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Just some random person on the internet that writes stories about a show with ponies. I try not to suck at writing. Am I good at it? I don't know. I just do it for fun.


Just where are Scootaloo's parents and why doesn't she ever talk about them? Sadly the answer to both questions is because they have passed on. Join Scootaloo as she pays her annual visit to the graves of her two parents...and learn a little something about her and her family in the process.

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:fluttercry: so sad but greatly written. :twilightsmile:

I'm not crying. I'm not crying. I'm not-DARN IT! This is so sweet and Fluffyful. And beautiful. This is amazing. Have a thumb!

This was one of those rare times when Dash came along at exactly the right moment -- and, miraculously, said exactly the right things.

It never does go away, does it?

This reminded me of my grandma's death. I do the same thing as Scootaloo, except on her birhtday.:fluttercry::fluttershysad:

Ooh Scoot. :applecry: Hug hug HUG

Aeirals, in the sky, when you lose your mind, you free your life.
Aerials, so up high, when you free your eyes, eternal prize...~ SOAD, Aerials

Manly tears were shed today :raritycry:

That was so beautiful.....:raritydespair::raritycry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2:...and so sad....you're a freakin' genius!

Time to play some COD to kill off the braincells responsible for this sad feeling.

Very sad and kind of cute also. Good story:pinkiesad2:

Take my manly tears! Take them and store them in a jar! :applecry:

That was very well written, well done!

Beautiful in the way it captures the emotions and the confusion of a child in these circumstances.

I shed a few tears when I first proof-read this for Gamer. Then I shed a few more tears as I helped edit this story. And now that it's posted, I still cried a few tears! :fluttercry: The part that always get me is this part during her flashback with her mom:

She hugged her daughter even tighter. “Never forget just how much we love you!”
“I won’t mommy. I love you too,” replied Scootaloo, nuzzling her cheek along her mother’s neck.

As I helped edit this story, this music from Chrono Trigger kept playing in my mind: "Sad Memory"

This is now part of my favorites! :yay:

>>Rainbow Lili
That's good, too many people just seem to forget the ones who aren't around anymore.
And on that note, Think tomorrow I'll visit my parents graves.

also, good story.

I shed a few stray tears today. :raritycry:

you sir deserve a thumbs up. oh and have some staches as well..


Just a suggestion; indent, for the large paragraphs atleast.
It's kinda Wall of texty

i shed a few tears at this but since quite a bit of stuff happened in my life my heart is like a rock of emotionlessness well done for breaking a bit of that rock of my heart and softening me forever :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

you had me in hysterics.

Author Interviewer

Given how much I disliked the previous story of yours that JamesIsTheBrony read, I wanted to comment and give you credit on this one. While not a tear-jerker, at least not in my case, the emotion felt less forced despite the use of some overworn tropes. This avoided being maudlin and shows improvement, which is what I value most in writers. A resounding "Not bad!" :)

sniff sniff this story is so sad this reminded my of how i lost my parents.:raritycry: i give you lots of kudos have them all :raritydespair:

I cried a little.Well.. mabye a few tears here and there but great story:raritywink:


this story brought me closest to sobbing this day. very hard thing to accomplish.

quite a nice story. I read a lot of sadfics, but enjoy the slice of life ones the most. I left home, and was estranged by my father in 76, and didn't go home again. it was like, after my mom died, our family just fell apart. I didn't communicate after that. I was just on my own. my father never got to see me go to college, or marry for 18 years before I lost my wife shortly after we survived Katrina. my father died recently and I am rather bitter about all that we missed out on. I don't seem to have any feelings toward my father, and that troubles me to some extent, but I find that I need these stories to get in touch with the feelings that meant the most to me. I am so envious of these characters, because I can feel the sadness they feel, and I can sympathize with them. these stories remind me of how families are supposed to be. why is it that the greatest feelings are expressed in works of fiction, rather than in real life?

sooo good and yet soo sad :) :(

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