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When Sweetie Belle got zapped during the Zap Apple Harvest, no one thought much of the filly's light electrocution. However, the zapping has given her a most unusual ability... the ability to change the color of objects, temporarily, into the colors of the rainbow. This is surprising to the little filly, as she has yet to achieve mastery of most magical arts beyond a novice.

Naturally, her adventurous streak gives her an idea. Sweetie Belle will become a superhero. She is the vibrant guardian, the watcher of the palette. She is...


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Two problems: 1) I don't think that changing something's colours will necessarily de-Discord it.

2) The spell lasts for a few hours, tops, remember?

I have to wonder what would happen if she hit Rainbow with her magic at this point.

"It will cross with the royal banners!":rainbowlaugh:

WTF is this, Nextwave for grade schoolers?:rainbowhuh:

Tracking this.

If she turns everythings colour into the colour of the Rainbow
What happens when she touches Rainbow Dash's hair :rainbowhuh:

Sweetie Belle as a superhero? I like it :pinkiehappy:



Don't worry. That's what Gummy is there for.


The logical thing to conclude would be nothing. Which is what's going to happen, if it ever does.

And as always, thanks to everyone for reading!

man I can see this as a legit Sweetie Belle episode in season 3 [MOAR:flutterrage:

Congrats on this story getting Featured. I'll be adding this to my Favorites so I can remember to read it later.

This story is absolute genius.

When I saw the title (before reading the disc.) I thought this was gonna take a Cupcakes tone...:rainbowderp:



I didn't even realize it got featured. I was wondering how people were finding this fic. :derpyderp1:


Well, I assure you that nothing quite as drastic or dark will happen in this fic, ever. :trixieshiftright:

So Gummy nis a secret Agent WOW:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::yay::yay:

1609234 :rainbowhuh:: Who are you, :pinkiecrazy:? Sweetie Belle would never do that! Then again...:rainbowderp:

1609386 i think it would be funny if it turned RD's mane grey- she would be like Daring Do!!! :rainbowkiss:
-and scoots becomes the new Dash:scootangel:

Very well.:twilightsheepish:
This seems interesting.:pinkiesmile:

Join the Dark Side Sweets, JOIN US!!!! This is impressive, I shall read and reviewi this and Sweetie Belle is my favorite of the CMC, I love it. Though Rainbow or anything with the color is starting to really annoy me:flutterrage:

Someone call the Legion of Substitute Heroes, Color Kid might want to sue.

Wait a sec
can they??? :duck:

1611385 NO SHE WON'T! You lied about the cookies!

1611729 You threatened our security in the front doors with a toothbrush, Darth Vader had to throw you out himself....it was fun to watch.:rainbowlaugh:

1611726 Damn now you tell me...what do I do with this whole, large bag I just bought and this taser gun I stole from the cops then?:applejackunsure:

Oh my, this was funny.

Agent Gummy? YES!!!!! For some reason I think it would be so bad ass if all the pets became a crime fighting group or something, fighting creatures that the Mane Six, CMC and other ponies don't even notice....that sounds like a great idea now that I think about it.

Also, grey is not so bad....but with matching color they are a great enemy!!! FEAR THE GERY....good movie by the way, and why do I think of J. Joan Jamerson (from Spider-man) talkinhg when hearing Top-Hat's voice....poor Sliver Spoon, I like her to, she more awesome if she stopped hanging around Diamond.

Ha, Discord....that's my favorite episode because it showed the Elements of Disharmony in the Mane Six's apperance, very well done I say.

"How disappointing...:ajsleepy:"
Should we favorite this even though we have over 150 chapters of random things to catch up on?:applejackunsure:
"It's either this or 2 horror stories back-to-back,,,"
Still though...
"on top of playing Silent Hill"
Well you just got a favorite good sir!


... must resist urge...

Urge irresistable.


._. well... this is interesting to say the very least

She is the hero Ponyville deserves lol

1611385 hello demon dash... we meet again...:ajbemused:


1612609 YOU!!!!!!! You'll help me to destory Equestia with Discord....again, or I will do as promise....and smack you with a waffle:derpytongue2: FEAR THE WAFFLE!!!!!

:rainbowlaugh: Nah, I'm kidding, what's up brother:ajsmug:



"Your magic? Rainbow stuff? I thought you couldn't even do basic levitation yet?"

"it's obviously some form of magic. It uses my horn to shoot out, and I could feel it working like the magic when I levitate things. So it has to be a type of magic!"

Kinda contradicts itself there.

Interesting so far, I'll be giving it a look



Thanks for catching that! I was missing a line for Sweetie in the second line. Fixed.

I like this story! Please make another chapter. :-)

Rainbowsplosion, Or a sonic rainboom...

1611326 :rainbowlaugh: yeah that would be funny and it would make sense :rainbowderp:

So Sweetie Belle is Rainbow Bright?

I thought Mayor Mare had us stocking up for stallion week again.

...Wait, what?:rainbowhuh:

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