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Rarity knows all too well the threat that sleds pose to ponykind.

Twilight, alas, seems intent on dooming them both.

Cover art from the gallery of blueSpaceling. Edited by Cursori and Beltorn. An entry for the RariTwi Bomb.

Spanish translation, by SPANIARD-KIWI. Chinese translation, by Cyan06.

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Oh, that was a perfect delight of a story. Thanks so much for this juxtaposition of the melodramatic with the harmless, in the truest Rarity style.

Thank you! Rarity's a superb narrative voice to work with for these kinds of things.

I have died of cute, and you have slain me. The sled was in on it of course.

Sweetie Belle comes from the Calvin school of sled maneuvering I see.

Rarity has entirely too much fun with her histrionics, and Twilight in getting in on the game.

Rainbow and Applejack breaking into a snowball fight below were just icing on an already FABULOUS cake.

The white and generous Rarity doesn't trust sleds.

This is now canon for me.

Inspiring death by cuteness is always a delight, as are sneaky Calvin & Hobbes references, and Rarity getting her unnecessarily-dramatic game on, and Rainbow and Applejack butting heads for that matter. Glad you approve. :twilightsmile:

She knows all too well the horrors they're capable of. :raritydespair:

I'm still a little bluesy after seeing the show finale, so I needed this as a pick-me-up. Have a fave.

A complete delight!

And, you know. Wintry RariTwi goodness, this couldn't be more different from your previous wintry RariTwi story.

Serendipitous timing, then. Glad to have provided it. :twilightsmile:

Thank you! It's a wee bit of a shift in tone, I'll acknowledge that. :raritywink:

I feel like I just watched Beethoven come back from writing his Fifth Symphony, pick up a piece of chalk, and solve Fermat's Last Problem just to show he could.

Definitely a change of tone and genre from the previous story, but no less incredible a piece of writing. This is witty comedy the likes of which only Rarity could achieve, and I count myself blessed to have witnessed both of these stories.

Pivoting from bleak war fics to fluffy, bantery sledding's good fun, and I thoroughly recommend it. The more confused one's readership, the better. :raritywink:

Delighted you've liked both, Mel. The Bomb's been good fun to participate in, and I very much need to read more of the other entries.

“It will slay us both, Twilight,” I said with stern surety.

Correction: It will sleigh them both
I laughed at this line.

This was really cute, and yeah, a good pick me up after both the series finale and the previous war story.

“It will slay us both, Twilight,” I said with stern surety.


Okay, I'm not going to say we didn't deserve that because we almost certainly did.
But even then... ouch.

I do like it when Rarity is overly dramatic. If done right, it's really quite fun to read, and I do think you did it very right :derpytongue2:

Glad you liked it, and that it served as a needed finale/Neighgara pick-me-up.

And that's an excellent pun. I only wish it had been intentional. :facehoof:

I only wish.

Rarity in full melodrama mode's a delight to write. Glad you think I did her justice!

“If I should never return,” she said sadly, adjusting the sled with her magic, “please send out search parties. Look for my cold form buried in the snow.”

You created this monster, Rarity. You are the only one to blame.

I probably should've read your new stuff the other way around, but the sheer quantity of weekend backlog has me desperate to get through as much as I can however I can. In any case, lovely moment between these two. I can only imagine what other seemingly innocuous objects have had their lethality unlocked by Sweetie Belle.

Glad you approve, and nae worries about the reversed reading order. If you want the palate-cleanser before the dark and heavy main meal, well, you're an adult. You can make those decisions.

Best of luck with the rest of the backlog. The Bomb's built up a respectable, bordering on terrifying, amount.

IMHO this is the most likely source of Rarities opinion of, " the threat that sleds pose to ponykind."

Super Amazing Rocket Sled of Awesome
by The Descendant

Oh, definitely. :pinkiehappy: The Descendant's work was absolute quality, that among them.

The best source of sledding misadventure. :pinkiehappy:

Short, to the point, and quite adorable. Well done! As usual.

Thank you! Glad you like it. :pinkiehappy:

That was a croissant of a story - light, fluffy, filling, and after it's over I want more.

Glad you like it! :twilightsmile:

Her opening in describing the sled reminds me of a passage from Bill Bryson where he ends his rant with, “If you did not know it before, know it now, Christmas tree stands are the work of the devil, and they want you dead.”

That definitely sounds like a Bryson-y line. :pinkiehappy: I need to get his latest.

I just hope he goes back to narrating his own audiobooks. He has an a very distinctive accent.

*sighs in contentment*
A wonderful story to revisit this holiday season.

It's always good to get your holiday-ish pieces published months in advance. Makes you look like a capable early starter. :raritywink:

Awwwww. Such adorable Rarelight!

My life flashed before my eyes often enough that I almost grew bored of my own exploits.

Coming from Rarity that means something.

That it does! Let no-one accuse Fashion Horse of modesty, false or otherwise. :raritywink:

Author Interviewer

Sweetie Belle does not know the concept of death.

Please explain to me the lack of comedy tag.

Sledding's a serious matter. Rarity took great pains to point this out.

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