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My Little Universe: Season 4 - EquestrianKirin

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Where the Heart Is

With the skies light blue, and the waters calm, a lone tugboat was going along its course. As for who was in charge of guiding this boat, there were a few kids hanging out on the vessel. In this case, happily giggling and calling off the boat's horn, were Steven, Lapis, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Steven, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were dressed as sailors, but Scootaloo was dressed up as a captain of a pirate ship. It was the start of the CMC's summer vacation, so what better way to start the summer than a boat trip overseas? Lapis agreed to keep an eye on them, and she, along with Steven, got a boat for some fun time out at sea.

"Avast matey! We're coming into shore!" Scootaloo said, holding out a fake, wooden sword with her hoof, and standing boldly at the front of the boat. They may not be on a wooden pirate ship, but, it was still fun to play the part anyway. Sure enough, looking off ahead, the group were heading back. Course, beforehand they were out for a while, so it was about time to head back anyway. On the docks, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Greg were waiting for them to come back around. Soon, the boat stopped right along the pier, and the group got right off with smiles.

"Everything go well, kiddo?" Greg asked, as Steven hugged his dad.

"It was awesome!" Steven said.

"We got under the sea too - it was beautiful," added Sweetie Belle. They had a few bits of scuba gear on the boat while they were out, and had some fun scuba diving (even if they were dressed as sailors and stuff).

"And there's so many cool fish down there; sharks, stingrays, we even saw a group of dolphins," finished Scootaloo, her wings beating quick from excitement. Rainbow Dash gave Scootaloo a noogie.

"Glad you have a blast, Scoot," Rainbow said, as Scootaloo chuckled. Lapis was happy that everypony had a good time on their outing, though as she watched, Lapis began seeing something in common with them. Each one had a parent to look forward to; Steven with Greg, Scootaloo with Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle with Rarity, and Apple Bloom with Applejack. She saw everyone had someone to love to come back to. Lapis still kept on a happy face though ...

"Thanks again for watching over them, Lapis," Rarity said. Lapis got out of her mind, and turned to Rarity.

"Oh, it's no trouble. I'm glad we even got the boat to do it."

"True. How'd you get a boat anyway?" Rarity asked.

"My pal Onion helped us out with that," Steven said. Onion was one of the kids that lived in Beach City - he happened to have a dad who was a sailor - and helped Steven and his pony friends out in getting a tugboat. They saw Onion sitting nearby, giving a thumbs up towards Steven, who returned the gesture.

"That was nice of him," Applejack said.


When they were finished with that, it was getting late - it was sunset when they were done on their boat trip - and it was time to head back home. For Steven, it meant working up on his night routine (brushing teeth, ear cleaning, Gem polishing, etc.) He got on his PJs in the bathroom, and soon he was done, heading off out of the bathroom. He was soon greeted by Blue, who wagged his tail. Blue hadn't seen him all day, and was happy to see him. However, Steven was too tired to play.

"Hi, boy. Sorry, but it's too late to play. We can play tomorrow, I promise," Steven assured him. Blue responded by happily licking his face, Steven laughing.

"No Blue, I already got cleaned up," Steven said in between giggles, Blue stopping after a few more seconds. Steven took a moment to clean his face of Blue's saliva, before starting off to his bed. As Steven was ready to go to bed, Blue glanced off to outside, noticing something that Steven didn't. Just as Steven was about to close his eyes, Blue suddenly began barking, startling Steven.

"Blue, sleep time for Steven," Steven said, tiredly. Blue stopped barking, and Steven was about to go back to sleep, but the Gem dog then went on right up to Steven, tugging on Steven's blanket. The human Gem tried to get his blanket back, but he actually ended up falling out of bed.

"Okay Blue, I'll let you out for a little bit," Steven said. Blue went to the door, his front paws on the doors as he barked again. Steven went downstairs, rubbing his eyes, and opened the door for Blue. As he did though, Steven looked out to the beach., and then he noticed someone along the shore, laying down on the sand. It was Lapis Lazuli. She had her hands behind her head, and her eyes towards the stars. Blue thought this meant she was hurt or something, and rushed over to her. Steven followed Blue out to the beach, wondering why Lapis was outside. As Steven got closer though, he began to see Lapis Lazuli was looking a little bit down, not smiling. As for Lapis, she didn't notice them come over until Blue sniffed her face.

"Oh, it's you two," Lapis said, sitting up and turned to them both.

"Hi, Lapis. You okay? You look kinda down," Steven said. Lapis was hoping he wouldn't notice that, but Lapis just sighed and looked back up into the sky.

"Well, no, I'm just thinking ..."

"Care to talk about it?" Steven asked, sitting down next to her. Blue sat down close by, as Lapis began to think on how to put it.

"Okay ... It started earlier today."

"Oh no, was it the boat trip?"

"No, no, not at all. I saw you and the CMC with their loved ones and ... I do wonder what it's like," Lapis said. It sounded odd for Lapis, considering how long she was with the Crystal Gems anyway, but what Lapis Lazuli saw with Steven and Greg wasn't exactly the same thing she saw with Steven and the Gems. Steven took a moment to think on what happened after they came back from their boat trip, remembering mainly him being with his dad ...


"Sort of."

Lapis took a moment to think, but then got up, smiling again as she would usually do.

"But don't worry about it; you guys give me a lot of love, and that's good enough for me. Don't worry Steven," Lapis assured him, starting to head back alongside Steven and Blue. Still, Steven felt that Lapis was feeling down on that sort of thing, and began to ponder on it for the rest of the night.


"Love, Steven?" Peedee asked the next day. After thinking, Steven went on over into Beach City with Connie and Blue to hang out. It was a basic visit, nothing out of the ordinary, but Steven still had his mind thought up on Lapis and her "love" issue. It wasn't until he and Connie got their fry bits when Steven told them the issue. Perhaps some kids with a level head can help him figure out what to do about it.

"That's what she told me," Steven said, nibbling on his fry bits as Peedee wiped down the counter.

"What kind of love?" Connie asked.


"There're different kinds of love, Steven. Did she mean a friend or an actual romance?" Connie explained. Steven thought for a moment.

"Romantic," Steven concluded. Steven didn't know for sure, but considering Lapis said herself she had plenty of love from the Gems and Ponies already, what other love could she really mean anyway? For Connie and Peedee, it was a situation a bit older than both of them, but Connie at least had some idea on the subject matter.

"Oh. Well, that's different." It was all Peedee could really say, as Steven tried to think.

"She had done so much for us and the earth before. She deserves it," Steven sighed. Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in his head. Steven got a big smile, and stars in his eyes. It was perfect.

"That's it."

"What?" Peedee asked.

"Let's go find Lapis a boyfriend!" Steven proclaimed, fully confident in the idea. Connie and Peedee glanced to each other. It sounded lovely, and Steven's heart was in the right place, but this wasn't exactly easy to pull off.

"Uh ... you sure, Steven?" Peedee questioned.

"It's perfect! There's many people in Beach City - there's got to be a perfect match for Lapis!" Steven replied, equally excited still. If Lapis was bummed out over love, what better way to cure it than to find someone to love her? Simple, and straightforward.

"That sounds so sweet, but who're we going to find here? There's not too many people in Beach City," Connie pointed out. she was up for trying, but the chances were kinda low here. Steven turned from sweet to smug.

"Well, don't know until we start looking. come on, let's go," Steven encouraged.

"I still have to watch over the place," Peedee insisted.

"Come on, just for a bit, pleeease?"

"Steven I -"

Suddenly Peedee saw Steven's begging face; his eyes wide and looking like a sad puppy. Peedee tried to fight it, but Steven's stare was overpowering. Eventually, Peedee relented.

"I-I'll see if Ronaldo can take my shift."

Luckily for him, Steven and Connie both got Peedee to come along after his dad allowed him to, even if Ronaldo wasn't available to ask again. Peedee, Connie, and Steven began to go around town, heading to Dewey Park, trying to figure this out. It was a nice day, so the chances of many people going outside in general, are pretty high up. In fact, as the trio went off towards downtown. There were, as they hoped, quite a lot of people so it shouldn't be too hard to figure things out.

"Okay guys, we can do this, let's go find Lapis Lazuli someone to love," Steven said, high-fiving them. If they were going to go through with this, they need to be vigilant with the whole thing, and choose their choices carefully.

Time to find Lapis a date.

Steven; Lazuli is sweet and kind.
She's the best friend that we could hope for.

Steven went on ahead, spinning on a light pole in a broadway style sort of way, the other two following and going with the song. Steven surely was happy, and ready to begin.

The perfect boyfriend you and I must find.
One to really make her heart so-o-ore!

Steven, Peedee, and Connie split up from there with their mission on their minds. There were plenty of people to look around, and many people to see and work with. Peedee first found a young kid, playing a Gameboy. He looked a bit too young to be Lapis's date.

Peedee; This one's too young,

Next Peedee went over, seeing a much older man nearby. He was the opposite of the kid earlier as to why not.

This one's too old.

Peedee then moved on, finding another boy sitting on an outdoor bench, though he looked a bit ill; signature ice pack on the head, and looking white in the face. Peedee appeared behind him.

He clearly has a terrible cold.

The boy sneezed away from Peedee as he moved off to keep looking. Nearby, Connie wasn't having much better luck with her choices. She did see one kid basically acting naïve, in order to get some laughs from his friends. A bit odd, and not one for Lapis.

Connie; This boy's too silly,

Next to her, she saw a very neat-looking fella, though a bit more so than what Lapis would like. So no.

He's way too uptight.

Then she saw someone else over by the statue. He looked pretty nice, handsome, and seemed like the right one for Lapis Lazuli.

How about this one? He seems alright...

"His girlfriend sure thinks so," Peedee pointed out. Sure enough, the boy in question was with another girl, kissing her. Oh well, there's still more to look around for. Moving right along, Steven and Connie were finding other people along the way. Connie did find one of them, looking quite much in fashion and jewelry on his outfit, but too bright to cope.

Connie; How about this one?

Steven; He's much too flashy.

Peedee then found a good looking guy going along the park on a fast moving bike. He looked alright overall, as Peedee ran alongside him.

Peedee; He might do -

He was cut short when the same boy zoomed by Steven and Connie, splashing them when passing over a puddle of water, soaking them both. Not a good showing.

Connie and Steven; If he weren't so splashy.

Peedee felt a little embarrassed, so they have to keep trying their best. The three continued finding other boys, but there always seemed to be something that didn't make it the perfect boyfriend for Lapis Lazuli.

Steven; Too short.

Peedee; Too tall.

Steven; Too mean.

Connie; Too smelly.

Eventually, the three sighed, and met up back at Mayor Dewey's statue. It didn't seem like it was going too well.

Connie; I don't think that we're mistaken,
It seems all of the good ones are taken.

Even if Peedee and Connie seemed a bit down, and not thinking they could finish this up, Steven still was very confident in the idea, and easily rallied his friends back.

Steven; I really feel that at the rate, we'll never find the perfect date -

all 3; Don't want to quit and give up hope!

Suddenly, Peedee, Connie, and Steven all soon noticed Ronaldo beginning to go through the park. He was doing his usual study, going through his own work and conspiracy stuff. When Steven saw him - he knew him quite a while, so, he knew a bit on how he acted -, his eyes gained the stars again.

Steven; We did it guys; we found the one!
We'll send Lapis's heart a flutter!

Peedee suddenly stopped though when he realized who Steven had meant.

"Wait a minute, let me get this straight; are you talking about my brother?"


As for Steven, Peedee, and Connie, the trio were mainly splitting on their ideas; two out or three weren't sure if Ronaldo was the best option to pick. However, Steven saw he would be perfect for Lapis (maybe). The three met up back at Fish Stew Pizza to discuss what to do, the three sitting at the same table.

"Ronaldo's perfect; he's funny, bombastic, and he's deep into this Gem stuff," Steven said. The third part may not be true, but Steven can make that assumption since Ronaldo's deep in conspiracy stuff anyway. Peedee though had his doubts.

"Eh, I don't know Steven. I'm all for getting Lapis a boyfriend, but Ronaldo? ... He's not exactly normal."

"Neither is Lapis. He'll love Lapis for sure!"

"As a subject for his study, maybe, but I don't know about love love."

"Come on, Peedee, at least give it a try. Hey, maybe your brother will have something else to focus on aside from studies when this works," Connie pointed out. As for agreement, Connie was quite in partial. Peedee pondered for a few seconds, and didn't even consider that. His doubts were still there, but he suddenly got more supportive on Steven's plan.

"You really think so?" Peedee asked. Before they could continue, Jenny suddenly came over to their table with an order of pizza for them (Steven ordered some as they were there).

"Thanks," Steven said, as Jenny went back to her job. Steven took a bite of his pizza as they continued.

"I'm sure it'll work out. But how to get him to ask," Connie wondered.

"What do you mean?" Steven asked, mouth full still.

"Usually the boy asks the girl to be his girlfriend ... At least, that's how it goes in the stories I read," Connie admitted. Peedee wasn't sure on that, as Steven swallowed his bite of the pizza.

"Maybe he doesn't have to; maybe Lapis can ask him instead! She's the one who wanted it, after all," Steven concluded. It would only make sense as far as he's concern.

"Either way, how're we gonna get them together? My brother's too busy with his conspiracies to just go off on a date," Peedee pointed out.

"You just answered your own question, Peedee."

"I did? How did I - ... Ooooohhhh! Got it."

"Great. Leave Lapis to me," Steven assured.

Time to make a date.


After about half an hour, the group's had managed to work out how to proceed with the plan. It wouldn't take much to do it; just get them together in a lovely location. And Steven knew the perfect spot to do just that. While Beach City had its own giant cliff for their lighthouse, there was another one further outside of town that had the perfect view of Beach City. An added blanket, a fancy candle at the center, and some flowers, and they were all set. Out of the two, the first one to arrive was Steven with Lapis. They took their time flying, but Steven had her land further away, having her instead walk, her water wings over her eyes. Steven guided her along the way.

"Can you see?" Steven asked.

"Yes, but it's very blurry," Lapis answered. Steven was glad to hear that, as he stopped close by the picnic area.

"You can take them away now," Steven told her. Lapis moved her wings to see the picnic area. The area consisted of a typical red and white checkered blanket with a singular candle at the center of it. It was a cute spot to say the least. Lapis though seemed a little confused.

"Oh. Uh, what's this exactly?"

"You'll see," Steven said with an eager smile. That just seemed to make Lapis more confused, and even a little suspicious towards Steven; what was he up to? Lapis liked Steven, but, this just seemed odd. Steven invited her to sit down after a bit, and Lapis did so. Steven looked off down the hill, and noticed the second half of this love pair coming up; Ronaldo. Perfect!

"Oh no, I forgot the food. I'll be right back," Steven said. Course this wasn't true, but Steven wanted Lapis and Ronaldo alone together, so, he needed some excuse to go. Steven went off out of the way just as Ronaldo showed up. Ronaldo didn't appear to be here for any date; having a camo outfit on rather than casual clothes. Lapis didn't know Ronaldo too well aside from what Steven had told her, so seeing him show up made her even more suspicious.

"Oh. Uh, hi Ronaldo," Lapis said, unsure to be honest. Ronaldo didn't expect this to show up either.

"Hey there. Anything ... different?" Ronaldo asked, confused. He didn't see anything out of place, which was what he was hoping for. However, all he could see was just Lapis sitting at the picnic spot.

Farther away, Steven, Peedee, and Connie were all watching the event from farther away, Steven using his telescope to see what was going on. Steven took the time to get another blanket for themselves so they at least can watch the event comfortably. As for Lapis and Ronaldo, a huge awkward vibe stuck around both of them.

"So ... Nice view from up here, huh?" Lapis said, looking back to the city.

"Uh ... I guess so ..." Ronaldo replied.

O the awkwardness was real. As for the trio, they took turns in watching the event through Steven's telescope. At this point, it was Connie who was looking through it.

"Well, how does it look?" Peedee asked. Connie turned back, both hands on the telescope.

"Not too sure. They both seem -" Connie looked through the telescope again. "- oh, wait, wait, something's happening," Connie replied. Peedee and Steven tried to see themselves at what was going on. From what they could see, Lapis and Ronaldo were facing eachother. With the clear sky behind them, it added a extra bit of drama and romance to the situation. The anticipation was running high, as Lapis leaned a little closer, bit by bit. The closer they got together, the more excited they were.



"... I think there's something on your face," Lapis pointed out. Ronaldo moved his hand to check, realizing a small bit of fry bits he had earlier today was on his face (very small). The kid trio not expecting such a shift in tone.

"OH, COME ON!" Peedee exclaimed in annoyance. The other two quickly got him quiet before the other two noticed them. Lapis felt sticking around may not be the best idea after all. Lapis got up, along with Ronaldo after a bit, but both of them had noticed the three nearby. Lapis got to them before they could go off.

"Steven? What's going on here?" Lapis asked. Ronaldo went over as well, wondering what's going on. Connie, Steven, and Peedee (especially Peedee) felt caught and had nowhere to really go.

"Oh, hi Lapis."

"Steven?" Lapis asked, less out of curiosity, and more on suspicions. Steven glanced to Connie and Peedee, and decided to just say it.

"I-I was just trying to help you find love, Lapis."

"Excuse me?" Lapis asked, less stern this time.

"Well, Steven told us about last night, and when you said you were wondering about love and stuff," said Peedee.

"So, we tried to find you a boyfriend for a while, and we found Ronaldo, so ..." added Connie.

"We thought Ronaldo will work, so we set this up for the right moment. Sorry, Lapis, Ronaldo," finished Steven.

Lapis and Ronaldo took a moment to think on what they had just said. Yes, Lapis had said that last night, and yes, she could see where this was going (kinda). The two in question glanced to eachother. They weren't THAT interested in eachother, and the trio took it as such. Ronaldo wasn't fazed with this odd revelation, and Lapis actually laughed.

"No, no, Steven. I see where you're going, but I didn't mean that kind of love," Lapis cleared up. Steven looked confused.

"You didn't?"

"No. What I meant was like you with your dad; a true natural connection. I wasn't talking about a romantic love," Lapis cleared up. Well, Steven goofed, and all he could do was shrug nervously to his friends. Oh well, no harm done, and it could be worse. For Lapis, Gems don't have sisters, brothers, or anything as such, so it was something she had pondered about. Guess it was her own fault; she didn't make it clear enough to Steven last night anyway.

"Sorry, Ronaldo."

"It's alright," Ronaldo replied, again, not feeling too rough on the news. He didn't show up to a date, anyway. As for Lapis, she turned back to the kids, and gave a warm smile.

"I do see what you three tried to do. That's very sweet of you to do," Lapis said. She leaned down to Steven, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Steven blushed up a bit after that. He may have messed up, but at least everyone was in better spirits.


After that little event, they all went back to their homes, Lapis and Steven back to the Temple. The Gems were busy doing other things, so Lapis had a moment to herself. There really wasn't that much to do, so, she went off outside. The weather was nice, as per usual for summer weather, and a nice breeze made some good waves come in from the ocean. Lapis continued down the beach for a little bit until she just past the mailbox. She looked on up into the sky for a brief moment, seeing the seabirds go by overhead. As she looked up, she didn't really notice until too late that someone was already standing in her way. She turned just before she could walk into whoever was there. His uniform consisted of a light blue shirt with an envelope embroidered on both sleeves, a white t-shirt beneath it, slate blue shorts, a messenger satchel with an envelope embroidered on its flap, and a pith helmet. His eyes were black, and his thick hair a brown. Lapis jumped back on seeing him, not expecting any extra visitors coming around.

"Oh, sorry ... Can I help you?" Lapis asked, taking a few steps back. The mailman needed a moment too before he spoke.

"Hey there. I got a package for a mister "Emerald"," he said, pulling out a package from his satchel. It looked fairly decent; in a brown box and about as big as a dictionary. Nothing too out of the ordinary with the package. However, Lapis didn't see Emerald in the Beach House, and was more interested in this mailman. Before either could continue, suddenly they heard the door open, and Emerald rushed out, skidding at the mailbox. He quickly grabbed the package, and tore it open to show it was actually a stack of manga.

"Sweet! The set's here!" Emerald beamed, rushing off back to the Beach House.

"... Uh, okay then."

The mailman rubbed the back of his head, as Lapis tried to figure him out.

"So what exactly are you doing here?" Lapis asked, her head tilted. The mailman cleared his throat.

"I'm just going along my daily route, mam."

"Daily Route? You mean you always come by this way?" Lapis questioned.

"That's right; here and around Beach City, delivering my mail to each resident awaiting their arrival," he said, a hint of drama in his voice. Lapis found that, although unexpected, kinda cute. She smiled to him, finding this 'mail' interesting, and the mailman smiled back.

"So what else do you deliver in this 'mail'?" Lapis asked, looking to the satchel the package came from. The mailman didn't think Lapis was being too serious, so, he went along anyway.

"Well more often than not, it's usually letters, bills, sweepstakes time to time. It's often a lottery on what should come around to its rightful owners," he explained, Lapis finding his added charm to his sentences enjoyable. Lapis even giggled a little, making the mailman blush slightly. Lapis rubbed her arm as she looked to him, wondering what to say to him. As far as most humans go, she found them a bit dynamic, maybe too dynamic, and seeing this human ... well, he was interesting, to say the least.

"You are an interesting human. What's your name?" Lapis asked. The mailman took out some shades, and put them on for a dramatic effect before answering.

"Jamie," he answered. Lapis found the added drama a cute touch, but seeing this, Lapis wasn't sure if it was added drama or added ego. And her own experience with someone with an ego not too long ago (or at least seeing it happen to her close friend), she wasn't too sure. Still, he didn't seem as bad as the other guy, so, he gave him the benefit of a doubt.

"Lapis Lazuli," Lapis replied. Jamie nodded on hearing the name. While he liked to stick around, he still had a job to do, and a route to complete. So, he turned to go.

"It was a pleasure to meet you," Jamie said to her. Lapis decided to play along with the drama game, and bowed to him like a proper lady.

"A pleasure to meet you too," Lapis replied. Jamie smiled to her, and went off to continue his paper route. As for Lapis, it was a sweet little first time meeting. Lapis began to head back to the Temple, smiling softly.

Author's Note:

And now, some more casual introductions, a relaxing plot focused on Beach City people, and friends trying to make Ronalazuli happen :3 Nod to "Hearts and Hooves Day" ain't it? :rainbowlaugh: