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Newly married Princess Cadance and Shining Armour return home after their honeymoon happy to be home again and ready to help out around the castle however they can. However, when Cadance discovers a small creature hiding in her room, she has a choice to make. Turn the changeling in to the royal guard or keep it a secret.

Warning: This story is made mostly for Dwaaa'a and will likely hit you in a feel or two.

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I'm such a sucker for Changeling-sympathy stories where they aren't portrayed as "a race of EVIL."

Most of your writing is the result of obvious skill with the language, but there are a number of consistent mistakes: "Shinning" should be "Shining," and you change tense a couple of times--chose either present or past!

Even if you don't fix those--but you should!--I'll still be looking forward to updates!

EDIT: Oh! Wait! You're the author of "The Legend of the Arachnapony," too! Well then, at this rate, I may just watch you!

Shinning Armour

Ho boy...


Well, amour is just the brittish way of spelling it. Probably a good assumption since the whole Shining Armor/Cadence wedding was a reference to the brittish wedding. I may spell it that way myself in my own fics from now on.

Give me the rest! oh and 1834416 I'm such a sucker for Changeling-sympathy stories too!

Add yet another to the "sucker for changeling-sympathy" count! :twilightsmile:

That cover art is so d'awww-inducing I had to hug someone. :twilightsmile:

1834452 and 1834416 I'm working on the mistakes. Thank you for pointing them out. Sometimes I wonder how I miss such huge errors. :pinkiecrazy:


Seconded. I too am a sucker for these type of stories. Lets see what Shining has to say. I don't think he'll like it.

this is OK

im only gunna say these kind've stories are only 10% cooler

Great story, I especially like..... wait a second....Don't changelings eat love? media.screened.com/uploads/0/4848/364628-suspicious_face_icon.png

1835512 THIRD i am a sucker for changling sypathy,too.:heart:

1837088 No one from the cast said they can't eat other things, just that they feed on love.

So do filly changelings eat normal food until there magic kicks? :unsuresweetie:

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Soo...a baby Changeling eh ??

I guessing Cadence's motherly instinct is to adopt him/her...

Not if it means giving it to the authorities.

1846706 Oh! Now I feel like an idiot. I was thinking something along the lines of Cadance having the changeling impersonate a guard or something stupid like that. :twilightblush:

An intriguing concept with a lot of potential. My only advice would be to find a pre-reader, invaluable as a second pair of eyes are. Grammatical errors so easily escape our notice as authors. Still, I watch with anticipation of your next update, it will be most interesting to see where you take this narrative.


Guard: Hey, bro. Check the flanks on that sweet catch.

Baby Changling Guard: *Drools and spits* Pbhbhbbbbbbt

Guard: Yeah, I guess she is a bit chubby.

Even when I've only read a single chapter, I've decided to watch this and you

Good job on this!

I thought they ate emotions...oh well.:ajsmug:
This is gonna be cute. I just know it.:pinkiehappy:

Ff This is really interesting.
Since Cadance is located between the hooves a puppy of a breed who knows.
At first she fears him and hate him for that pnto trying to destroy it but when the little seems to have reached the end she looks alo mirror and realize that the real monster is, and that she has only creaturia hungry and lonely , I'm really currioso to see how it will react to the presence of Shining Armor filly.


uh oh I think the site is bugged ,it still thinks your word count is around 2000....


Cadence gave her a WAR HUG!!! lol

This is great! Shit's gonna happen.


I imagine war hugs are like bro hugs but more brutal... 24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5kz2kVf5r1rtzl8mo8_1280.png perhaps like this

So much d'aww

"Guess what Shiny, you're a daddy!"
*Shining Armor runs away*

You switched between gender neutral and female way too much and in very odd places, I also noticed a missing word or two. You also seemed to be switching in and out of the changelings POV randomly.:eeyup:

TL:DR = Need proofreader.:pinkiehappy:

ps. Oh, and the Chapters need more words and the Story needs more chapters.:rainbowdetermined2:

It probably be more along the lines of "Chrysalis had me under her control and I thought she was you!!"


And you need....NUCLEAR ARMS!!!!


....sorry. :twilightblush:

Dawww... Still waiting for inevitable Shining Armor meltdown.

I like the idea of having sections from Rose's point of view.:twilightsmile:

D'awww this is cute :3.....I NEED MOAR!!!! :flutterrage:

Yes... Please sir, may we have another? :fluttershysad:

Noooo Rose, dont let the strange pink thing corrupt you.

So frigging adorable! Also loling at "war hug." Political version of the kiss of death is the hug of war!:derpytongue2: But yeah, super cute and adorable and oh how I want more..!

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