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Riding the Storm Webcomic! · 4:33pm Nov 5th, 2013

The "Riding the Storm" fanfiction I've written more than a year ago has become a wecomic thanks to the collaboration of MartinHello!

We've started a blog with periodical publications.
Check the blog here.

Fanart by Azzu-nyan.

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The Last Flight - Translation! · 6:59pm Aug 4th, 2013

The sequel of Riding the Storm is currently being translated!

I hope we'll manage to publish L'Ultimo Volo (The Last Flight) here, as we did with Riding the Storm!

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Where you can find me/us.

Lantheros (Author): mlp.it, DA
vale (translator/proofreader): DA
Azzu-nyan (fanart): DA

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I've been meaning to learn Italian. Would you be willing to chat with me sometime to help me out a little?

also, on your page, the purple title with the purple picture is awesome :pinkiecrazy:

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

615942 Yeah some did but others.... Not so much. My teacher from school said my ideas are flawless... But putting them down is what I have a problem doing... Some ponies are just well... Over critical. I have written and finished 3 stories that aren't published I guess writing this way is a bit harder for me. I normally revise and add to a single chapter for months... But with the way I've tried to push myself to get better it seems I pushed a bit to hard. Forcing ideas out of myself is unhealthy or so I've heard. My grades actually dropped Juristically. I guess that is a fact of forced ideas. I guess a solution would be to take more time. I only have a few weeks before school starts again... So far I haven't thought of anything... :(. It can't be helped I guess. More time to think and fix everything. Um... Sorry for pulling you into this... Long explanation but thanks for listening er.. Reading what I have to say. It helps if I talk.. Er.. Type about it.

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