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Porque el amor cuando no muere mata, porque amores que matan nunca mueren.


Two lovers share a moment of forbidden passions and literary quotations.

A short drabble inspired by the greatest literary romance that everyone was forced to read in high school, and also the wonderful song from the movie version that everyone also had to watch in high school.

Now with a reading by Brook the Book Horse!

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Comments ( 10 )

If Rarity had asked Twilight what a "hand" is this pastiche would have tipped over the fence into satire. It must have been tempting to do so. There is some subtle humor at work in the dramatic dialogue.

A miserable little pile of-- wait, that's the wrong reference. Never mind then.

I can't tell if Twilight is a bit drunk or if you have a typo. She seems to recite her lines too well for the former, but what do I know? Speak Shaker should possibly be Spear Shaker.

No comment about Twilight's sobriety, but that is indeed a typo. Thanks for catching it.

Does anyone over the age of 25 still consider R&J to be a ‘great romance’? I can’t read it without thinking “Ye gods, what a couple of idiots.” I mean we’re talking about a high school sophomore and an eighth grader. Kids that age weren’t any less stupid 400 years ago. Killing yourself over an eighth grade love interest goes right past tragedy into farce.

Sorry, this story was good, though.

That was really cute! And nice to see Twilight being the seductive one this time.

I'm sorry, but my brain jumped to "A miserable little pile of hormones!" instead.

I'm so happy to see someone else use "Spear Shaker" for the Bard rather than some tortured pun. In any case, lovely bit of fluff. I can only hope these two don't end up fulfilling an accidental suicide pact.

Ah, whoops. I thought I'd removed all hand reference from the original text. That was totally unintentional.

I have a mask remarkably similar to that one.

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