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Just a turian a braggin bout' his reach, doing calibrations. Also, if the bottles rise up in rebellion, call me first.

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Oh, hey again! Thanks so much for the adding my story Certain Advantages to your Favorites bookshelf! I'm very glad that you could enjoy it... despite the bungholery!:trollestia:

I'd like to see him, and any other number of characters, developed... but I hope that they don't go too far and try to make him overly sympathetic. The series has a bad habit of throwing away characters who could make good antagonists, and if this prince stays around I hope he's useable. Thanks again!:twilightsmile:

1384769 No, thank YOU! That letter was priceless! And honestly, given Blueblood's characterization thus far, could you really blame Celestia for writing that? Or be surprised if he acted like that? I kind of hope we actually get to see him developed a bit more in the next season.

Thank you for the Fave of my story Dear Idiot! I greatly appreciate it.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for faving "Cotton 'n Greg"!

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