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When Pinkie Pie is charged by Rarity to promote her cloth dyeing competition, she does it in one of the many methods she is familiar with.

She trots around town with a huge sign strapped to her back. However, reactions seem to be mostly panicky... there couldn't be any reason for that, could there?

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Just the presence of Pinkiecopter makes this fic worth reading :rainbowlaugh:

That's one funny thing to read here. Very good if you ask me. :twilightsmile:

Dying Competition huh?

Guess that means *puts on sunglasses* there's no consolation prize... YYYEEEAAAHHH!

Pinkie Pie: I just don't know what went wrong...

"And then the moon smashed into Ponyville."

XD Everyone is invited! Even Foals and the Elderly can join XD PINKIE!
And then the moon crashed in Ponyville XD LUNA!!!
I just can't help but grin.

The moon thing seemed completely out of left field, though I suppose it's as good a method as any to bring about the mass death and destruction that had every pony worked up.




Dreams are weird like that, wouldn't you agree?

Dammit, Pinkie :facehoof:

Quite Amusing, if you ask me. :moustache:

Pinkie cant you spell :facehoof::rainbowlaugh:
Its still funny as hell :scootangel::yay:

Oh god, my sides. I haven't laughed like this at a story in such a long time.


It was kinda funny but the ending was just far too random.



I was trying to go for some irony in the ending. I figured since the moon obviously doesn't just suddenly move itself, it'd make more sense if Luna used her dreamwalking to have a little bit of fun.


No no, the dream bit was... well hax, but fun.

It was the whole convo with Celestia after that that was random.



Yes, it was a bit odd. It was also a bit short, in my opinion, but I don't think it would have been any better if I made it longer.


Meh could have just been Luna musing that she crashed the moon in the shared dream because it was boring. She thought something interesting would happen in a merged dream, like some vision of harmonic paradise, but it was just like everyday life in Ponyville. And then profound realization.

Spelling.exe has stopped working.

Well....That explains it! :derpytongue2:

This story had me laughing all the way through, freaking hilarious

:twilightoops: .....Well.... that was a different ending than i expected...
:ajbemused: Pinkie, did your witchcraft have something to do with this?
:pinkiesmile: I dunno. I'm just happy everypony got to the competition in time!
:rainbowderp: Everypony died, in their dreams admittedly, and you're happy they made it to the field in time? You're not turning into Pinkamena again are you?
:fluttershysad: Oh my...
:raritywink: I'm sure Pinkie is very sorry for her typo, and everything was fine in the end anyway darling.
:pinkiecrazy: Yeah Rainbow Dash, don't worry...

"And then the moon smashed into Ponyville."


1866628: Is this the time for silly rhymes? :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:


eeo I didnt realize I did that :pinkiegasp:

“You may indeed, Tia.




I like to keep it as "you". In my headcanon, Luna is adopting modern vocabulary very well, but she still uses a bit of old Equestrian here and there. It's to help show her transition.

Reasonably delightful. Upward thumbing.



Thanks for reading!

Really hilarious idea. Just the basic premise of a simple misspelling causing so much chaos works well. You definitely used the idea to the fullest, and got a hell of a lot of comedy out of it, resulting in a really entertaining and fun story. You wrote every character really well, especially Pinkie.

My only qualm is that the joke is one-note. Granted, that's obvious given the premise, and there's nothing wrong with one-note jokes, but I almost feel like you took a touch too long with it. Like, by the end, I sorta got the idea of the joke. It might be just me, but I think it would have worked better to combine the Twilight and Rainbow Dash scenes into one, or just cut one of them altogether. A bit of shortening would have been perfect, it would have let the joke run it's course without feeling played out.

But that's a very minor issue. Overall I really enjoyed this story. Have a thumb, have a favorite!

Gods are so cruel:ajbemused: I laugh, HARD on this, I'm not kidding I laughed so hard I cried....Gods, this was an amazing story, I'll bet Discord was laughing so hard he could not breathe as Death was so bucking disappointed....damn, THIS....made my entire night, loved every second, I got to read it again:yay: And would not crashing the moon into the world in real life destroy both? Expect for the Gods, because they are...well, Gods. But they would then fade from lack of worshippers so.....everyone loses LOL.

And then the moon smashed into Ponyville.

Well... crap.....

I don't know what I expected, but I'd say I got it.


Genius! I love it!
Also, this:

If what your Pinkie Sense is true,...

Shouldn't there be a 'says' or something in there?



Got it. Thanks for pointing it out!


Thanks for reading. :duck:


Okay, this is literally my favourite story on this site. I wish I could actually mark it as my "#1 favourite." :P

EDIT: I found a way.

Nicely done. Well developed, just the right length, nice soft ending. Congrats again on your Seattle's Angels feature - the spot is rightly earned.



Aww, what a cop out. You could have been all, "rocks fall, everypony dies", but then you had to go and Luna it. :rainbowlaugh:

Or did you just do that so it wouldn't have to be a [dark] comedy? :rainbowwild:

Seattle's angels strike again. :trixieshiftright:



That's what people would have expected, though. And besides, I don't really like ponies dying in a Slice of Life fic, ya know? :applejackunsure:

This was a pretty funny story, though the ending kinda threw me for a loop, though that was probably the plan in the first place. The only issue I have is that the joke was pretty much the same throughout the story, everypony reacting the same way every time they saw the sign, though that probably had to be expected in a story like this.



Well, it is the title, after all.

I tried to stick with one gag and see how far I could take it, and I think it turned out fairly well.

Well, it did turn out well, it was more of a small nitpick than a major complaint.



Well, thanks for reading and commenting! People don't usually comment, so I appreciate your input.


Pinkie could only stare on in confusing, the smile still on her lips.


I didn't spray too much food over my screen at the end, so that's a plus.



Fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out.

okay that was a a bit amusing.

The tenth paragraph is the first place at which I bust a gut over this fic. Minutes before, I had left a comment on another Seattle's Angels entry, noting that the comedies found in SA are never hilarious enough to make my sides ache. You have my admiration for authoring the only one that's done that so far. :pinkiehappy:

Pinkie Pie's humor comes mainly from how she views the world differently from everyone else, but sometimes she needs a little help from Deus Ex Machina (I think that term applies here) in guiding events and ensuring that she chooses exactly the wrong words while failing to properly explain herself. Besides that, what makes this story shine is the interactions between each and every character; their chemistry is spot-on and very easy to visualize.

The other thing I mentioned in my comment under Special Relativity was that my spirits always lift a little when an author covers all seven characters instead of just the ponies. So your library scene cemented my decision to add this to my favorites...until everything afterward, in which you appear to have completely forgotten about Spike, thus denting my optimism.

“I don’t think so. I didn’t feel the ground shaking, and the last time it happened it was really obvious it was a stampede, even from the library.”

“Look, Twilight! Pinkie’s coming to the library! I hope she brought some cupcakes.”

When you begin a new paragraph and the same character is still speaking, you leave off the end quotation mark from the prior paragraph.



I appreciate the criticism. I went back and corrected Spike's dialogue.

As for the lack of Spike in the latter half, it was something that didn't occur to me until your comment. In retrospect, I should have added him to the mob of ponies that showed up at the end. :facehoof:

First off, this is magnificent, and everyone should really experience dyeing for themselves. It's quite amusing. Makes my favorite list, surely. Pinkie's in rare form, and the reactions are priceless.

Now have two typos and two extra comments.

She pulled a strap with her mouth, securing the harness in place. “Everypony dies.” It was a short, clear message to the ponies about what they would be doing at the competition! Rarity wasn’t here, but Pinkie was certain that even she would approve of the minimalism in the sign. It was a nice wooden board painted with the colors of the rainbow, with a nice red for the text. Pinkie had deliberated on the color of the text for over an hour, but eventually settled on red like her strawberry cupcake frosting.

My favorite part so far.

Look, Twilight! Pinkie’s coming to the library! I hope she brought some cupcakes.”

Missing an opening quote before the 'Look' here. Reading Swashbucklist's comment, I think you may have misunderstood -- you leave off the ending quote in the paragraph previous to this one, not the opening quote in this one. Like this:

“I don’t think so. I didn’t feel the ground shaking, and the last time it happened it was really obvious it was a stampede, even from the library.

Look, Twilight! Pinkie’s coming to the library! I hope she brought some cupcakes.”

“And... you have a pretty good feeling about this?” Twilight looked at Spike, who merely shrugged his shoulders. He had even less of a clue than she did, so he resumed shelving the books that Pinkie had knocked down, muttering to himself about shelf quality.

“I told you, Twilight. I’m super, duper serious about this.” Pinkie bumped noses with Twilight as she walked straight up to her.

“Uh... huh.” Spike threw a scroll over his shoulder, which Twilight caught with her magic and opened up. She’d have to jot down a new entry for the Pinkie Sense, as this was a brand new prediction: the ability to predict the end of the world.

Favorite part, part two.

“Sure does, Applejack. It’s what the competitions all about later today! I already talked to Twilight and Dashie, and they’re gonna attend, too! I think.”

Should be "competition's," since it's a contraction of 'competitions' and 'is' rather than a plural.

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