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When Pinkie Pie is charged by Rarity to promote her cloth dyeing competition, she does it in one of the many methods she is familiar with.

She trots around town with a huge sign strapped to her back. However, reactions seem to be mostly panicky... there couldn't be any reason for that, could there?

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When Sweetie Belle got zapped during the Zap Apple Harvest, no one thought much of the filly's light electrocution. However, the zapping has given her a most unusual ability... the ability to change the color of objects, temporarily, into the colors of the rainbow. This is surprising to the little filly, as she has yet to achieve mastery of most magical arts beyond a novice.

Naturally, her adventurous streak gives her an idea. Sweetie Belle will become a superhero. She is the vibrant guardian, the watcher of the palette. She is...


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The Angry Pony is always angry. The Angry Pony also hates everything, which is quite befitting of a very angry pony. The very angry pony doesn't like Equestria, even, or the Princesses! However, most other ponies do not pay him any attention because he is, frankly, always angry.

But alas, one day Angry Pony does something completely unsurprising! He attempts to destroy Equestria! What will our champion of do-goodery and super-cheery-cheerfulness Pinkie Pie do?! Will she triumph in the name of all that is warm, fuzzy, and slightly sugary? Or will Angry Pony win the day and make everypony else slightly more uncomfortable?

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by a3V

When Rainbow Dash started reading, she realized just how much she had missed. Entire books with the promises of possibilities, opportunities, and adventures. The Daring Do series always remained foremost in her mind, but she planned to broaden her horizons, so to speak.

However, it was particularly important that her new hobby remain a secret, as there are plenty of ponies in Ponyville that would be glad to find out that the awesome Rainbow Dash is a bookworm... or at the very least, happy she's taking interest in other hobbies...

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