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As Love, So Fleeting · 6:54am Nov 10th, 2016

Hey, guys!

So I was bored the other day while at work and there was a writing challenge on reddit I decided to join in on: Write a poem that when read forward is from the perspective of the victim, but when read backward (lines read normally, but from bottom to top) is the perspective of the murderer.

My entry:

At night, I hear the childrens' cries.
"There is no evil left to fear.
"There is no monster living here,"
I whisper softly, softly. Lies.

Disquietude behind their eyes;
The shadows 'cross the threshold bore
A grim reminder: "worthless whore."
Unfeeling, still; though conscience tries,

A cold and hateful body lies
Upon the couch. The moon reveals
A booze-gripped weight of colder steel
As love, so fleeting, hopeful, dies,

Hopefully mobile doesnt bork the formatting. Figured you guys might appreciate this since it seems I'm becoming more and more of a poetry writer around these parts. Hopefully mobile doesnt bork the formatting. Only You tagged because poetry.

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Comments ( 9 )

Great job! I don't have the time to say more, but i wanted to at least acknowledge what you have produced here :) Thanks for sharing!

Author Interviewer

Damn. :O

whoooooooah. That's a mindfuck.

Dis is good.
Though I may not be reading this rightly. I get the sense the victim and the murderer are one and the same.

Gosh, this is spectacularly creative work, here. I was entranced by Only, Only, Only You and I've always had a soft spot for poetry in the fandom (wildly unrated, I think), so seeing more material like this from you is great!

Out of curiosity, where did this writing prompt come from? I wouldn't mind exercising some of my more creative chops, so to speak, and would love to check it out!

You're actually right, Smart Cookie! Have a thumbs up!

4296552 Would you mind if I reposted this blog/poem to my FB account? I'll credit you of course. This is amazing and I know some of those that follow me would love this.

As long as credit os credited, I'm completely fine with this. Hope they enjoy it, too! Also, link to the post here, too, if you wouldn't mind. It'd be fun to see people's reactions that cant post em here!

I stumbled upon it over on reddit. The post itself is prolly buried by now, but there's lots of writing challenges people post over there all the time.

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