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My Little Universe: Season 4 - EquestrianKirin

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Out of Dodge

"You seem rather giddy, Amethyst."

In the Beach House, Things were pretty much going smoothly. Spike, Connie, and Steven had found a puzzle, and were trying to get that finished up to pass the time, but Amethyst nearby was a bit giddy, and had turned into a ball and bouncing in place numerous times. Upon being asked to, which was after five minutes of this, Amethyst returned back to normal.

"I'm just so psyched! Greg's taking me to a show!" Amethyst said.

"You mean like a Theater show?" Spike asked, as he found a corner piece for the puzzle.

"I'm taking about a Rock show. Like a band! At a house, with a bunch of people hanging out and doing stuff!" Amethyst answered. She was indeed pretty psyched about the whole thing, and the idea behind seeing a concert humans make.

"Oh man, that sounds cool! We got an awesome night planned too: we're doing a puzzle," Steven said.

"yippee," Amethyst stated, less amused by that. Before their conversation could continue, the door opened up and showed Greg just coming in. Immediately, Amethyst jumped up to her feet, psyched, and ready.

"Greg! Greg! Greg! Greg!" Amethyst chanted, and then spoke normally saying "You ready to throw down in the pit?!"

"No pits for me, Amethyst. Sorry, but I forgot that Barb and Vidalia invited me over for cards," Greg said. Rather unfortunate for the purple Gem.

"Seriously? Who broke you out of the retirement home?"

"I'd love to go, don't get me wrong Amethyst, but Bard threatened to hold my mail if I didn't ... And she's not a women of idle threats," explained Greg, a bit more serious on his last statement than needed to be. Amethyst groaned, and laid down on the couch.

"Aww, man! I can't so show-lo, that'll be boring," Amethyst complained. she really wanted to go, but going alone would've been a complete drag. The idea of actually visiting, and going off to said concert by herself was not part of the plan. However, for the others, it does sound like a rather fun time over just doing a puzzle, although they were getting close to finishing it.

"Why don't we go with you?" Connie suggested. Amethyst spun herself around til she was laying on her stomach, looking right over to them.

"You three wanna come with me?" Amethyst said, excited a bit more this time.

"Hold on, won't your parents get worried about you, Connie?" Greg asked.

"My parents had been giving me a little more freedom lately. A little trip won't hurt," Connie insisted. She wasn't going to miss an opportunity like this, whatever the case may be.

"Oh. Well, in that case, let's get ready to go," Steven said.


"Bark! Bark!"

The barking calls of the Gem dog Blue echoed along the beach in the autumn air. The young pup was happily rushing about on the sands of the shore, doing his favorite main pastime; chasing off the pesky birds of the sea. Seagulls, cormorants, gannets, whatever comes down to his shore he had the right to bark, snarl, and chase away. It was fun for him to do, or for any energetic dog for that matter. Blue was pretty close to getting a number of birds the last five times he tried, the closest he actually got only giving him a mouth full of feathers. Still, the dog was determined to get himself a bird at some point, or come home with some prize for his efforts. The targets today were a group of seagulls, and Blue's charge from the Beach House had proven quite effective in making them fly away.

Well, except for one, fat seagull, sitting on a rock. Not that the bird was asleep, but it didn't seem to care. Blue went right over, and started barking right in the seagull's ear, but the bird didn't care, or even budge. Blue kept barking for a good twenty seconds, but he eventually stopped after a while. The seagull turned to Blue, and just gave a squawk at him to shut up. Blue growled, but the seagull responded with just a peak at Blue's nose. Blue yelped and jumped back, his front paw rubbing his nose, as the smug seagull only then flew away.

Some reason Blue wasn't too happy with this drive off.

However, the birds were all gone, and Blue felt good about that anyway. The Gem dog trotted off down the shore after that, feeling the cold wild brush his fur. The wind pushed the waves vigorously to the shore, but not enough to make it a problem to go along. Since Steven had been busy lately, the Gem dog had more time for himself, and he spent this sniffing around to see what he could find. Usually it wasn't too much, but today his nose caught something interesting. Blue followed the scent for a bit more, but before his nose could show him, a low growl then came up to his ears.


The large pink cat was resting along the shoreline when Blue found him. While Blue didn't catch anything, Lion was enjoying the spoils of his own catch. There were feathers sure, but considering the other half was some sort of gem lizard, it wasn't anything normal. Blue walked right over to Lion, sniffing Lion's catch, as the big cat snorted at him. Blue did not want to mess with Lion, so he backed up, and sat down at a reasonable distance. Lion took a few more bites of his catch after that, Blue watching from afar. He wasn't the only one watching though. Looking over, more seagulls settled down, waiting for Lion to finish. Blue saw them, and started barking again, but the birds didn't seem to bother.

But when Lion roared, those seagulls hightailed it out of there in squawks and stray feathers.

Blue looked over to Lion, ears tucked back, as Lion just went back to his meal. Blue felt that he should go and do something else, but just before he could go ...

"Blue! Come here, Blue!"

Blue jumped up to his paws on hearing someone call his name. He knew that voice anywhere any day of the week. With a few happy barks, Blue was off like a light, heading right back to where he came from. Lion took a moment though to watch him go off.

Over at the Beach House, Steven was on and calling for Blue to come home. Pretty soon, Blue was right in Steven's face, the happy pup wagging his tail and licking his master's face.

"There you are!" Steven said between laughs. Blue gave a bark as he allowed Steven some space.

"Good boy, Blue," Steven said, rubbing his head. Blue was enjoying the moment more than most, however it was cut short when they both heard the door to the Beach House open. Then, out came Amethyst.

"Okay Blue, Dad's going to take care of you until I get back, okay? I won't be gone for long," Steven explained. Blue tilted his head, one ear drooped. Where was Steven going this time around? He just met up with him, and now Steven's leaving off again. Blue wimpered a little bit, but Steven rubbed his head.

"I'll be fine, it's just a trip to Ocean Town, no problem. Be back soon boy," Steven said, starting to run off from him. Blue was about to go off, but Greg made sure to keep the dog calm and by his side as Steven went off.


Blue ended up stuck with Greg back at his carwash. The Gem dog was put on a fairly long leash attached to Greg's van, long enough so Blue could go inside the van from the back if he so pleased. Speaking of Greg, the man himself left some food and water for the dog, and soon was actually asleep inside the van, murmuring a little in his sleep. Blue though didn't sleep, or could sleep for the matter, thinking about Steven. It wasn't that it was anything foreign for Steven to be gone for a while. Heck, Steven was gone for an entire winter before Blue saw him again, alongside the returning birds for spring. However, that didn't mean that Blue wasn't worried sick, or at least saddened by Steven's absence during the time. He had the Gems, but they were not around at all to hang around with. Also, he can't explore around since he was tied down by the leash. For a lack of a better word, he wanted out.

Blue laid down, and had been trying to gnaw his way out off his leash, but this one was rather thick, and his teeth weren't doing the job very good. He chewed the rope for about a full minute, but he wasn't getting anywhere fast with his constant chewing, even for a dog with pretty good teeth. Blue tried getting up, and pulling off the collar, but that didn't seem to work either. The collar around his neck was just too small for his head to slip through. Blue didn't want to make too much noise, for the threat of waking up Greg. The pup just sat there for a bit more, hunched down, and eyes staring down at the rope for a while longer ...


Blue's ears shot up on hearing the quiet, yet familiar noise. When he looked, he soon saw that Lion came over to see him. The large pink cat stood a foot away, looking at the situation. Blue whimpered a little bit, a paw resting on the rope. Lion didn't need much other information on what Blue wanted, and the large cat investigated the rope. He went in to sniff the rope, smelling where Blue gnawed on it to be exact. The Gem hound waited for a minute, waiting for what Lion might do. Lion got his jaws around the rope, and bit down hard. Blue had a good set of teeth, but Lion's was better than his would be. Lion took a few chews on the rope keeping Blue down, until the rope finally snapped in two. Blue stood up, tail wagging in glee, and even licked Lion's face. Lion wiped the saliva off, only a little off guard with the response. As for Blue, the Gem dog rushed off from the van, trailing the rope behind him. Lion watched him go, taking one glance to Greg, before going away. As for Greg ...

"...don't give him the banana. It's what he wants ..."

None the wiser.


Farther away, making pretty good time, the four were going along the side of the road to Ocean City, and the concert. Transportation in their case was actually simple, yet creative. Amethyst shape-shifted herself into the outfit of a skater, complete with roller blades on her feet, and she was pulling a bright green wagon with Spike, Connie, and Steven comfortably inside. Riding in style, the kid way. Amethyst made sure to bring snacks for them, and Spike was sipping away at a juice they brought along.

"Nice night for a cruise," Steven commented, looking up to the sky. The stars shining in the clear night behind some stray clouds gave a nice touch to their cruise. Soon, Connie looked over to Amethyst.

"Hey Amethyst, you don't have to pull the whole time. Want one of us to pull instead?" Connie asked. Amethyst changed back to her normal self, the rope gripped in her hand.

"Eh, it's cool. Easy-peasy," Amethyst replied, skating along the side of the road still. Connie looked up to the stars for just a moment, looking at what she could make out in the stars as they went along down the road. Connie's mind began to wander just a bit, and something them crossed her mind. This especially came about when one of the night clouds looked like a familiar face.

"Hey, Steven, look at that," Connie said, pointing up to the clouds. Even in nighttime, the moon provided enough light to make out the clouds easily. The cloud Connie pointed to actually looked familiar to a fusion they both knew of.

"That looks like Smoky," Steven said. That got Amethyst's attention, though the others didn't notice yet, as the purple Gem was still pulling them along.

"It does! Hey, speaking of which, how did it feel to be the fusion Smoky Quartz?" Connie asked. It was then that Amethyst stopped for a moment, halting their ride on hearing the question.

"Smoky Quartz? It felt great. Funny to have a third arm though," Steven admitted, not trying to be insulting or anything.

"Eh, it's not too shocking to have a third arm outta your elbow," Amethyst commented.

"What about you then, Amethyst?"

Amethyst rubbed the back of her head, smiling a little sheepishly.

"Heh, well She's no crazy giant fighter. But, I got to feel a little bit like a real human," Amethyst admitted. Fusing with a Human was a first for any Gem. While Smoky may not be the first Human-Gem fusion, she was more Gem than Human. At least Smoky was a first hybrid with that detail in it. The baby Dragon Spike though was not exactly getting it.

"So what's with this fusion thing? Am I missing something?" Spike asked.

"It's the two of us, mashing together," Amethyst summed up smugly, her hands clasping together as a visual aid. Spike scratched his chin with his claws, trying to think of what she was talking about.

"Eh ... Is this like a magic spell you Gems know?"

"Something like that. Steven, how about a hand here?" Amethyst suggested. Steven hopped out of the wagon.

"Of course! Come on, Connie," Steven said. Amethyst suddenly looked a bit perplexed with this sudden shift. It wasn't exactly what she had in mind, yet the others didn't seem to get that. Connie though was happy to comply with Steven. Spike watched the two dance for little bit, and when the two made contact, the similar light then showed up. Soon, there was Stevonnie standing there in her full glory. Spike jumped up to his feet, still standing in the wagon, as Amethyst crossed her arms, having some mixed feelings on what just happened.

"WHOA. Okay, I get it, that's not bad at all," Spike commented. Amethyst though kept quiet, looking away for a moment. However, Stevonnie looked over to Amethyst, not exactly seeing what was exactly wrong.

"So, amethyst, mind if I pull for a bit?" Stevonnie offered, letting Amethyst rest for a bit. The purple Gem just sighed.

"Alright, fine go ahead," Amethyst decided, taking a seat inside the wagon. Stevonnie was happy to help, and Amethyst pulled them along a long way already, so it would be fine all the same. She went on ahead, grabbed the wagon handle, and they continued on their way.


Meanwhile, Blue and Lion both were going about through the night. Lion had nothing else to really do, so he stayed by Blue as the pup was sniffing them out, mainly as a companion and guard if needed to be. The Gem dog kept his nose down to the ground, following the scent trail rather well in his walk along through the night within Beach City. Not many people stayed up this late, so they were of and asleep, and as such, out of Lion and Blue's way. Roaming around Beach City at night was a little different from day time. Other than the people, actual light made Beach City less visible if it wasn't for the streetlights. Even if they weren't there, Blue didn't need his eyes to follow a scent. Lion stopped for a moment, sitting down over by a streetlight, as Blue kept sniffing his way along down the road. Lion licked his paws for a bit, though he kept his eye on Blue. The Gem dog kept going forward for a moment or two, but then cut a street corner. Blue was gone for a minute or two until he accidentally walked into a stop sign.

How cheesy.

Blue backed up, rubbing his head. Blue quickly regained himself, looking back to Lion. The pink cat himself yawned, and went over to Blue, who just felt a little silly for walking into a stop sign. However, when looking to the sign, Blue then got an idea with the sign concept. Blue , barking happily, then took off on Lion, a bit quickly at that. Lion raced after Blue, and the two were running down the streets of Beach City for a good five minutes. Blue only stopped himself when the two were at the edge of Beach City, over at an outdoor bus stop. He seem these places on his walks, and people usually take these things to go from one place to another, so this could be a way for them to get going if they wanted to find them. The bus stop itself was very simple, and nearby the Beach City's local crab shack. Honestly, it wasn't very much, but it was enough for Lion and Blue to do.

Blue went over to look at the information regarding the bus stop, trying to think on where Steven was going as far as he remembered. Under the bus sign, there was a listing of places and prices, price increasing depending on distance. Amongst these places, One of these said "Ocean Town", though price of transport was a good twenty bucks. Blue was a dog, and Lion was a lion, so they didn't had any money on them. Blue sat down, leaning against the bus stop sign, not sure what to do. Lion looked over at the sign, and gave a huff before suddenly running off. Blue didn't know where Lion was going, but didn't follow him.

Blue just sat there as he heard a distance crash from the direction of the crab shack. a short time later, Lion came back in a trot with a wallet in his mouth. The cat dropped the wallet, and it had more than enough money for the bus ride once it comes around. Blue sniffed the wallet, using his paws to open it up, and he soon grabbed a twenty dollar bill from the wallet with his mouth. Lion sat down alongside the now much happier Blue, as they waited for the next bus. It was a few minutes of sitting and waiting, but eventually a bus did end up coming around. The driver opened up the door.

"Alright, where t-" The driver stopped himself when he saw tonight's passengers. Lion got in first, just managing to fit himself inside, and he went over to find a seat. Blue came in soon after, and presented the twenty dollar bill to the driver. He had the shocked look as if he saw lobsters come out of Blue's ears, he didn't have the foggiest idea on how to handle this. The driver calmed down ...

Next thing they knew, Lion and Blue toppled out of the bus. The driver closed the door, and was off on his way, leaving the two behind.

So much of an easy ride.


Back with the others, the two Gems, human, and dragon were still going off along their way. Spike was still riding, yet Stevonnie and Amethyst were still going along on foot. Steven and Connie both decided to stay as Stevonnie for a bit, mainly to add more experiences for her. Amethyst didn't expect the two to stay this way for the night, but again she didn't really say anything, though kept her gaze down to her feet.

"Hey, Amethyst, you alright?" Spike suddenly asked, after noticing Amethyst bummed out behind them.

"I'm fine," Amethyst simply said. The purple Gem could only stew in her own thoughts. It was simply a blast being Smoky Quartz, but seems Steven had his mind over Stevonnie instead. The purple Gem just simply walked along behind them for a while longer, keeping quiet, and with arms crossed. Well, at least Steven seemed happy with it.

"You know, you can split up now. I think Spike gets the idea," Amethyst commented. Stevonnie turned back, continuing to pull along the wagon.

"But this is my first concert. I promise, Steven and Connie will come back once it's done, okay?" Stevonnie promised.

For Amethyst, it was a drag to say the least. The Gem took a moment to look up to the sky again, her hands casually behind her head.

"Well, sky's clear anyway," sighed Amethyst, and indeed it was. The clouds had cleared up a little bit by this point, and the stars were a lot more visible. They shined in the sky like diamonds, sparkling a little bit even. Stevonnie stopped for a moment to look up into the sky too, alongside Spike.

"Not bad," Stevonnie commented. Amethyst didn't respond to her, though she had to agree. Still, they had been flying about with stars before, so it wasn't THAT big of a surprise in comparison. Spike got himself another snack from the stash they brought along, but as he was, something caught his eye way up in the sky. The stars were all there, to be sure, though when he was looking, the star he was checking out looked just a little more shiny than the rest.

This star looked like it was getting brighter the more he looked at it.

"Hey, check that out. Pretty shiny," Spike said, pointing up to the star in question. Stevonnie and Amethyst looked up to the star. Amethyst squinted her eyes, trying to get a closer look.

"Yeah ... And it's coming RIGHT FOR US - MOVE IT!"

Amethyst suddenly shoved the wagon forward, pushing Spike and Stevonnie forward just far enough, and fast enough. Just shortly after she did so, that "star" plummeted down faster and faster, spiraling out of control! The three looked up and saw something land off the road, and rolling extremely fast. It bolted past, bouncing and spiraling until it finally crash landed nearby. The three were completely off guard by this thing landing by them.

"... So ... That happened," Spike simply said, completely dumbfounded and off guard.

"Yep ... That indeed happened," Stevonnie agreed.

It was Stevonnie who first went over for a closer look. Amethyst and Spike were right behind her, peeking around Stevonnie to see what was exactly there. The item looked about as large as the wagon would be, and looked to be made of complete copper. The shape looked worn down, and dented from the crash, but looked to be a crate, the exterior being made up of solid plexus glass. Even if made of glass, they couldn't see what was exactly inside the crate, the glass reflective like mirrors. The trio looked around it up and down, yet couldn't find an opening.

"Thoughts guys?" Stevonnie asked.

"Beats me," Amethyst replied. Stevonnie went on ahead, and pushed the box around. Once she did, the three them saw something on one side of the crate; a diamond symbol.

"Looks like a Diamond Authority crate," Stevonnie figured, though questionable on herself (only half of her knew what that was fully).

"Didn't you guys meet the Diamonds? How about we give them it back," Spike suggested. What else could they do?

"We got a concert to get to! We'll just bubble it and come back to it later," Amethyst said.

"Amethyst, this looks important. We should show this to Garnet," Stevonnie advised. Amethyst rolled her eyes.

"Come on, we're not forgetting about it. Here, help me with this," Amethyst said, getting her hands ready. Stevonnie decided to just do that. They can tell Garnet later on, surely it couldn't hurt. Spike watched them both, as the two focused, and they got a bubble around the crate. With one tap from Stevonnie, the bubble was sent off.

"You Gems can make bubbles?" Spike asked. Amethyst grabbed the wagon.

"Just a little side thing, now let's go."


Further behind, Blue and Lion were still going alongside the road, being lead along by Blue's nose. Their little act with the bus didn't work, so they just went along by paw on the side of the road. Lion took a look back on what they've done so far, and turned out they were quite a bit away. The road elevated up, and they got a good view of Beach City, with the streetlights still shining a little bit like the stars in the sky. It wasn't too bad really. Lion stayed there for a bit, and then caught up to Blue, who seemingly had a pretty good one-track mind. Blue had not stopped moving since the bus stop, and he kept his mind focused on the scent he was following. He was sure that Steven went this way, the scent was unmistakable. The Gem dog continued his march along for a while more, until Lion got his paw in front of him to make him stop for just a moment.

Off ahead, the Lion had noticed something further off ahead along the road. Turned out, the road was actually put under construction. In this case, a large rock slide had fallen down onto the road. Guess the storm that had passed still had some things that had to be handled. It was too high on one side to climb around, and too steep on the other side to go around that way, so they were simply stuck. Lion began to question how the other Gems actually got around this thing without disturbing the pile of dirt. One would think they'd move at least one of the rocks somewhere. Blue tried to get himself around the thing, but he couldn't seem to see a way around it. The Gem dog though was sure they went this way by the scent, though Lion was no longer sure about it. Lion looked back down the road, not seeing any other road they should take. Blue tried climbing up the rock pile, but the rocks were a bit unstable, and the Gem dog ended up stumbling down back to the road. Lion walked over to Blue, who was on his back at this point. Blue hopped up to his feet again, sitting down and at attention like nothing happened. Lion though just sighed, and pushed Blue aside like he was one of the rocks. Blue stayed in his sitting position as he was being pushed, still sitting when Lion stopped moving him. Lion cleared his throat, took a step back, and gave a mighty roar! The roar was strong enough to knock the rocks out of the way with ease, making a path right out of the pile. Lion casually walked through, as Blue walked on with him with his ears tucked pass, and tail between his legs. Not a Lion that should be messed with. Lion scratched his ear waiting for Blue, the Gem dog trying to regain the scent he was following for the longest time. The dust knocked up from the rock blast made that just a little harder to handle, but eventually Blue did catch an interesting scent, his ears up and nose ready. The scent struck him back, and soon Blue was off again, this time a little bit faster than before. Lion didn't know where Blue was going, but he followed anyway to keep Blue safe.


Amethyst, Stevonnie, and Spike were still continuing on from there, Amethyst still a bit down on things. Sure the Diamond Crate blocked it off for a little bit, but the feeling was still there, and Stevonnie was still there. Strange really, Amethyst didn't had a problem with it before, but now that she and Steven became Smoky Quartz, she just felt out of the conversation as of were. Spike and Stevonnie failed to see the trouble as well.

"How much further til we get there?" Spike asked, yawning.

"We just past the Ocean Town welcome sign, so not too far, I bet," Stevonnie replied. Stevonnie and Spike kept going, but Amethyst finally stopped, looking down at the ground. It was here that the other two stopped themselves and saw Amethyst just standing there.

"Hey, Amethyst, what's up? Tired?" Stevonnie asked. Amethyst didn't answer at first, looking away. Stevonnie went over to her.


"Oh heck with it. I wanted Smoky!" Amethyst snapped. Stevonnie jumped at the sudden remark, not sure how to react at first.


"Listen, Stevonnie. Don't take this the wrong way, but when I asked to demonstrate fusion for Spike, I meant Steven and me to fuse, not Steven with Connie. Not that I don't like to see you, it's been a while since I last saw ya, but ... I like being her ..."

Well, now it was out, and it was up to fate on what happens next. There was a silence in the air for a bit, Amethyst waiting to hear some sort of yell or insult, or SOMETHING. However, after a bit, Stevonnie actually chuckled.

"Amethyst, is that all? If that's what you wanted, you should've said so. I'm sorry to leave you out," Stevonnie said. Amethyst didn't know what to say, and Stevonnie lifted up her chin so she and Stevonnie were eye to eye. Looking up to her, Amethyst began to feel something different towards Stevonnie. Perhaps it was the moonlight shining off her, or the night breeze moving her hair, or just the warm smile on her face. But Amethyst was seeing a motherly figure before her. The purple Gem felt a little guilty only for even feeling this way with the fusion in the first place. Amethyst and Stevonnie then went on to hug it out. As they were though ...

A light.

Stevonnie was shining up brightly now, and Amethyst suddenly felt herself shine and mold a bit too. Spike tried to keep track of what was going on, seeing a bright light, and two Gemstones dance about the place in the white light. Spike saw the mold grow a bit, but shrink down again as Stevonnie disappeared, and Smoky Quartz was suddenly standing in her place, with Connie standing aside. Amethyst wasn't prepared for this, but a smile appeared wide as she started to laugh in surprise, which came out in gasps. Smoky looked over to Connie, finding her giving Smoky the thumbs up. Smoky gave the thumbs up herself with her three hands. Amethyst didn't expect to get Smoky Quartz the way that she did, but she was feeling better about things along with the rest.


Lion and Blue continued on with their scent tracking, Blue keeping a better pace this time from before with his trot. Whatever scent Blue had now it was getting very strong, and Lion wondered how well Blue actually got, the Gem dog going WAY out of Beach City along the same road Amethyst, Spike, and Stevonnie went down. It was questionable before, but now they got a much better path to take, and more reasonable over the rock path detour, Lion had his doubts put away from him. The dog was doing much better this time around, and Blue was getting excited with the scent getting stronger as they went along. Blue and Lion kept going along the roadside, even seeing the wagon trail in the gravel, which was exciting to see. Even Lion was getting a better scent at this point, the cat guided by his own sense of smell to get to the others. On a side note, the skies were a bit clearer now then from earlier, so they had that going for them anyway.

Blue continued trotting along for a while until he slowed down for a brief moment, sniffing the ground for a little bit. Lion stopped and allowed Blue to keep sniffing around for the trail ...

And then Blue raced off away from the road ...

The tracks clearly ahead of them.

Lion roared for Blue to come back, but Blue got a completely different scent, a lot stronger and much closer than his previous scent. All of a sudden, Blue was digging at the ground for just a little bit, and then picking something up. The object in question looked like a broken piece from the crate the others saw earlier. Blue found this very interesting, and brought the piece back to Lion. The pink cat sniffed the piece for a moment, finding it also odd, but interesting. The two didn't see that crate themselves, but Lion still picked up the piece and continue on from there. Perhaps the Gems can figure it out later once they find them. Speaking of which, Blue's nose got back on track in trying to find them.

Soon, the scent turns to sound, and they begin to hear faint music. Blue took a deep breath, and immediately ran off ahead. Lion caught up with Blue in some bushes, and soon they find their destination. The location in question looked like an average suburban house, though a number of people were actually there, with one human performing on a stage. The amount of people wasn't too large, probably about ten to fifteen total. Amongst the crowd, there was one kid, one dragon, and one large fusion.


"Huh? Blue!"

One bark, and Smoky found them coming right up to them. Blue though slowed down on seeing Smoky Quartz, despite the smell having Steven's scent hinted in. Lion gave a few cat growls, as if talking to Blue, and Blue perked back up again. No one was really provoked on seeing a large pink Lion just showing up (they were fine with the three-armed fusion anyway). Now finding them, Blue felt much better, but Smoky was too tall to just lick her face, so a happy bark was just fine. Smoky ruffled Blue's head.

"Great to see ya boy. Guess I should've brought ya, huh?"

Blue just replied with a bark, as Lion dropped the piece they found. Connie picked it up, looking it over for a moment. Smoky just picked it up, bubbled it, and sent it off.

"Good job you two. We'll be back with ya," Smoky said with a wink.

Now that the two caught up, Blue and Lion sat down aside to let them have some fun. They didn't know what exactly they were doing, but they were happy with it anyway. Blue looked over to Lion, nudging the big cat and having a doggy grin on his face. Lion looked a little serious with Blue at first, bumming the dog out.

That was until Lion gave Blue a good, big lick.

Blue barked happy, and the two animal pals sat back, and watched the show.

Author's Note:

SHOT-OUT TIME: Dilos1 is making a side story for Connie The Second :pinkiehappy: Check it out here!

Well it's been a bit long since Blue actually got some genuine attention, did he? Hope you remember him :twilightsheepish: