, it had a witch hat on for holiday's sake, but that was about it. Mayor Dewey paid them no mind, and kept going along down the road. Peridot was shaking in her boots, yet it took a bit before Peridot realized what she just did.

"Eh hehehehe ... You can put me down now," a bashful and embarrassed Peridot replied. Amethyst dropped her, and the green Gem jumped up to her feet. Amethyst knew very well that Peridot got spooked, and the green Gem blushed up a storm. Peridot knew what Amethyst was smirking at.

"Is that, or is that not completely creepy?!" Peridot snapped, pointing to the head on the car. Peridot took a look to the thing, which gave amethyst her own greenlight for her own "trick-or-treat". And here, she chose to trick. Amethyst gave a little tap to Peridot's shoulder.

"What do you wa- AAAHHH!"

Amethyst shifted her head to match the one on Dewey's van. Yes, she went there. Amethyst couldn't help but laugh, and she shifted her head back to normal, Peridot gathering her nerves. She ended up growling like an angry dog, as Amethyst raced away, Peridot running after her.


Soon, the shenanigans of the Gem group went from Beach City, and they were back to the barn. Things gone up and down, but they did meet up back all the same, even if some Gems actually made other plans.

Emerald was more excited than ever, since this meant that he was going to get a scary movie going, and he can't wait to get rolling.

"Alrighty! Who's ready for some horror films?!" Emerald beamed, showing the movies in hand. However, the group seemed a little bit unsure with the idea now.

"... Guys?"

"I still promised Jamie I'd hang with him for Halloween, remember?" Lapis reminded. Emerald forgot about that, but he wasn't discouraged.

"Eh okay then. Still got the rest of the gang, right guys?" Emerald said. Steven and Connie glanced to eachother.

"Uh, Emerald? I kinda promised my dad that I'd go Trick-or-Treating with him this year ..."

"Isn't he old for that?"

"No ones too old for that, Emerald," Connie said. Emerald was getting more annoyed now, but just let out a sigh. Still, with Lapis, Steven, and presumably Connie out as well, he still had the others for it.

"... Right. And you guys?" Emerald asked, less amused.

"I'd like to go with Steven, if that's okay Emerald," Diopside said. Blunt and to the point. Now Emerald was bemused as everything. He just looked to Star, Peridot, and Amethyst.

"... Don't tell me you three are gonna go too," Emerald said dryly.

"As interesting as it is to sit and stare at an Earth motion picture, seeing this experience would be more suited to my studies," Peridot answered.

"Seriously? I spent over one hundred bucks on these movies!"

"I know, maybe we can watch it later. Sorry, Emerald," Lapis said. Emerald now was bummed out. He made his plans to watch a horror movie with his friends, and they suddenly make other plans like this? Still, at least Star didn't had much plan updates, but not much of a crowd like he wanted. Soon, the crowd left back to Beach City, leaving only Emerald and Star Quartz behind.

"I don't believe it. I plan this out, and they ditch me. Heck, might as well forget it now," groaned Emerald. Star felt a little sorry for Emerald, but then saw the film he had in hand, which was Vapor again.

"... Can I see that?" Star suddenly asked.

"Knock yourself out," Emerald griped, tossing it back to her. It bounced off of her head, and landed in her hands. As Emerald stewed in his situation, Star Quartz took the time to look over the movie. She looked to the back and saw the information on the back, giving her some information about the movie and what it had in store. It didn't spoil anything to the Gem, but it still did intrigue her all the same ...


As night time neared, the city along the shoreline began to become a little more active for the Halloween holiday. Down in Beach city, now night time, the decorations began to truly light up, quite literally. Many of the Jack-O-Lanterns around town were lit up nicely to decorate the boardwalk alongside the streetlights. The other decorations as well, such as the scarecrows, now had a more ominous look to them due to the change of day, which was what the residents were hoping to get with their efforts. Speaking of residents, with the main work of setting up now calmed down, it was time for some fun in the place. Different activities were set up, games to play, attractions inland to find as well (can't do everything on the beach). Steven, Connie, Greg, and now Diopside, were now going along the place and checking things out. Diopside, for one, was truly marveled at how much work had gone into such a holiday for a species more primitive than Homeworld's Gems.

"To think you do all this in just one day," Diopside wondered aloud.

"Well it's once a year, so not too bad," Connie said. Made sense considering how much was actually done for Halloween. As Connie and Steven went ahead, Greg and Diopside were alone for a moment.

"So, Diopside. Has things been going well for you?" Greg asked. Diopside looked over to Greg, a little shy but not enough to be completely silent.

"For a while, yes ... Your son is very nice," Diopside said, looking over to Steven.

"Yeah, he's a good kid. Speaking of which, Steven told me a bit about you," Greg agreed.

"L-Like what?" Diopside asked.

"Well ... About how you were some Gem monster, or something like that."

"Oh ... That ... yes," Diopside said. Being reminded on how she used to be a sort of Gem beast before she was healed by Jade and Flint was something she didn't truly like being reminded about.

"Your son was the only one nice to me at the time ... Thank the stars I'm back to normal."

As they continued looking around the place, one other figure was silently awaiting her patient visual over the group. Just hidden out of sight so no one could notice her, including those within the group in question. As no one was watching, she leaped off towards her next location, making sure no one spotted her as she moved off.



Further off, Lapis Lazuli had just managed to find Jamie after a good while of looking around in the air. She wasn't exactly given any sort of true direction on where they were going to meet up exactly. Jamie himself was outside, much like the other residents, over by the boardwalk, looking out to the ocean. Lapis landed softly over next to him, retracting her wings. Jamie was glad to see her just as well.

"Salutations, Lapis. Ready to depart on this celebration?" Jamie asked, tone of old English.

"Indeed sire. It is a splendid night to be part of the festivities," Lapis replied. The two were quiet for a little bit, but the two then chuckled to eachother. Acting sure was something fun for the two to do, though Jamie had a stronger passion for it than Lapis did.

"So, Jamie. What do you want to do first? I saw a lot of stuff to do before I got here," Lapis said. Jamie went over to her side.

"Let's scour the land and see," Jamie said. Lapis smiled at her actor, and the two began to look around for a bit.

Jamie and Lapis went along the boardwalk for a little bit more. The two saw a number of kids go along their own Halloween way. They got their outfits, and got the concept down as much as Jamie had. Even if it was supposed to be spooky, the moon shining down did give a nice feeling to the place. Lapis looked up to the moon for a moment, but that was until -



Turned out it was the legit thing. Inside a booth, there appeared to be some sort of robot, looking like Steven's costume, but with a robot body and thinner build. Looks like it was set up for some extra money for the holiday. Lapis was immediately curious over seeing this weird thing, and the two went over to see.

"What's this?" Lapis asked.

"This? It's actually a fortune booth. You put in a quarter, ask a question, and Zoltron will foresee your future. Wanna try?" Jamie explained.

"I'm all set, thanks," Lapis shrugged. Why pay for something when she could ask Garnet for free? Jamie got out a quarter and tried it out himself. He cleared his throat before going on to ask Zoltron.

"Will everyone have fun this Halloween?"

A broad question, for sure. Zoltron grew active.

"Yes! Everyone is having fun at Funland!" Zoltron replied. Lapis, admitted, didn't find it very impressive. Her boss can basically do the same that this metal man could do, and she didn't have to pay any money for that. Even then, that quote-on-quote "prediction", was sounding more like an advertisement for Funland if anything.

"Hmm. I dunno. Zoltron may not be good at his job," Lapis said.

"It's not too bad, Lapis. Here, you try it," Jamie said, giving Lapis a quarter to try it out. Lapis decided to roll with it, and inserted the quarter in the coin slot, and cleared her throat. Jamie's question could've been answered by any simple person. Now let's see how legit this is.

"Zoltron, will we be able to have enough time to watch a horror movie with Emerald later on tonight?"

"Yes! Everyone is having fun at Funland!"


"I rest my case," Lapis said, snapping her fingers before walking off on her way. Nice to feel right on something. Jamie felt a little silly, now wasting fifty cents on Zoltron. Oh well, there's still plenty of free things to do in Beach City. Soon, as Lapis and Jamie went off out of sight, someone peeked out from the Funland Arcade, where Future Boy Zoltron was at. She waited a bit until she was gone this time around, but hearing that Lapis still wanted to be with emerald was still questionable for her. Lapis Lazuli suddenly began to feel like she was being watched. But when she turned around, no one else was there ...

"Okay Lapis?" Jamie asked. Lapis got herself back to attention.

"Oh, I'm fine, sorry," Lapis replied. Jamie and Lapis both looked on ahead, and the two saw something further down the path ...

The figure looked pretty decent at first, a little farther away. The figure had some baggy clothes (green shirt and old jeans) like that of a homeless person, and the head was covered by a basic brown paper bag, eyeholes cut out, but covered by some sunglasses so the eyes still weren't visible. Almost immediately, Lapis and Jamie got a creeped out vibe from seeing the odd man, and the man began to walk along the boardwalk towards them. Since it was Halloween though, the two figured it was just a good outfit (served the purpose anyway).

"Uh ... Hey, Jamie, let's try this way," Lapis said, pointing to a direction AWAY from the man. Jamie and Lapis soon moved out of sight fast.


"Now THAT'S a good load right here," Amethyst said, looking at the candy she gathered. She had been pretty busy through this Halloween since leaving away from the barn. It had been an hour into the night, and she had gotten a ton of candy from going about Beach City, surely more than many of the other kids in the city. Peridot wasn't around for the moment, deciding to try her luck after given some instructions on how to Trick-or-Treat by Amethyst herself. However, Amethyst hadn't seen Peridot in quite sometime, and it should be about time to check the load count on her. The purple Gem got her hefty bag of candy, and began heading off to look for her wolf sister.

"Yo, wolf Per, where are ya?" Amethyst called. The two hadn't been apart for very long, so her voice would easily find its way to her. Amethyst was confident that she got plenty of candy at this point, hopefully more than Peridot had.


Soon, Amethyst found her green friend, with a good sized back tossed over her shoulder. Her bag looked pretty full, but not exactly too much like Amethyst had, so perhaps it wouldn't be that bad. Peridot rushed over, suspending two metal spheres in her free hand with her metal powers. She didn't forget she could do that, and liked to show it off somehow.

"K, Peridot, what do you got?" Amethyst asked, comparing bags. Amethyst showed off her goods, a lot of delicious candy inside. Peridot took a peek in her bag before groaning.

"I don't think I got it right," Peridot groaned, showing Amethyst what she had gotten. Amethyst took one look, and she was left speechless, eyes wide. The bag was filled not with candy, but with money! Tons of coins and dollar bills inside!


"Thought I could get some candy with showing off my metal-kinisis techniques, and I end up with mineral circles, and green paper," Peridot groaned. She may felt a bit defeated, but Amethyst was simply amazed, and took the bag. How much money could be inside this bag? How much did Peridot earn just for showing off her skills?!

"So ... Did I win, or -"

"Oh, uh yeah sure you did," Amethyst said, not paying attention. Even if she did, Peridot sure won more than Amethyst could do with her candy. Peridot felt victorious, and grabbed Amethyst's bag.

"Victor goes the spoils!" Peridot said in triumph. Course, it might be a little bit before Amethyst could explain things, but for now, she'll let Peridot enjoy the candy. Peridot wasted no time in starting to eat up Amethyst's candy, mix of sweet, savory, and hint of sour filling her mouth. Amethyst went on with the greenbacks Peridot unwittingly earned (if she meant to or not). As the two were there, someone started to walk over their way. Amethyst glanced up and saw the figure first. As it turned out, it was the same man that Lapis and Jamie encountered earlier. He moved a bit awkwardly, almost sluggishly, over towards Amethyst and Peridot.

"Sup dude?" Amethyst asked casually. However, the man didn't really reply, soon stopping a foot away from them both. He stood hunched over, paper bag head looking down at Amethyst and Peridot. Peridot was a little too busy with enjoying the candy to even notice the strange person standing just a foot away.

"Uh ... Yo, anyone in there?" Amethyst asked, waving a hand in front of his face. However, the man walked closer, and reached out to touch and prob Amethyst's wolf ears.

"Eh yeah, neat right? Got these at - what're you doing?"

Suddenly the hand moved down onto Amethyst's cheek, and the other hand was soon on her other cheek. Now Amethyst was getting creeped out. She went on to back up, getting the man to let go of her. Next it was Peridot who noticed the odd man, who walked over to her.

"Can I help you?" Peridot asked, mouth full. The man brought a hand down, and started to run his hand over Peridot's stomach (which was bulging a little from Peridot's candy eating).

"Uh ... Thanks?" Peridot questioned. She waited a minute or two, the creepy human still there, still rubbing her. Peridot backed up, and went over to Amethyst.

"Who's your creepy friend?" Peridot asked.

"What friend?" Amethyst asked back. The man turned around to face them, Peridot keeping herself behind Amethyst.

"Hey, buddy, I know it's Halloween, but you're kinda pushing it ... Hello? ..."

The man wasn't answering. Annoyed, Amethyst went ahead, and try to pull the paper bag off of his head to see who the wise guy was. She got a grip on it, and pulled the bag off fast. In under one second, the clothes suddenly collapsed into a heap of laundry. No body. No person in the clothes. All that was left was the paper bag in Amethyst's hands, and the clothes on the ground. It was as if nothing wore them to begin with ...

Amethyst and Peridot were wide eyed, and shocked as ever, as Amethyst dropped the bag onto the ground. Peridot looked even more freaked out.

"... O ... K ..."

The two took off soon after that. Not checking what happened to the laundry.


The night dragged on for a while, even slower over back at the barn. Trick or Treat was a bit enjoyable, and soon the gang did return back to it. In the night, the barn and its decorations showed a lot more in the night light, especially the Halloween lights themselves.

"Let's get that movie started!" Amethyst beamed.

"Hope Emerald didn't get too angry with us," Diopside said. They kinda left him alone with his own plans, which were dashed pretty much. Still, they were back at the barn, and ready to get the movie going. Lapis went ahead to open the barn up, yet when they looked inside, nobody was there. Emerald was gone, Star Quartz was gone. No one.

"Emerald, we're back," Lapis called. However, they didn't exactly find anyone there, or any response for that matter. That seemed a little bit odd.

"We still have time for the movie after all, don't be mad at us," Diopside added. They went on in, trying to see where he had gone off to.

"EMERALD! Don't try any of your tricks!" Peridot warned. Last thing she needed. With their minds more focused on the movie, and trying to find where Emerald had gone, Peridot turned around to go outside rather than stick around. If this was apart of some trick, she wanted no part of it. Just before she could step outside.


Something big fell down from the roof of the barn, and right in front of Peridot. The green Gem yelped, and jumped back, catching the attention of the others. The thing that so happened to fall down on the floor turned out to be the body of that same man they kept seeing! Steven, Diopside, and Connie were unaware of this man, though still spooked seeing him fall on the ground like that. The others knew what they saw though, and while Lapis was caught off guard, Amethyst and Peridot were a little freaked.

"Oh my gosh, you okay?!" Connie asked. The man got up onto his feet, groggy in movement, but Amethyst, Lapis, and Peridot were not having it.

"Get away, you clod!" Peridot demanded. The odd man reached out to get her, but Amethyst already was in the process of shutting the barn doors. The man stepped back once the doors shut, splitting him and Peridot up.

"Wait, wait, what's the matter?" Steven asked.

"I'm not letting that ghost in here!" Amethyst retorted.

"Ghost?!" Connie, Lapis, and Steven gasped.

"What's a ghost?" Diopside asked.

"A horrifying undead spirit, that's what! At least it can't get in -" before Peridot could finish, the man showed up again, this time somehow getting up onto the barn front window! The man went limp, and stumbled down inside like a ragdoll, almost landing on them below! They went on one side of the barn, and the man got up over by the barn door. In the dim light, it was harder to really make him out clearly for most of the Gems. The man began to walk closer and closer to them, but out of the Gems, Diopside began to notice something ...


Diopside got up after a bit, soon right up to the man. The Gem was trying to see something with this man in the paper bag and glasses. Regular vision was a bit hard on the surface, especially in the dim light, so Diopside got the eyepatch in her outfit back over her normal eye, her Gem eye turning into complete focus. Her Gem eye adjusted deeply, giving Diopside a much clearer vision just pass the shades ...

"Wait ... Are you ..."

After a bit, the man placed both hands on the bag covering his head, and began to pull it off, only to show ...

"... Am I doing it right?"


There was Star Quartz, dressed up in a creepy outfit, and holding the paper bag. Now THIS was completely out of nowhere. The others didn't know how to react, especially those who saw her earlier down in Beach City. Star got her hair out, letting it run down, and she went on removing the freaky outfit.

"That was you?" Lapis asked.

"WHOA. Ok, that was good," Amethyst admitted. Star was out of the other outfit at this point, her normal attire already on.

"So that was you running around Beach City in that freaky outfit?" Peridot asked.

"... I tried to get it right. Did I scare you?"

"Wait no no. But how'd you disappear like that? We didn't find anyone in that outfit, didn't we Amethyst?"

Before they could answer, Star pointed up, as something started to move the outfit again. Peridot and Diopside looked up, and they found Emerald on the second loft of the Barn, working his telekinesis on the clothes.

"Hey wolf sister. Got you good," Emerald said, laughing a bit as the outfit patted Peridot on the head. Now Peridot felt like a idiot.

"Great job, Star," Connie congratulated. Star nodded, as Emerald got himself down. Peridot was just looking at him, very cross.

"Come on, you cute Dorito, you gotta admit that was pretty good. Beats sitting around waiting for ya to come back," Emerald said. Peridot reached her arm out to the side, and she got her metal powers to summon a conveniently metallic baseball bat to her grip. Emerald ran, as Peridot chased after him, swinging the bat like mad. As they were doing that, the others went to Star.

"But Star, why'd you go around scaring us like that?" Diopside asked.

"... Isn't that the reason behind the holiday?" Star questioned.

"Well, yes, but you kinda took it a little far," Lapis responded. If Halloween was like Nightmare Night, then Star did go up another level with her approach.

"... I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Just maybe tell us if you're going to try that kind of stuff first, okay?" Connie suggested. Star simply agreed, and she looked over to Peridot and Emerald after a bit. Emerald was up on his hexagon, floating just out of reach, Peridot swinging her bat, trying to get him. Obviously Peridot was fuming, to say the least.

"Should we stop her?" Diopside asked. Star went on over to Peridot, and tapped her on the shoulder.

"What, I'm trying to murder a Gem here!" Peridot snapped. Star and Peridot soon locked eyes for a moment. Star made sure by moving Peridot's visors to see her true eyes, and remained that way for a good bit. Peridot felt her anger subside, and soon she was calm and relaxed.

"Better?" Star asked. All Peridot did was nod. Impressive how Star can relax anyone if she wanted to.

"You're good," Amethyst complimented. Emerald floated down, a bit slower this time, and got to ground level. Can't be too careful with Peridot, even after she calmed down. That could be from being around Ruby, but who knew?

"So, looks like everyone's here, so ..."

"... Movie? We still have time," Star cut in.

Star held out the preferred selection in the set of movies, which turned out to be "Vapor". Emerald didn't know how she got that, since he just had it with him. He checked his pockets, and found that Star snuck it out of him. Clever cheat that one. It was a bit of a jump at it, but it was Halloween, and they owed Emerald that after going to handle their own things, and making him wait for them.

"Let's set it up," Lapis decided.

Author's Note:

Happy Halloween everypony :raritystarry:

Some spooky stuff, romance stuff, and funny stuff rolled up into one fun time ^^. We saw Nightmare night in Ponyville, now Halloween in Beach City. And for those Creepypasta fans, J T K is Jeff the Killer :3.