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I am a philosopher and spiritualist, I like to help others when I can.

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    The scoop on the poop

    I went into the hospital on Thursday for pre-heart surgery testing and got home Friday night, I have two blocked arteries that will require bypass surgery and a calcified heart valve that requires replacement. Surgery is this coming Tuesday at 5:30 am.

    My next stay in the hospital will be 5-7 days after that.

    I will update this post as the process completes.

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    Just a note to thank you all...

    For helping me reach my goal of 500 followers.

    Thank you all my friends, thank you.

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    Sequence of events...

    Smart home:

    Lowes... Stops carrying Iris systems and drops application, Iris system no longer works...

    Me... Starts scrambling to replace Iris Thermostat, Pays $600 to have Honeywell thermostat installed...

    (Ceiling fan and ceiling light in living room still work in progress, updates to follow...)

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    I meant to say something yesterday, so I will say it today.


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Special ponies · 10:05am Jun 8th, 2015

I love the ponies I have met here.
Each one in turn, I hold so dear.

They took me in when I was cold.
They over look that I am old.

In other places largely ignored.
Often leaving me alone, bored.

Loving hearts show so bright.
Being here feels so right.

Together we now walk the ways.
In the sunshine of the days.

To all now, I offer this;
I thank you all, with a kiss.

Report Passions Star · 190 views · #Poetry
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Comments ( 4 )

Once again, very well written ^_^

The number 80 is approaching :P

You are very welcome, and always remember that you are special as well, my friend. :twilightsmile: Once again, you have written a beautiful piece.

I just love all of your poetry! :pinkiehappy: :heart:


Thank you all so very much.

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