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The animals amongst the vast and almost entirely unexplored Tenochtitlan Basin all know the Laws that keep their world together. There're those that highly respect it, but there're those who don't hold it highly and are outcasted from the Jungle. But what of those that fall in the middle?

This is the dilemma concerning Sila. A "No Hoof". All the animals know that her kind is forbidden by jungle law, but a string of circumstances made this wild Pony the exception, even knowing full well that the monstrous predator Okpe was after her first, and has all the will to hunt her down and devour her. Now running with the Talacon Pack of Cadejo Hounds that respect the law of the Jungle more than any other creature in the basin, only time will tell whether she can remain in the Jungle or if she must leave it behind for her own kind.

This is STRONGLY inspired by the "Jungle Book" so expect a number of similarities between the two while reading. Just a headsup :3

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How far is one willing to go for the ones they love?

Everypony was so happy. Who really wouldn't be during the great Summer Sun Celebration? What started off as a wonderful get together to celebrate the raising of the sun and the return of one moon princess to her older sisters side, quickly turned tragic when the Princess of Friendship herself found the princesses had gone missing again, leaving the sun and the moon standing still in the sky once more. A lone voice tells her that it knows where they are, and is more than willing to give them back to Equestria so they can control the Sun and Moon again ... For a price that is.

Twenty-four prices to be exact.

With the clock on Equestria ticking and a heavy burden on their shoulders, Twilight and the rest of the Elements of Harmony must set off to the Forbidden Lands to save Celestia and Luna before their world can turn into chaos. But just how much were they willing to sacrifice in order to do that? ...

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The Cutie Map is always known for calling it's share of creatures to all sorts of locations for the greater good of its assigned missions, but still it sometimes works in mysterious ways. This time, Alicorn Princess and Celestia's brightest former student, Twilight Sparkle, and hard-working farmer of the Apple Family Applejack must pack up their gear, and go far from Equestria to a land known as Farasi: a tropical coastal region hardly touched by any Equestrian Pony.

What's even more surprising is that their Friendship Problem involves a White Lion ... That talks!

(A MLP/Kimba the White Lion Crossover. You can place this anywhere between Season 05 - Season 08 :pinkiehappy:)

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This story is a sequel to My Little Universe: Season 8

The Elements of Harmony and the Crystal Gems had come a very long way. Earth: a colony planet for a renegade Diamond, now in watch and care by a 16 year old Human boy and his team of Polymorphic Sentient Rocks. And Equus: a planet right from a storybook in charge by the Princess of the Sun, now in watch by her most faithful student along with her closest friends of all three Races. A princess of Friendship, and a Prodigy of Care.

They've done so much to get to this point, and they're so close to being finished. Corruption still needs to be healed, old quarrels still need to be mended, and still looming is an army that is bent on ruining everything they've built up to this point. Can they make it to that Happily Ever After?

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This story is a sequel to My Little Universe: Supernova

The Everstorm had left it's mark on history once again. In the wake of the fallout, and perhaps afterwards, the worlds we know had been given a whole new era to deal with. And time, as we all know, doesn't stop for anypony, and new things can happen all the time. And in these changes, a whole new princess of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle, has now been passed as the true successor to Celestia. Not to mention too, about the big events following Steven Universe's true identity as a noble and royal member of the diamond Authority! Will this make life easier for them?
Well, every new change isn't without its catch, and new changes are also being put underway: A visit back home reveals old customs far too enforced, and new creatures are guaranteed to make things just a little bit more bothersome. You know, as always with life. It's time to test the durability of the Harmony Gems, as they stand up to the tasks ahead in loyalty, and adapting.

Harmony Gems unite!

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This story is a sequel to My Little Universe: Season 7

Five Years.
More than plenty of time since the connection had been made between one world of Human Beings, and another of colored-Ponies. And four years as well, since the worlds had re-connected with the world of Gemkind. All three of these worlds, in their own way, had evolved and changed in their own subtle ways, from personal lives being mended, to world-changing victories. But it was little compared to what was to happen.

The Everstorm: a spontaneous build of magical energy, gathered from multiple worlds and realms, now gathered at its peak in the wake of Earth AND Equus, all magic being removed completely. Gems all dormant, spells useless, and threats once tolerable and manageable now out of control. With magic reserves all but gone, it's a game of survival for all in the shadows of the Everstorm's passing.
It's a battle with all of nature, and Mother Nature knows no mercy. Will it be possible to survive all the challenges ahead? What threats will rise in this opportunity against those who once overpowered them? And who'll remain at the end of the changing world?

It's do or die.

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This story is a sequel to My Little Universe: Season 6

Welcome everypony, and your Crystal Gems and Mane Six are back! ... well, sort of. And they had so many things left unfinished too.

On one moment, they all were fleeing the White Diamond Space Station, ready to fly away in the Sun Incinerator, but all it took was one hit from a reckless Corrupted monster to swing them all crashing into the abandoned Gem Colony of the Jungle Moon! Now the Crystal Gems, the Mane Six, and several others from Earth, Homeworld, and Equus alike are left stuck on the Jungle Moon, and with only one goal: get home. Who knows where this'll end up?

Even if they get home, just how much are they going to get into? And how much will be waiting for them? Well, whatever it is, it's time for them to buckle up and get their flanks into gear! It's gonna be a tricky one, this season. Everything's about to change.

(Background artwork by the very talented Andromedaealpha :scootangel:)

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This story is a sequel to My Little Universe: Season 5

Well everypony, time for the Crystal Gems and Mane Six's reprise. The Cluster, Malachite, the trio of problematic serpents, my goodness did they had plenty to deal with but with all that passed, and Lapis and Jasper returning once more, it's time for them to kick back and relax. ...

Yeah, as if.
Months had passed since these events, and winter's nearing its latest years before spring. With so many problems handled the year prior, you'd think they would be given a break but boy you were wrong. One visit to their Homeworld revealed another group of Gems known as the Off-Colors, a group of strange, yet intriguing Gems made up of defects, fusions, and some interesting information on the Crystal Gem war. ...

Now they got two new tasks: finding a home for Off-colors, and to find the real answer to a century's old mystery. Relationships will be tested, rivals will return, all with a looming diamond shatterer elusive to their midst. Onward everypony!

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This story is a sequel to My Little Universe: Season 4

Worlds always seem to have their own schedule. Earth with humans, Homeworld with Gems, Equestria with Ponies, and many others. And sometimes, one's schedule can end up in affect to another. The Crystal Gems and Mane Six had been all over the place, but now it's time to go beyond their turf, and through the stars.

In Equestria, It was a simple night for The Ponies on a clear night of shooting stars. A relaxing time, and wishing on stars in the night sky. That is, until one of these stars smashed down in front of them, and next thing you know, they have an extraterrestrial experimental escapee on their hooves! What started as a quiet night in Ponyville quickly turned to the start of their next big adventure through the stars, especially after a report of some familiar say that their group has been taken captive!

It's time to pack up, and head off, time to see the Holy Blue of Gem-controlled planets. Either save their friends from Holly Blue or bust!

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This story is a sequel to My Little Universe: Season 4

Welcome Back, Gems!

It had been a bit of a roller coaster for Everybody and Everypony, hasn't it? Months past since they've face White Diamond, and spring had returned once again to both Earth and Equestria, but not without more trouble. With Lapis and Jasper missing, now they have a "cluster" to deal with that could destroy the whole planet, along with more corrupted Gems, and mystical creatures appearing on Earth, and Homeworld alike! And to top it off, some new scaly antagonists had entered the scene for the humans of Beach City.

A Geo-weapon, a runaway fusion, a pair of sly serpents, and more monsters than ever ...

Alright, Everypony, time to get to work!

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