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Just a fan who likes to write! :) hope everypony likes my stories


Gummy goes missing one day. Pinkie enlists the help of her friends to find him.

Disclaimer: most cliché story ever.

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What a cute little story! :twilightsmile: You captured Pinkie's spontaneous weird in a pretty good way, and that can be pretty hard to do without going overboard, so, nice job!

An enjoyable read, and very cute. Thanks for posting!

Omgomomg I'm seeing Doctor Who references EEVVERRRYWHERERERERE!

4253363 Thank you all!!! I can't believe anyone liked it! :pinkiehappy: I know its short, but I didn't intend to make anything more than a cheap little one shot :yay:


It's quite satisfactory for what it is; the writing is nice, the plot is sweet and simple, and there is no pretension; it is not exactly minimalistic, but rather it fits its chosen role well.

If I may make a suggestion, it is presently labeled "incomplete"; if you don't intend to write further on the topic, you may want to change that.


I see what you did there... :unsuresweetie:

I dan't thenk I raight know what to make a' thees hea taale.

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