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When Rainbow Dash started reading, she realized just how much she had missed. Entire books with the promises of possibilities, opportunities, and adventures. The Daring Do series always remained foremost in her mind, but she planned to broaden her horizons, so to speak.

However, it was particularly important that her new hobby remain a secret, as there are plenty of ponies in Ponyville that would be glad to find out that the awesome Rainbow Dash is a bookworm... or at the very least, happy she's taking interest in other hobbies...

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Fiction title: Books
... That... is... genius!



I was contemplating "that thing where you put a bunch of papers together and bind them," but then I realized it would be too long.

But then, I realized there was a word for that. Silly me!



Hehe. Glad you enjoyed the fic!

pritty good. will have to watch and see were it goes.

she took out the dictionary and cradled it in her hooves, stroking it gently.

The Precious.:pinkiecrazy:

Oh Rainbow, when will you realize that reading will bring you nothing but trouble? (On a side note, I kinda feel for Rainbow. I seem to be the only one who devours the Nonfiction section of my school, and everybody seems to like commenting on it.)

Books: A Mare's Best Friend

Reminds me of me when I actually liked reading everything, fiction and non-fiction. (I read half the library.)
Then school came and made it mandatory.
Reading kinda died for me then xD

*Gasp* It's tea loving book hater, my worst enemy! :pinkiegasp:

Pinkie used her 'pedal powered' flying machine in 'griffin the brush off' she and spike were in twilight's balloon during the running of the leaves.



The machine is a fusion of the two, thanks to Twilight's modifications. I guess I should have made that a bit clearer, but I didn't think it'd be important.

Congratulations, Rainbow Dash, Life (and, apparently, Cheerilee) have finally caught up with you...

Indeed, it had not occurred to her until this particular moment in time that the effort put into making a live tree with a hollow inside, completely with openings for windows and doors, was a massive undertaking that was undoubtedly the work of someone with a penchant—Hah, just used that word! Awesome.—for delicate architecture.

That should be "live tree with a hollow inside, complete with..." to make grammatical sense.



Thanks for pointing that out! It's fixed now.

I'm really glad I came down here though, and now just because of the cider."

Is this supposed to be "and not just because of the cider"? It makes more sense that way.

I saw all the books Twilight hauled into your library. You know, some still have your name on them."

Err, into your library? As in, Rainbow Dash's library?

Cheerilee stood speechless, watching as Rainbow dash tempered her breathing.

"Rainbow Dash" should be capitalized.



Ah, didn't notice those. Thank you.

I should stop writing my fics late at night. :facehoof:


Heh, no problem. I enjoyed the fic, but my vaguely obsessive-compulsive grammar-nazi side makes it hard to just read without appeasing it by noting down typos and errors I come across. Feel free to fix or ignore stuff as you see fit :twilightsheepish:



I appreciate it! My eyes aren't as good as they used to be, so errors still slip by.


And such ends my first fic. I apologize if anyone read this expecting anything fantastical. This fic was meant to be my first foray into writing for almost two years, and the story (in my opinion) is very wavering. It is a Slice of Life fic, so it's quite mundane, straight up to the ending.

If anyone hasn't guessed it by now, I'm really big on the friendshipping. All of the ponies on the show are just so amiable, and it's really hard to envision them behaving otherwise, at least in Ponyville, and it seems like a "small town where everyone knows everyone else". I tried to capture that in this fic, but it really was rather secondary to my primary task in writing this:

Testing my writing ability. English was never my strong suit, and I was actually very reluctant in writing this fic at all. This was written mostly as a way to see where my grasp of writing structure was, and I think it turned out okay.

Thanks for reading my (totally boring) fic!

Hey, this was pretty good! I love the concept of Rainbow going a little crazy with reading once the mental dam broke in Read It and Weep, and I think you really captured the inner conflict between her natural curiosity and her desire to be perceived as 'cool'. My only complaint would be that the ending was a little abrupt, but nonetheless it tied up everything that needed to be tied up. Good work!:twilightsmile:

Its a good story, but there is no ending, really. It just suddenly stops.

I just realized I have a massive weakness against egghead Dashie

I'm just sad that it ended abruptly....so much potential well of course its just me and my incessant love for Rainbow Dash in closet egghead mode

I can feel tremendous amounts of potential in this one IMO (ok I noticed I just said the same thing twice already)

Great story! I'll read the rest later


I really liked this story, but the last, ohhhh, half or quarter of it, especially the very end, falls a bit flat. It's like the beginning of a buildup toward the finale, and then it just stops.

The ending feels like a chapter ending, with minor plot points being wrapped up, in preparation for the next series of plot points and chapters, rather than the ending of an entire story.

So, all in all I'd say: Strong opening, but the finish needs work.

Hmmm... Thinking a bit more about it, I'd say that the problem was this: Rainbow's expectations and feelings about being "discovered" builds up every encounter, but the when the encounter happens, the other shoe fails to drop, building up more expectations and tension for the next encounter.

First you have Pinkie, Applejack and Twilight, who all take it in stride, with barely a jibe.

Then Lyra who, with her introduction in the story and Rainbow's assertions, appears, at the least, somewhat manic. Then Rainbow goes to her house, reservations, worries and doubts in her mind, and nothing happens, except that they have a good time and begin to reestablish their friendship with no bumps in the road.

Eventually you get to the last encounter with Cheerilee, who has been protrayed as The Book Monster of Ponyville, and they have a very minor confrontation in the park, which is defused quickly but, seemingly, temporarily. Then, what has been built up as the finale, they meet up, at the schoolhouse rather than her house, as was the case with Lyra, which emphasizes her role as a teacher, giving a "clue" as to what their conflict is about. Then... they have a perfectly ordinary time, barring slight awkwardness due to the dream and their history, and it ends.

In short, the story builds itself up again and again, and then nothing happens.

...That ended up being a longer comment than I'd planned on.


Well, that ending was... sudden.:rainbowderp:

I WANTS MOAR!:raritydespair:

I stay away from the horror stuff. I can't believe anypony books like that!
Anychicken sure does. Especially after their heads are chopped off.


I like the idea of a stack of books the same size of scootaloo
I bet the stack of books is cute!!!

"I'm so glad you gave me a second chance, because I'm going to make you read forever!"

Oh no, it's Nightmare Cheerilee! Everypony run! :daisylilyrose:



Yes, it became painfully obvious to me in the last chapter that I was running out of steam. I went into this story with no planning or outlining at all, and I assumed that the idea would eventually burn itself out. To be honest, the idea was rather brusque to begin with: Rainbow Dash reading lots of books, and a couple of other ponies finding out. I think it may have been better to leave it as a one-shot instead, but it is what it is.

To everyone who did read this, thanks for reading! The ending was a bit disappointing, even to me, but I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to writing.


Copy of what? :rainbowderp:

>says its a copy
>can't even say what it's a copy of



I really liked this, but it feels like an over-extended oneshot. The only longish-term sub-plot was Cheerilee, and that didn't give any 'payoff' in it's resolution. The idea that Rainbow Dash picks up a hobby of reading more books than Twilight does could lead to many things, but you didn't have that happen and that's why the ending feels flat. If you wanted to, you could put some kind of long-term thingumy or forshadowing of said thingumy throughout the earlier bits that RD can only solve with the power of nerdy-ness, and then ramp the comedy levels up in the ending. You're the author, what can you creatively think up?



Well like I said, this was my first jab at writing in a while. This fic was more of a test with my grasp of writing, rather than an attempt at an actual story. The story was just a secondary thing, because I've got another fic or two coming up that, in my opinion, have far better stories.

It reads like an overextended one-shot because that's really what it was. I won't deny that.

The honesty is strong with this one.

I liked it. It felt real. Not as a real episode (although I think it could be adapted to one), but as the real average day in the life of a person, or in this case, a pony. It's true that the ending is abrupt and not very spectacular, but most of the days in our life don't end in a spectacular way either, we just go to bed; so it's fine for me. :twilightsmile:

Wow, talk about abrupt endings...
And no, it wasn't boring, the entire idea was nice, there is a lot of potential to expand upon...

Now I have someone I can talk to about Star Swirl's theories on friendship and magic!

I'll stop being Mr Politically-Correct now...

Time to read MOOOOAAAARRRRR!!!!

:rainbowkiss: This. is. SO AWESOME!

Really enjoying super smart Rainbow.

Very good story, it had a very abrupt ending, no doubt about it, but I don't really mind... it worked.

I do have to point out this line though,

"Wow. If somepony threw out all my books, I'd probably get really angry. You forgave him for that?"

Shouldn't Rainbow know first hand? She purchased what sounds like hundreds of books and had them in her home, in other words they were her private property... Twilight saw them and effectively stole them. Sure Rainbow can go check them out whenever she wants, but do you really think Twi is not going to shelve them and lend them out with the rest? No, she totally 'appropriated them on behalf of the government'... out-and-out theft. Case in point, Cheer says "Some of those books still have your name on them'" implying that the others have had her name and claim to them removed... not cool Twi', friends don't do that to their friends.

Lyra moved aside as Rainbow entered, the door closing behind her. Rainbow wasn't sure what she was expecting when he tepped inside.

Probably brain running faster than the fingers could keep up with, otherwise good story.



Thanks for catching that. It's fixed now.

Very cute, well written. The ending was really sudden though. I kept looking for the "next chapter button" until it clicked that it was done.

This was a really solid fic. It was a lot of fun and well written too. :) consider me a new fan.:twilightsmile:



Thanks for reading! :pinkiesmile:

This was my first piece of writing outside of education, so I don't think it turned out too bad. I don't think it turned out that well, either, but those are the breaks of attempting fanfiction.

2960749 *Grins* not just fanfiction, but any sort of writing, fiction or otherwise, the trick is learning from it no?:P

Good story overall, thanks for writing. The ending was extremely sudden, though - the story just abruptly stopped. Didn't even seem like a chapter break, I thought my copy was corrupt when I hit "next page" on my Kobo and it dumped me back to the main menu. Even if you're done telling all the tale you intended to tell it could have perhaps used a bit more denoument - just a paragraph or two to make it clear to the reader that the story's winding down and the characters are going to live happily ever after (until the next adventure).

The only other thing is that you consistently used "Pegasi" throughout the story when "Pegasus" would have been the more correct form. Pegasi is plural, akin to saying "humans". So for example "she considers it strange and wonderful that a pegasi actually takes interest" is akin to "she considers it strange and wonderful that a humans actually takes interest" - it was kind of jarring whenever I hit one of those. It's a common pet peeve of mine in MLP fanfic, alas. :)



This was technically my first fic, so my writing skills are not that great. I would practice more, but classes take priority.

As for pegasi/pegasus, I think that's wholly debatable. I've seen discussions where one or the other was the only way to use it, and I think I might have tried to use pegasi as the plural to refer to the pegasi race.

I don't remember much about writing this fic, to be honest, or if I specifically chose to use "pegasi". It's been ages, and far more important things have popped up since then, so my memory is spotty at best. Anyways, thanks for commenting.

nicely done... keep it up... some interesting sentence and grammar choices... to me they are good but then again, I'm mostly a poet writer so... they look good.

I give it a 5 Derpys out of 5 Derpys...


oh and FREAK-EN BOOKS... MAN :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Duck Face :duck:

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