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You know. · 4:48am Jan 26th, 2017

You know something is wrong.

You know that you're the only one who knows what that something wrong even is.

You know you can't just leave it there unchecked.

You know no one else would notice, but you also know that you would notice.

You know that someone else needs to know.

But they can't.

You know that you can't solve it alone.

You know you lack the skills to fix it by yourself.

You know you want some help.

You know just how much that you want to be free of it once and for all.

You know that you need to say something.

But you can't.

You know that there is something wrong with you.

You know that you made it worse every time you tried to fix it.

You know just how much of a joke you've become by trying to fix it.

You know what others think of you, and what they say about you.

You know that they will deny it, and they'll say that they believe something entirely different.

But they don't.

You know that everything is wrong with you.

You know that you've blown any second chances you might have received ten times over.

You know just how much of a mess you've made.

You know you will never forget it, and neither will they.

You know that it will only continue that way until you can escape.

But you don't.

You know that you are the problem.

You know all of the things you've done that have only resulted in more problems.

You know exactly how much they despise you for it, now and forever.

You know that you can't keep on hurting them like you have.

You know there is only one thing you can do that would would work out for the best.

But... do you?

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Comments ( 5 )

Do you want to talk about this?

For once, I didn't write this because I was feeling bad. I just wanted to write a poem that centered on that feeling. I write a lot of poetry at night.

I feel you.

This gets me. Nice poem, by the way.

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