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drunk poetry · 4:25pm Jul 20th, 2018

Genie, gypsy, devil pact
Necro-nomi-conic fact
Monkey paws and leprichauns
gold from straw for first borns sworn
Wicked witches, Baphomet
Take for granted what you get
Wish a wish and it comes true
But a wish's debts come due
One wish, two wish, can't undo wish.

Report MrNumbers · 190 views · #poetry
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Comments ( 7 )

No refunds and no exchanges
When the world you rearranges
No reversals, no regret
What you ask for's what you get.

Maybe I'm just missing the pattern, but it seems to veer a little off-meter at the end?

But I dunno because editing hung over is a bad plan.

It's eight syllables when everything else is seven. Somewhat intentional.

Creepy, I like it. Especially the last line, it stands out. (Even if it definitely sounds like Dr. Seuss.)

4904412 I like that last line against the others. To my thought you're tying up pairs of 7 (14) against a pair of 4's (8). Gives it a solid nail in the coffin, more direct "you're screwed" feel, almost like the end of an incantation.

Did you get drunk and wish for the end of the world again?

No, I got drunk because I wished for that back in 2014, and it's been coming true ever since.

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