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Scootaloo doesn't want to get up and go to school, doesn't want to get up and just wants to pout. Big Mac gives her the cure for grumpy fillies-a spanking and a cuddling.

Contains: Light, borderline playful, disciplinary spanking. Snuggling.

(This story contains no sexual content nor did the author write this with prurient intentions in mind.)

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Well, long time no see!

Did you just get banned? Your name has a line through it.

If she has been (which she has) haw exactly do you expect her to answer you?

Interesting idea, one must say.

Now this was cute. Poor Scoots was just having confidence issues the whole time, huh? I have never heard of spanks being used in this kind of way, but hey, it worked.

Yeah, I wasn't sure how well this would work, but it got all positive comments so I'm happy. Feel free to leave a more detailed review if ye like.

This wasnt bad, I dont see why it got hated on. I liked the part where he punishes her for talking down about herself.

A particular user who shall remain nameless has a thing against the topics in this fic and I strongly suspect they organized a downvote bomb. I disabled ratings because I will not allow a bully a platform.

I decided to rewrite two of my stories and combine them into one, though it did hold close to 75%. Thought I had it rough. Well, I liked it. Cant let bullies get you down.

There's nothing wrong with spanking

10376717 Good. Though I'm confused as to why Fluttershy is Scoots' mom.

Just thought it'd be a nice pairing for an AU. Glad you liked it.

To this day I wonder what this comment means. Cool jam though.

Neither do I, to be honest.

There are certain stories that tend to get downvoted into oblivion for no readily obvious reason.

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